The Ultimate Messy Bun - All You Need To Know To Achieve The Perfect Look

Messy buns are perfect for any occasion. You want to go for a meeting, want to stay in, or even want to attend a party. The messy bun is the go-to hairstyle for all of these events. It is really easy to make and a perfect solution for all your hairstyling worries.

There are many messy bun hairpieces available these days which eliminates the struggle that comes with making a perfect messy bun. With this amazing messy bun hairpiece you can get the perfect look in ten seconds. This messy bun scrunchie is the best one that I got my hands on; it makes an easy messy bun and also lets me make a quick messy bun on the go.


This guide is a messy bun step-by-step tutorial that gives you the whole guide you need to know about making the best messy bun. This is one of the best accessories available these days and I will tell you why!

Here is a short story. I was going on a really long trip and wanted to have different hairstyles for multiple occasions that I had to attend during the trip. There was a business meeting, my friend's bridal shower, and a party to attend for a single day and all of these were far from each other. These were on a single day and then there were other events on that trip as well. I am not at all great at making a messy hair bun and for these events, I needed to make one.

Now, what to do? I searched for salons and they were all super expensive and very far from my destinations. Then I thought of hiring a professional to come with me on the trip but it was all out of budget. Then one day I discussed this issue with one of my friends and she introduced me to this amazing messy bun wig which is basically a big messy bun scrunchie that you have to wear on your head and you will have the perfect messy bun in seconds. I bought this messy bun wig and went for my trip and let me tell you! I attended all the events without any issues and got my perfect looks within seconds.

original juvabun street beauty

So, here is a complete guide from me to you where you can learn about how you can use only one messy bun to create unlimited hairstyles, you can learn how to make a messy bun with short hair, how to do a messy bun with medium hair and how to make a messy bun with long hair. Then there is a guide about cute messy buns for all hair types. A messy bun according to different hairstyles is also given for you. Then there is a guide on how you can pair this messy bun hair and the best messy bun hairpiece with cute accessories to get a perfect look. Without much wait, let’s see how you can make a perfect messy bun, even if you are a beginner in the field.



This guide is all you need to know about making a cute and easy messy bun. In this part, you can learn how you can make an easy messy bun for short hair. How you can master a perfect messy bun for shoulder-length hair and a messy bun tutorial for long hair. The steps are simple and you will have your short hair messy bun, messy bun for medium hair, and a long hair lazy messy bun in seconds. So, let’s start with short hair first.

How to Do a Messy Bun with Short Hair?

This guide provides you with a procedure that is step by step on how to make a messy bun. Messy bun short hair is very easy. If you have a bob cut and want a messy bun then these cute messy bun scrunchie extensions have you covered.

To make a messy bun for short hair, all you need is to brush out all the tangles from your hair and then tie it in a bun or a ponytail. If it is in a bun then simply tie the amazing messy bun scrunchie from JuvaBuns on it like your regular scrunchie and you will have an amazing natural-looking bun in seconds. If you have made a ponytail then simply gather all the hair and tie it up using the messy bun wig in a bun and again you will have the perfect messy bun.

Remember it does not matter whether you have short hair, thin hair, colored hair, or even damaged hair. This perfect messy bun goes with every type of hair.

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How to Make a Messy Bun with Medium Hair?

Similar to a messy bun for short hair, you can easily make a messy bun for medium hair. To make an easy messy bun for medium hair you need three things. Firstly, you will need a comb or a brush to remove tangles from your hair. Then you will need a ponytail and lastly, you will need the Juva Buns messy bun hair extension scrunchie.

Steps are very simple and please follow them as instructed or else you will not have your perfect look effortlessly. Anyways, start by combing out the hair and then twisting it into a normal bun. Make sure you take all of your hair in the bun and you can always leave a few strands in the front to frame your face. Then after securing the bun at the back or wherever you want it, take your messy bun hair scrunchie and twist it like your regular ponytail on the bun you created.

Your bun might come out to be bigger than with the short hair and the scrunchie might need less twisting due to more hair present. So, do not worry, just twist and tie till it is secured and it will stay with you for the whole day. Now, let’s see how we can make an easy messy bun for long hair.

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Messy Bun for Long Hair?

Long hair lazy messy buns are very simple to make and they do not need your messy hair bun scrunchie to be twisted too much. Long hair messy bun again is very similar to short hair and medium-length messy buns. For messy bun long hair, you need to brush out all of your hair and tie it in a bun.

This messy bun does not work with a ponytail as there is more hair and they can easily show beneath the messy bun. Anyways, wear a bun, tie the messy bun on top of it like you normally tie your scrunchie and you are good to go. Just set it here and there and slay the look in seconds. Now we have learned how to mess up long hair, short hair, and medium hair and how simple it is; let’s see if we can wear it on different hair types or not.  

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JuvaBun’s guarantees that all of their buns are made for all hair types. Let me tell you how. In this section, we will see different hair types and how you can effortlessly wear the messy bun hair wig on them.

