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The bun is one of the easiest hairdos. Ideally, you should have a chevelure below the chin so that your hairdo lasts as long as possible.

The bun hairdo is the perfect choice for short and long hair. You just need to collect your chevelure in a low ponytail to then make a bun from it. Once your ponytail is ready, twist the strands around the elastic and secure them with hairpins.

You can also try the messy bun, a tall and slightly tousled bun in Brigitte Bordeaux’s style. Gather your chevelure up and twist the strands together, fixing them. Leave a couple of strands hanging loose for a goddess appearance.

Whatever your bun is, remember that this is the right hairdo for any season.

If your chevelure is not long enough to achieve this trendy hairdo, then use chevelure extensions. You will learn about several types of bun hairdos and can choose the perfect one for yourself.

Airy and voluminous bun for short hair

Airy and voluminous bun for short hair

This hairdo has been considered the main fashion trend for several seasons and does not cease to be popular among fashion connoisseurs. If you also want to try this trendy hairdo on yourself, our tips will be helpful.
  • Fix chevelure extensions under the top strands to create your chevelure longer. Create the tail first at the level where you want to create volume. Thread the strands through the base for the bun. Safe the base with studs. Then distribute the ponytail chevelure so that it completely disguises the accessory.
  • Comb the strands thoroughly. Take a scrunchie and secure it over the base to do a bun. If a short chevelure falls out of the hairdo, it's okay. Divide them into two parts, twist the chevelure from the first part to the right side and safe with hairpins, then repeat the same with the second part of the chevelure, styling them on the left side. Above all, do not forget to spray with the fixing spray to keep the hairdo better.

When you learn how to do this version of the bun, the hairdo will seem very simple to you. You need a certain length of chevelure, because it is a high bun, and, as you know, they are suitable only for owners of long chevelure to create an airy bun. Therefore, to repeat this hairdo, you need to use hair extensions. However, if you position your bun a little lower, you can get a beautiful hairdo even on short hair.

Messy bun for short hair

Messy bun for short hair

A messy bun can be worn not only during the day. This hairdo is also great for the evening. If you are going to a dinner party, you just have to select an original outfit to match this hairdo. When you're picking a fresh-out-of-bed hairdo, the rest of your makeup, clothing, accessories should be perfect. This combination of styles looks excellent.

It is essential to maintain the natural texture of the chevelure. 

  • Brush at the roots, combing the chevelure in the opposite direction from the growth of the strands. 
  • Tie back your chevelure and create a bun. 
  • Fix the hairdo with hair spray.

Use powder for the messy bun hairdo before combing. This miracle cure will allow you to achieve the desired hair texture and make it easier to style.

Low braided bun for short hair

This feminine hairdo creates a chic style, no matter the time of day.

All you need to do is learn how to braid your chevelure and have hair clips on hand. The only condition is to have a long chevelure. It is impossible to braid hair that does not reach the chin without extended strands.

The beauty of this hairdo that it suits any situation. Choose this incredible hairdo with strands hanging loose. Besides, there is nothing easier than giving this hairdo a strict look.

  • Clean your chevelure and parse down the center. 
  • Clip the chevelure extensions under the top strands to make a low braided bun for short hair
  • Pull your chevelure back and do a low ponytail. Braid strands and secure them with a scrunchie. Then twist the braid around the center of the tail, forming a bun.
  • Depending on the effect you want to give your chevelure, you can remove several strands from the bun to make a gorgeous effect.

Wet look bun for short hair

Wet look bun for short hair

This hairdo is perfect for all lovers of classic hairdos who want to have a modern look. A wet-look bun is an ideal choice for a special occasion such as a birthday, night out, or wedding.

Work on damp, well-wrung chevelure to accentuate the effect of wet strands. Tie the extensions under the top strands and wet them. Part in the center, then warm a small amount of modeling gel in your hands and apply it to your hair. Pull your chevelure back at neck level to make a bun. Fix your hair with flat bobbins, then use a little polish, and your chevelure will last for several hours.

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