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If you have naturally lush chevelure, then you are definitely in luck. Modern stylists offer many simple and elegant hairstyles for poofy hair because voluminous styling is the current season trend. Taming lush hair is not difficult if you properly organize curls’ care and master the rules for choosing and creating a fashionable hairstyle. Let's see what hairstyles for lush hair are in fashion and how to add splendor to chevelure.

How to care for poofy hair?

How to care for poofy hair?

Naughty poofy hair is very demanding to care for and causes many problems when trying to make beautiful hairstyles out of them. You can tame them only with properly organized care, high-quality cosmetics, daily styling, and nutritional components replenishment. 

Naturally, thick chevelure often suffers from dryness, lack of shine, or prone to various problems. Your task is not to ignore them. Take care of them and direct your efforts to strengthen and improve hair quality.

Essential tips for poofy hair care:

  • Eat right, giving preference to vitamin, healthy foods. Vitamin complexes for chevelure will fill up the missing minerals and vitamins responsible for curls’ health and beauty.
  • Choose a pH-neutral shampoo infused with silk proteins, natural oils, and extracts. Special formulations with a minimum amount of harmful ingredients. Avoid 2 in 1 product; shampoo and conditioner should be separated, appropriate to the type of chevelure.
  • Pamper your curls regularly with nourishing and moisturizing masks, at least once a week. There are many useful salon procedures for the recovery and restoration of hair.
  • Silicone shampoos can cope with excessive frizz, but these products are not recommended for regular use.
  • Keep your hair clean and wash your chevelure on time. Dilute a little shampoo with water in the palm of your hand and only then start cleaning your chevelure.
  • It is better to dry your hair naturally without resorting to a hairdryer. If you need to use a hairdryer, blow dry your hair with a cold air stream.
  • Smoothing compounds and oily fluids will help tame the fluffiness of the curls. Before using, carefully read the instructions on when to apply the product.
  • If you can't do without an iron or curling iron, be sure to apply a thermal protective agent to the curls.
  • Update your haircut in time by removing split or loose ends. They spoil the look of poofy hair and make hairstyles difficult to style.
  • Contrasting, radical changes in the shade of the hair are prohibited. Give preference to partial staining.

Observing these simple rules, you can preserve the curls’ beauty and health, return shine and silkiness in hairstyles.

If your chevelure is naturally not too poofy and lacks volume, you can use hair extensions. Moreover, clip-on hair does not spoil your hair while adding the desired volume to your hairdo.

Simple hairstyles for poofy hair 

Simple hairstyles for poofy hair

Proper styling is another way to achieve the perfect look and demonstrate the natural beauty and density of chevelure. Try to use the iron and curling iron to a minimum, replacing them with curlers. If you don't have enough volume, you can always add clip-in extensions to your hairdo. Fasten the strands under the upper hair so that they are not visible to do this.

You can do the following hairstyles with or without false hair.

  1. A bundle is a popular and practical styling option. Whether tall, short, wavy or sleek, experiment with your hairstyle technique; each hairdo is famous and looks excellent.
  2. Styling in the Greek style will emphasize femininity and tenderness; it is done quickly, even at home. The Greek hairdo is perfect as a daily option or for a festive evening.
  3. Luxurious, large curls at full length, framed by an openwork rim or diadem are ideal for any occasion. Hollywood curls, decorated with an unusual hairpin or laid to one side, look beautiful.
  4. Braids and various weaves are versatile hairdos. The French braid looks unique and mysterious, gentle and fashionable. Braid-rim, asymmetrical braids for the entire length of the curls look incomparable. Do not be afraid to experiment with the location of the braid fragment, the weaving technique.
  5. The bushy tail is quick and easy to perform, suitable for everyone. Tails with weaving elements look interesting. A bow made of your own hair will help to diversify the styling.
  6. Hairstyles with plaits are an excellent option for poofy hair. You can get this hairdo done in a short amount of time.
  7. The braid is a simple hairstyle that will favorably emphasize the density of the chevelure. The French braid in a circle and tuck the curls to one side. If desired, decorate the styling with a diadem or an openwork hairpin.
  8. A wavy side bun is a hairdo option for medium chevelure for a festive evening or corporate party. You need to curl the ends. Then brush back a little at the roots to add volume to the styling. Gather the strands into a low ponytail, shifting it to the side. Carefully arrange the curls, forming a bun. Fix each strand with a hairpin. Sprinkle the styling with varnish and decorate with a hairpin.
  9. An elegant shell for any occasion. Attach the base roller to the back of your head. Carefully wrap your hair in a shell shape, having previously divided it into small strands.
  10. A bundle of braids is an ideal styling option for every day, which you can do at home without any problems. Ponytail your hair and divide it into several spans. Braid each strand and, wrapping around the base, pin-up one by one. Decorate with hairpins, ribbon, or bow.
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How to make your hair lush?

Using some tricks, girls with thin hair can make themselves poofy chevelure. The easiest way is to use hair extensions that are easy to apply, and you can control the amount of volume you need. Moreover, such hair does not harm your chevelure, and you can experiment using different color shades of extensions.

Another way to get more volume is perm. Roll your chevelure in curlers or braids overnight, separate each section in the morning. Gently pin-up with invisible ones or a beautiful hairpin, make a rim of plaits decorated with weaving.

Babette with loose curls looks unusual and beautiful. Select a wide strand at the top of the head, do a little bouffant. Cover the selected strand inward and fix it with invisible ones. Curl the rest of the chevelure with a curling iron.

A fragment of a French braid in a composition with a lush tail looks feminine and effective. If you gently pin the strands, you get a beautiful wavy bun.

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