If you have wavy hair, dry hair, silky hair, thin hair, thick hair, or any type of hair you can wear this perfect messy bun scrunchie on top of that hair and can slay in any dress you love. It is also perfect for damaged hair because this product does not harm your hair and also helps you with keeping your hair away from the heating tools.

long wavy hair

For Wavy Hair

How to do a cute messy bun for wavy hair is simple. The messy bun that I am talking about is really versatile. It is the perfect bun for every hair type. If you have wavy hair textures then do not worry all you have to do is simply use a conditioner, let your hair dry completely, make a bun and then wrap the messy bun on it. It is this simple and easy.

You do not have to worry about straightening your hair or applying gels to get that perfect look. All you need is this messy bun and you are good to go. It is perfect for your wavy hair as you can make any messy bun hairstyle without thinking about your time getting wasted or hiring a professional as through this messy bun wig you will get the perfect wavy hair bun. If you are looking to have a more sleek look then apply some hair spray or gel to your front hair and then tie it in a bun to wrap the messy bun extension on top of it.

Here are important tips on caring for wavy hair

super straight hair

For Straight Hair

How to put your hair in a messy bun if you have straight hair? This is the question that most people ask and the answer is simple. Use a messy bun wig for your hair this way you will get the volume that you desire.

Straight hair is very easy to manage but they come with their own merits and demerits. For example, you cannot have a voluminous bun with them unless you tease your hair or curl it. But with Juva Buns messy bun hair extension you can easily achieve the look you are looking for. Simply tie your straight hair in a small bun.

Then twist the messy bun wig on it and adjust the hair on the wig a little and there you have your very own professional and voluminous messy bun hairstyle ready in seconds. This messy bun is really convenient for when you are on the go as you can make it even with straight hair without considering the fact that with straight hair it is difficult to create the perfect messy bun.

As mentioned, straight hair is very easy to manage. Here are reasons why.

curly hair girl wearing jacket

For Curly Hair

How to do a messy bun for curly hair is the most difficult task. Especially, if you have afro hair then making a messy bun is really difficult. Though, with this messy bun hair extension, you can get an easy messy bun with the JuvaBun’s afro messy bun. This one is perfect for curly hair which means you do not have to worry about your hair texture anymore.

There is a huge variety in the messy bun category. You can also take an alternate route and that is to apply some gel on the hair and brush it out to straighten it. Then tie it in a ponytail and gather all your afro hair in the back and make a bun. Use the messy bun hair scrunchie and tie it on the afro hair and you will have your perfect messy bun.

If you do this then you will not have any flyways and you can use both messy buns; the afro messy bun and even the simple messy bun with this afro hair. This way, you do not have to worry about taming your curly hair and getting late for your next appointment.

Tips for making afro hair a daily style

looking at dry hair

For Dry Hair

How to make a messy bun real fast is the question and the solution is really easy as well. Buy an amazing messy bun hair wig. If you have dry hair then you might know the struggles that it comes with. It is quite difficult to handle and you cannot even curl, straighten or even treat it as it can get damaged very easily.

For such a case it is better to have a solution that is very handy and does not take much time. When you attend back to back events and are also part of multiple meetings then getting your hair done from the salon is not an option and hiring a professional hairstylist is generally out of the budget. The messy bun is a hairstyle that goes with every dress, event, and hair type. So, you can utilize this for your dry hair as well.

This way you will not have to damage your hair and will only need the messy bun to do the work for you. You can quickly make the hairstyle by just brushing out your hair and securing it in a simple bun. Then add the Java Buns messy bun hair extensions to it and you will be ready for any event. If you are attending a party then, add in some accessories to the bun and leave for the night right away. It is this easy.

For those struggling with dry hair, Here is an effective quick fix

sleeping woman

For Silky Hair

Silky hair is really soft, smooth, and slippery. Managing silky hair requires a lot of work and is very difficult. You cannot easily make a bun or ponytail with silky hair and expect it to stay strong without tugging on your hair or getting loose. So, how to do a messy bun for silky hair?

Well, this is such a complex solution but the only handy solution you can get is the messy bun hair scrunchie. Taming silky hair with this amazing solution is very easy. You just have to brush your hair using a comb or a brush then gather all of your hair in a ponytail. Yes a ponytail, because we do not want our hair to slip right out from the bun that we are going to create next. Then twist the hair in a bun and secure it with your messy bun hair extension.

You will have your perfect messy bun in seconds and by utilizing this messy bun hairpiece you can save your time and it will not even slip off from your hair. It will stay for the whole day and if you are concerned about it looking dull or fake compared to your original hair then do not worry! It perfectly matches the hair texture, hair color, and even style that you are going for. So, without thinking, get your hands on this amazing tool right away and enjoy getting ready fast.

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You might be wondering that okay messy bun hairpiece is for different hair types but where can we wear it right? Like what events can we cover by just utilizing this amazing hairpiece and will not look weird in the place?

Well, here are a few event ideas that I give you. I have worn this amazing messy bun in all these places and no one ever came up to me to ask if this is a fake bun you are wearing or if this is not appropriate for this event. I have never received such remarks, though my friends and other colleagues have complimented the bun saying that wow your hair has become so pretty and how can you dye your ends on a regular basis and never get brittle hair.

Then I told them that I have not dyed my ends but it is a different color for my hair bun extension and my hair is its normal wavy self but the amazing look I get is from this amazing messy bun scrunchie that I am currently wearing. So, without wait let’s see how you can wear this amazing messy bun to different events.

Office Meeting

How to do the perfect messy bun for your office meeting is a question that I get asked multiple times. The answer is simple if you are not a professional hairstylist or you cannot make a perfect messy bun and want to save time then get yourself a messy bun wig. With the right style, this extra extension to your hair will make you look formal and presentable for the meeting.

having a meeting

With the normal messy buns that we make there is a problem, during back-to-back meetings, especially when we are stressing overwork, they tend to get loose and make us look unpresentable. There are strands going in all different directions and the messy look is not a messy look anymore but a complete disaster. But if we use the amazing Juva Buns messy bun hairpiece then we will definitely get the sophisticated look that we are going for. I used it for my three back to back four hours-long meetings and guess what?

Not even a single hair left my bun or got in the way of my meeting. This messy bun hairpiece completely secures the hair in a bun that is classy and gives you a professional look in seconds, making it perfect for an office meeting that you can wear on a suit.


At weddings, they have a thing with messy buns. Weddings have a signature look that needs the messy bun whether you create a low bun, a top bun, a bun with braids, or any type of bun, you will always have a messy bun with you at the end of the hairstyle. For brides, bridesmaids, and even for different guests, it is a very popular hairstyle.

looking at 2 different hair style

I attended a wedding on a beach. There was beach sand in the air, the salty humid air, and the pressure of the air were also strong. I made a messy bun with the way I know and decided to leave the hut for the wedding venue on the beach but as soon as I left my room and stepped outside on the patio, my hair opened and I was left with a disaster.

So, how to make a good messy bun that can stay for the whole evening with the humid air and everything and I was also running short on time. That is when I remembered my messy bun hairpiece. I quickly rummaged through my stuff and got it out. Put some dry shampoo in front of my hair, combed it back, took out a few strands to frame my face and then added the messy bun hairpiece at the back of my head. Then I added some flowers on top of the messy bun and rushed to the venue with all of my hair still in place and a perfect hairstyle for the wedding.


Do you want to know how I used this amazing messy bun hairpiece for university? Well, for my university fellas, here is a cute messy bun tutorial that they can wear on a daily basis and will not have to worry about getting late for class because you can easily wake up in the morning and do this easy morning hair routine.

hall view

You can wear it with your regular university clothes such as jeans and a top, a dress, a dungaree or you can also wear this masterpiece with some sweatpants if that is what you prefer to wear to the university. Even if you are late for your class you can make this messy bun in your car or while walking to the campus. The steps are simple, just gather all of your hair and tie them up in a bun.

You can make a ponytail first and then a bun or you can directly make a bun and then secure it with the messy bun hairpiece. Your hair will stay the same for the whole day and you will have the perfect look throughout the day without your hair getting you into trouble or disturbing your study sessions.

At Home

Step by step messy bun for your home is the easiest and simplest hairstyle you will have. It is very easy and just takes a few minutes to wait! Not even minutes but seconds to make. Just watch the explanation for this hair demo!

having a good talk

When you are being lazy then you can have this lazy messy bun by just taking all of your hair to the top of your head and tying it up in a bun then taking your messy bun hair piece and adjusting it on top of the bun and around it. If you have thin hair then it will take a few turns to be properly secured and if you have thick hair then it might get on your bun in a single go.

Anyways, secure your bun with the messy bun hair piece and keep your hairstyle secure for the rest of the day. This hairstyle is the easiest, fastest and lazy girl hairstyle that can be done in a few seconds, even if you are lying on your bed and resting. It is also a quick fix if you are going out on a sudden plan while being lazy on your couch.

Camping Trip

Camping trips are amazing and they definitely call for messy bun tutorials. You might be wondering why that is so? Well, the reason is simple, during camping you need to have your hair tied because no one wants to feel extra hot and irritated by the hair lying on their neck while they are camping and hiking. Luckily the summer heat will keep you fresh with trendy hairstyles.

camp at night

Camping activities involve many things that can become irritable if your hair is down and poking on your neck then mixed with sweat; it calls for a frustrating evening. You can make a simple hair bun or ponytail but they both can get loose due to the sweat really quickly. So, we need a fix that will not move from its place. That is where your amazing messy bun hair extensions come in.

You can make your ponytail but it will also annoy you by grazing your neck so make your ponytail or a bun and to secure it use the messy bun hair wig and keep them in place with a voluminous look that will definitely keep your at bay and will enable you to enjoy your camping trip to the max.


If you are late to your party night and are still a bit lazy then do not worry! We have a lazy fast messy bun hack for you to through which you can get ready in seconds. This messy bun hair piece will make you look fancy and casual, both at the same time.

women party night

No one has time to take care of their hair after a long day at work and that too for an after party with the same people. So, how to look presentable? Simply tie a halfway up messy bun and to do that in seconds, just section your hair in two parts then pick top one to the middle, twist to make a bun and then use your messy bun scrunchie and you are ready to rock the party. Party is a place where you can make any hairstyle and still go.

There are plenty of messy bun hair styling options for the party such as you can make a short top bun, can also add a whole bun on the top of your head, then you can use it with a ponytail or you can also make a side bun and enjoy a classy and decent look.

Club Night

Ponytails are really great for club nights. They are chic, classy and amazing at the same time. They are very easy to make and you can make one for your next club night party

party club night

To make a messy ponytail bun you will need a lot of hair but with Juva Buns messy bun, all of your worries go down the drain. Simply, take your hair and tie it in a ponytail then take your messy bun hair extension and wrap it around the ponytail. You will have a voluminous bun encasing your ponytail and giving the perfect look for the night. So, make one now and enjoy your party to the fullest.

Bridal Shower

Braids and buns all go well together especially for bridal showers. Messy bun hair wigs are for you, if you are someone who loves making messy buns for wedding festivities.

bouquet of flowers

Just make two braids from front and make sure to keep them loose and then tie them up in the back. Take out a few strands from the front and then tie the rest of the hair in the back. Use your messy bun hair piece to secure the bun in the back and set its fake synthetic hair so that they look mixed with your hair color. Place some flowers or pearls in your bun and you are ready to leave for the bridal shower and that too with a hairstyle under five to ten minutes approximately.

Date Night

You can make one messy bun for your date night as well. Date night is special for everyone as you have to dress to impress and nothing is better than having a messy bun hair style that night. But, do not go for the simple and traditional messy that will open up in a few hours but go for a bun that will stay there for the whole night making you look glamorous.

sweet holding hands

To make a perfect messy bun for date night and to show that you have put in some effort in dressing up without putting up too much effort in reality, you will need the highlight of this article and that is the JuvaBun messy bun hair piece. You have to gather all your hair and then take out a few strands to frame your face and loose the top half of your hair to give it a soft look then tie it in a ponytail. Loose the top some more after tying it up so that you have a soft and subtle look and it looks elegant.

Then tie the rest of the back hair in a small bun and secure it. Finally take your messy bun hair piece scrunchie and tie it on the small bun that you have created. Spray some perfume and your hairstyle is ready for the night in a very short time without much effort.



Styling a messy hair bun piece is very easy. The options are unlimited to style this amazing piece and you can have any hairstyle with this messy hair bun piece and go to whatever event you want.

You can make a high messy bun, low messy bun, medium messy bun, half up do, afro bun and what not with this easy to use messy bun hair piece. So, here are a few styles you can make and a perfect guide on how you can make them. So, let’s learn a few!

Messy Bun with Bangs



How to messy bun with some bangs is a big question as if you have bangs then usually your back hair is very thin and making a mess out of it is quite difficult so this is where this hairstyle and the hair extension comes in. If you have bangs, then first set your band and tie up the rest of your hair at the back.

If you want a high messy bun then set the normal bun in that position, if you want medium bun place the simple bun there and same goes for the lower bun. Once you have made the bun then use this messy bun hair piece and you are good to go. Using this hair piece has its own benefits as it helps with controlling the hair, stays in for a longer time and does not take much time to make.

High Messy Bun

nice smile

High messy bun is something that is totally in fashion. Here is a messy bun tutorial for you which you can make with ease and slay your look. A high messy bun is perfect for formal meetings and goes well with your formal suits and even dresses.

It is perfect for business meetings, for a casual day, for weddings and even for wine testing. You have to take all your hair to the top and then tie it there and then you have to secure it with the messy hair bun scrunchie. After this your look is complete.

By adding the messy bun hair scrunchie, you will have your desired volume of hair; the hair will not be extra messy or dry and will make you look perfectly presentable. This style does not take much time and is a very handy bun scrunchie that looks real and can be used again and again.

Glamorous Messy Buns


pearls on hair

Glamorous messy buns are perfect for red carpets and such official semi-formal events. These are great to have a simple yet elegant look filled with glamor. The best thing about messy bun hair pieces is; that you can adjust them however you want to get a fuller head. You can also add in accessories depending on your occasion or event.

Same is the case with these glamorous messy buns. Here is a step to step on how to do a messy bun for a glamorous look. You can rock this messy bun with a pure red or burgundy long maxi dress, or can also wear it with a short black dress. Pair it up with some long earrings; a few rings in the hand and a bracelet and you will be good to go.

To make this bun, you have to use dry shampoo on the front half of your head to provide it with the volume it requires, then tie it up in an upper bun and secure the bun with the messy bun scrunchie. Add in some pearls, glitter or a fancy pin or comb to the messy bun and your perfect glamorous look for the event is ready.

Half up Messy Bun

pretty girl in shades

Half updos are amazing and very beneficial for you. Sometimes we want to keep our look simple but also want to put in some effort and that is when we go for half updo hairstyles. Though, half updo hairstyles are a bit difficult to make and usually tug on the hair unless made professionally and accurately. This messy bun hair piece is a great help in such cases.

It can be washed and reused multiple times which makes it very easy to use. Part your hair in two parts and then apply some dry shampoo on the top half to provide the volume to the hair and secure it in a ponytail. Then add in the messy bun wig on the ponytail and you will have your perfect hairstyle ready for camping and more such events where you need a subtle look.

Low Messy Bun

wearing diamond earring

Messy low bun is perfect for any formal event. This style makes you look fancy, stylish and formal for the events. Using the messy bun hair extensions takes this hair style to another level. When you make a low bun it usually is small and does not give the look that you want. But if you add in the messy bun hair piece your game will change as you will have a fuller bun and you can also style the front as per your desire.

To make a low messy bun you have to gather your hair at the nape of your head and then make a small bun there. On that bun wrap your messy bun hair piece and you are good to go. This type of messy bun will go well with a dress; you can also wear it with a maxi, jumpsuit and dungaree to have a unique and cute look for different events.

Side Messy Bun

side bun extension

Are you a bridesmaid or even a bride, who is irritated by your messy bun becoming loose or not getting the perfect volume? If you are scared that excessive heat will damage your hair then you are at a benefit here. This messy bun hair wig is the perfect solution for all your worries. Just make a side small bun and attach the messy bun to it by wearing it like a ponytail.

Take out some strands and you will have the perfect messy bun. You can wear this messy bun with maxi dresses, with a collar shirt, for weddings, for casual shoots or gatherings, for formal events and more. Through this messy bun hair piece you can achieve your desired look in seconds.

Braided Messy Bun

braided woman

How to do a messy bun with braids without taking too much time? This messy bun type is very easy to do as you can take help from the fake messy bun hair piece to assist you in decreasing the overall time of the styling. To make this style, you have to first make loose braids. You can make two loose braids from the sides of you can make one loose braid from the nape of your neck towards the center of the head then tie it in a ponytail.

After tying up the hair, twist the hair and make a roll. Secure this roll with the messy bun scrunchie and you are good to go. You can add flower buds to this hairstyle and wear it for a beach party. You can wear this hair style with cool tank tops, t-shirts, collar shirts and with formal maxi dresses and gowns. They are perfect for a casual, semi-formal and formal occasion. So, get one for yourself and enjoy this look in seconds with the messy bun hair piece.

Middle Back Messy Bun

flower woman background

Styling a messy bun hair piece is easy and very fast to use. It gives you instant volume and works with all hair types. This messy bun does not damage your hair and is very easy to clean and reusable. This messy bun hair piece looks like your real hair making your style perfect and original.

A messy bun is a go to hairstyle that can be made for your everyday look and you can also wear it to the office. With the help of a messy bun hair piece, you can achieve the look you want in seconds and to make this bun all you need is a ponytail and the messy bun hair piece. Make a ponytail in the middle of your hair at the back and twist the hair and secure it with a messy bun hair scrunchie. This style is effortless and you will have it in seconds. Use it while staying at home, for grocery runs and you can even wear it for your graduation party and such events without any issues to have a sleek and perfect look.

Two Messy Hair Buns

asian pretty girl

Messy hair buns are in trend but getting two buns at the same time, well that is cute but a bit difficult to have if you have short or thin hair. That is a situation where these messy bun hair pieces come into action. They are very handy and a perfect game changer for such a situation.

If you have thin hair and want to have a perfect casual look that you can achieve with messy buns then here are the steps you need to follow. First you have to part your hair in two sections. Then apply some dry shampoo to your roots on both sides to provide volume to your hair and to avoid it from the damage that heat or other tools might cause. Then gather your hair in your hand and twist them in a simple space bun.

Secure this bun with a single messy bun hair piece and repeat the procedure on the second side and you will have your effortless and voluminous two messy hair buns ready. You can wear this cute hairstyle to the movies or you can also wear this to a farm with a dungaree, some collar shirts, jeans, tees and more such casual clothing.

Top Knot Messy Bun


fixing her hair

There are times when we are running late and we want to have the perfect hairstyle on the go. We only have time for doing our makeup but our whole hair look is pending in such a situation.

If you need something casual but elegant at the same time then the perfect solution is the top knot messy bun. Though achieving this messy bun is quite easy, the outcome is usually not the best. For example, sometimes it takes a lot of time, then sometimes the hair gets tangled making a dry, frizzy and disastrous hair style. Then there are times when your hair is not cooperating so what should a person do in such situations? Well, move on to a messy bun hair piece, you know why?

The answer is simple, you can wash this hair whenever you feel like it is dirty, it is heat proof so you can easily style it without damaging it and then the main thing you can get perfect appearance, position and volume of your messy bun without putting in much effort. You can wear this style to farm house visits, to the countryside, to a trip to the carnival or any such adventurous trip where you want to look classy, presentable and cute at the same time.

Making this top knot messy bun is really easy. You have to gather half of your hairs in a top knot then twist them together. After twisting you will have a small bun at the top of your head. Take your messy bun hair piece and twist it on top of the bun that you have created on the top. Set the messy bun hair wig, spray some setting spray for the flyways and you are ready to hit the road.



ALL the Fascinating MESSY BUN COLORS that You'll LOVE!

Messy bun pieces are for everyone. They are present in multiple colors and each and every color matches the original hair of the user. If you have dyed hair then you do not have to worry as there are multiple dyed shades present in these messy bun hair pieces which compliment different ages, face shapes, complexions, personality types and even the place you are going to and more.

So, let’s see which hair color is best for you and others....

light brown messy bun


Light brown hair color is present in majority of the people and is a perfect hair color for adults and females in their late or early twenties. This shade goes great with medium skin colored people that have cool undertones. If you are one of these and have a heart shaped face or a round face then you can get the messy bun in light brown color.

You can also wear this bun with a square face. You just have to let your hair have the same colors as the bun or you can also wear it with pure black hair. This messy bun is easy to use as it goes well with every personality and it also mixes well with the natural hair, keeping the people in your surrounding wondering whether it is real hair or not.

light brown messy bun


Pure blonde color is a really beautiful color and it is perfect for people that have fair skin with cool undertones. If you are younger for example a teenager or someone who is in their primary or high school and wants to attend prom and is thinking which hairstyle you should opt for then you should go for a messy bun.

It is best for all ages and also goes best with oval shaped and heart shaped faces. You can wear it with a pure white dress and slay the prom like a real queen. If you have naturally pure blonde hair then this messy bun hair piece will mix with your original hair and will conceal all your issues regarding your hair if there are any.

light brown messy bun


Auburn shade is a deep color that goes well with deep skin people that have warm undertones in their skin and it is also best for people who have deep skin and natural undertones. If you are someone who is older in the age range then this is the perfect color for you.

Youngsters can also get this color but it might make them look a bit older but if older people will get this color then they will look a few years younger. This hair shade is for all face shapes but it goes best for people who have square face shape. If you love to live on edge or love experimenting then you can get this hair shade and enjoy your messy hair bun to the fullest.

light brown messy bun


Black is perfect for fair skin people that have cool undertones and this shade also goes best with people that have medium skin with neutral undertones. This color is also perfect for people having olive skin with warm undertones and people who have deep skin with cool undertones.

This shade usually goes with bold and outgoing personality people and anyone can have it, if they love this color. Then if you have a squared face or an oval face shape, you can definitely get this hair shade. However, if you love changing your hair shades and have round or heart shaped faces then do not worry, you can still achieve a perfect look and get your best hair shade.

light brown messy bun


This messy bun hair piece is one of a kind that is the perfect changer for people who have salt and pepper highlights in their hair. If you have medium skin color with cool undertones and if you have a round face shape or square face shape, you can get one of these messy buns and enjoy making your hairstyles.

This salt and pepper colored messy bun hair piece is for people who have calm and stylish personalities. Although, anyone can wear it and walk with confidence but usually people who have calm and collected personalities prefer this shade over any other color as it represents their personality very well.

You can wear this shade with your natural highlights or you can just wear this messy bun with jet black hair in contrast to show that your ends of the hair are colored in these two shades. This hair shade brings out the perfect personality of the user and helps others judge you based on your preference for the hair color.

light brown messy bun


Burgundy is a really common hair color to have. Most people get their hair dyed in this shade and naturally it exists very less. This messy bun hair piece is the perfect match to your true hair color. It gives you instant volume and works with all hair types. This messy bun does not damage your hair and is very easy to clean and reusable.

This messy bun hair piece looks like your real hair making your style perfect and original. For people who have medium skin and warm undertones, they can get this messy bun and get a perfect look in seconds. Then if you have neutral undertones with olive skin color, this color will definitely suit you and you can have this messy bun to enhance your hair shade and personality more. This color goes well with almost every face shape but generally it is considered the best hair color for oval face shape, square face shape and even if you have a diamond face shape, you can wear this messy bun hair piece.

People with burgundy hair are considered to have fierce and demanding personalities. Their hair color defines their power and it is considered as the most appealing hair color for women. It brings out sophistication in the personality of the women and brings mystery to your character. So, if you are someone who loves to have some mystery in your life then this is the shade for you!

light brown messy bun


The blonde hair gives the vibe of a carefree and relaxed personality. It is the perfect hair color for the people who have fair skin colors that have cool undertones and it is also suitable for people that have fair skin and neutral undertones.

So, if you are someone who has this skin color and these undertones then you can get this amazing hair shade and the messy bun hair piece. This hair shade is perfect for people that have round face shape, rectangle face shape or oval face shape. It enhances the features of their face and if cut properly and the messy bun hair style is made perfectly then it can enhance the face shape and high points.

Hair colors contribute to the personality of the wearer and this shade displays the earthy, bold and youthful look. This color is perfect for women who are in their mid-twenties and late thirties. This hair shade will provide them with a youthful look and will be the perfect shade for their personalities.

light brown messy bun


Silver gray color is usually found on women who are in their late forties or fifties and even young ladies are also opting for this hair shade. This hair color is very common in the market and is one of the most demanded and popular hair shades.

This silver gray color goes perfectly with a medium skin color that has cool undertones. It is best for people who have a circle shaped face, rectangle shaped face or a face that has a diamond shape. Usually, there is no link between personality and hair color but sometimes the hair color defines the maturity level of the person and their some amazing qualities.

Silver gray hair is the new fashion now and the majority of young women are getting this shade done. Gray hair is the part of the aging process and getting it without being old and done professionally showcases the self-expression that women have for themselves. It shows their confidence, power and self-love along with their audacious and bold personality is displayed on the front with a hint of the superwoman that they are.

light brown messy bun


Copper hair, ginger hair and red hair are generally considered to be similar to each other. All these hair shades describe a mysterious, fiery, romantic, confident and unique woman. This shade is very difficult to achieve and is very rare to be found among women but JuvaBun’s hair extensions provide you with this look through their messy bun hair piece range.

Their messy buns are very easy to wear and they all go perfectly with your original hair color. If you have fair skin color and hold warm undertones beneath that color this copper red hair color is perfect for you. People with olive skin and with neutral undertones can dye their hair ginger red or copper red and can gain benefit from this perfect hair bun to get a fuller messy hair bun that is quite easy to make and is totally done in just few seconds, leaving time for you to cook or do your personal hobbies.

The copper red hair color is perfect for people who have hearts shaped faces, square shaped faces or oval shaped faces or circle shaped faces. If you have gotten a perfect cut and are one of those people who take care of their hair a lot then this color is very suitable. Moreover, there is no age limit for this color. You might have this hair color since childhood but if you do not have it then you can get it and the messy bun hair piece as well to outshine yourself and the personality that you hold.

light brown messy bun


Black cherry is a great color and a unique combination of two best colors. This color is perfect for all women and for all hair types but it suits women who have medium skin colors that have underlying neutral undertones. Women who have olive skin and underlying warm undertones can also get this color if they do not have it naturally to make their beautiful features more prominent.

This messy bun hair piece is also available in the perfect match for this color and allows you to showcase your personality through your hair with ease. This shade is also for women who have deep skin colors with underlying cool undertones and are carefree and fun loving in nature. Even though the face shape does not really affect the color of the hair, there are some shades that go best with some specific face structures.

This shade of the messy bun hair piece is similar to this category and goes best with diamond face shape, rectangle face shape and even square face shape. People who have black cherry hair usually are small teenage girls and some older women wanting a youthful look. This color showcases few aspects of the personality of the women carrying this hair color.

Women who have black cherry hair are said to be the most intelligent out of all other hair colors and are known to be very confident as well. They are very happy and lucky in nature and are also introspective and melancholy in nature. So, if you have such a personality and want to enhance your looks and want to make your features and personality more prominent through your hair shade then you must get this one.



To achieve a perfect casual, wedding or even party look, you need to add in some accessories to your messy bun hair piece so that it does not look extra boring and simple. But what can we add to achieve the perfect look? Well here are some of my choices that I love to add in on my messy bun and slay the look for different occasions.

1. Bun Cuff

nice cuff colors

First, in the list is the messy bun hair piece bun cuff. There are many types of bun cuffs that you get to add on your messy bun but the ones I am talking about are the simple golden metallic hair bun cuff pieces. These are very elegant and give a classy yet elegant look to your simple bun.

A fun tip, if you do not have a bun cuff but own a metallic solid cuff bracelet then you can use it to achieve your perfect look as well. This hair accessory can go with night parties, friend gatherings and you can also wear it to semi-formal meetings. It gives a classy and chic look and makes you look way more presentable than a simple messy bun.

2. Scrunchie

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Then a scrunchie, yes we know you already have two scrunchies but adding in another scrunchie will not harm you or your hair. This hair accessory gives you a chic and casual look. You can match your scrunchie with your dress color or can wear fancy scrunchies with pearls and other glamorous articles on them. By adding in the scrunchies on top of your normal messy bun you will get the perfect look.

If you have a leopard print scrunchie and add it on to your messy bun then you will have a sassy look that is perfect to go out with your friends or even to go for a simple grocery run.

3. Flowers and Tiara

beautiful pearl tiara

Are you looking to attend a wedding or want to go to the beach with your simple messy bun but want to upgrade your look a little bit, then you are at the right place. By adding a tiara or some flowers to your messy bun hair piece hairstyle you can achieve the perfect wedding or beach look.

Weddings are all about pretty hairstyles and gorgeous hair accessories. You can make a simple messy bun using the simple messy bun hair piece and the steps given in this guide and then add in few flowers whether fake or original on the messy bun side or on top and take out few strands of hair out to frame the face and slay the wedding or the beach birthday party in your messy bun.

4. Scarf

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You can also decorate your fake messy bun with a scarf. Wear a bandana for a casual look or tie a silk scarf at the back. This will change your messy bun look to a next level. Adding silk scarves or bandanas to the messy buns, makes it look chic and perfect for any casual event.

You can even wear this hair style and hair accessory with jeans and shirts and get a perfect look. Wear a matching silk scarf on your wrist and get a downtown look in seconds. This silk scarf will give you a unique and amazing look that you can have with this handy tool in a few easy steps.

5. Sparkly Pins

sparking pins

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You can make your simple messy bun by making a ponytail and then converting it into a small bun. Then add your fake messy bun hair piece on top of it and you will have your messy bun ready but if you want to add in some sparkle for the night or the party then you can use some sparkling pins to bring life to your simple messy bun.

Messy buns are classy in their own way but adding some sparkly pins in green, red colors can pop them up for a Christmas party, you can use orange or black for Halloween or can simply use silver or golden ones to wear them for a birthday party, cocktail party or any event you would like. This way you will get a perfect hairstyle in seconds and extremely effortlessly.

6. Scrunchie with Tail

5 color of Scrunchie

Everyone loves bows and different hairstyles. A bow with a messy bun is something that looks so cute and everyone wants that look but to get this look you have to do a lot of things.

For example, first you have to make a perfect messy bun, then you have to tie your scarf or ribbon in a bow style without pressing or disturbing the messy bun. This is real hard work and not everyone can achieve it. So, here is the shortcut: take a fake messy bun hair piece like the one from JuvaBun’s and a scrunchie with a tail.

Make your perfect messy bun by using the messy bun hair piece and then wear the scrunchie with a tail. Tie the tail in a ribbon form and you will have your perfect messy bun with a bow ready in seconds without any effort or hassle.

7. Necklace or Earrings

pricy stones

A messy bun is the perfect hairstyle to use your earrings or necklace with. This is the perfect accessory and a hack for converting the simple messy bun into a fancy one. You need huge earrings or a good necklace. It can be a pearl necklace or simple stones necklace, whatever you like. Get one necklace or an earring and a messy bun wig.

Make a ponytail and then a bun and tie your messy bun wig scrunchie on top of it. Then you can do two things; either, wear the earring in the center of the bun and pair it up with some flowers on the side and a saari dress or you can use your necklace and put it on top of the messy bun and pair it up with a maxi dress or even a frock.

8. Fancy Hair Combs

fancy combs

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The fancy hair combs have unlimited designs. There are ones with different animal designs on them that have stones attached, then there are the ones that have pearls on them and then the simple ones are there too that have wires and flowers on them.

You can take one which you like and keep it with your other accessories for the messy hair bun. Now use the messy hair bun wig and make your bun quickly without waiting, then take your fancy hair comb and place it on top of your head and position the comb teeth inside the bun.

Your pearls, stones or whatever design you comb will circle your messy bun from the top and you will have a secured and really pretty messy bun ready for any event such as a wedding, prom, date night or wherever you want to look cute and fancy at the same time.

9. Bun Covers

black hair accessory

With the normal bun, placing bun covers is a difficult task. They do give support to the bun but you never get the perfect volume or it just opens after a short period of time. To avoid it you can use the best ever product available and that is the messy bun hair scrunchie. Start by making your normal ponytail and then make a bun to completely secure it. Tie your messy bun scrunchie on it and fix it as you like.

Finally, secure the hair with your favorite bun cover. This way your bun will come out voluminous and will cover your hair completely. You will have a beautifully covered big messy bun that will bring out your best personality.

10. Pearls and Studs

elegant flowers

Pearls, diamonds and studs are the best friends of females and in the case of messy bun, it's an amazing add-on. If you want to achieve a perfect look with your pearls and studs then the steps you need to follow are very simple and you can achieve this perfect look in a few seconds.

To have an easy messy bun, you need to have a messy bun hair piece that comes in handy when making such hair styles. Take your eyelash glue if you do not have pearls that come with thin pins attached to them. Make the simple bun and attach the messy bun extension to it.

Take your pearl pins and insert them in different places on the messy bun and if you do not have pearls with the pins then take your eyelash glue, put it on the pearls and then attach them randomly on the messy bun to achieve a perfect look. You can also wear a black fishnet on the messy bun and then attach the pearls with the glue to get a best and chic look.

11. Sunglasses

pinkies sunglasses

Last but not least, the traditional sunglasses. If you want to opt for a more casual and cool look that looks completely effortless and is perfect then messy bun with the sunglasses is your go to hairstyle. If you are wearing jeans with a shirt or even have a dress on, you can make this hairstyle.

You can also pair it up with your formal suit and can be on a trip with your colleagues and still look formal but laid back. To make this you again need to have your messy bun hair piece with you and of course sun glasses. Make a messy bun in seconds and then wear your glasses on top of your head and enjoy the compliments from your friends, family and loved ones.



So, here I end our complete guide for the messy bun hair piece. I hope you now know how versatile and handy this hair piece is and in what places you can utilize it perfectly. No matter what your hair color, hair type, hair length or event is, you can always wear this amazing messy bun hair piece and can slay the look.

You can also add in accessories for the chic and classy look and can become the most gorgeous lady to enter the event. It makes you look professional, classy, cool, casual and formal all at the same time just with a difference of clothing and addition of some hair accessories. So, if you are looking for a hairstylist or even different salons that will take out all the money from your budget then I would recommend that you get one of these and save your money, time and effort.

This tool is really handy as discussed in the article and can provide you with the perfect hairstyle in seconds. So, if you want to save your time and want to have a product that will minimize your costs and will be perfect to use then this messy bun hair scrunchie is the best alternative. If you have hair that is thin or you are afraid of your short hair and think you cannot wear the JuvaBun messy bun hair extension then you are mistaken.

This messy bun hair piece as discussed in the guide, is a perfect product to shift to as it goes perfectly with thin hair, thick hair, wavy hair, silky hair, short hair, long hair and the list is unlimited. So if you are looking to make a messy bun with a professional touch in very few seconds then hurry up and buy this messy bun hair piece today on JuvaBun!

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