You are beautiful , in every way, in any form, at any age.

Our Story

JuvaBun is all about making you feel glowing by emphasizing your natural beauty, not by making you look like someone you're not.

Our goal is to create products that will change the way you look at yourself. We want our products to remind you how beautiful you are, in every way, in any form, at any age.

For two years we worked to create JuvaBun hair extensions, with the purpose of helping women who feel insecure or unsatisfied with their hair, mostly because of hair thinning.

We learned so much in those years. We discovered that most of the solutions are, in the very best case, are just not good enough, time-consuming, unnatural looking, and in the worst case they actually do more damage in the long term rather than help you.


Our hair and the way we look in general is so important to us. It make us feel good about ourselves and makes us happy. But in our everyday life we have so much going on: family, work, friends, and only a bit of time left for ourselves. We truly believe that a great beauty product is one that isn't time-consuming.

We actually did some research about this, and we discovered that every woman, even the ones that were using JuvaBun hair extensions for the very first time, were able to put it on in less than 60 seconds.

We believe that each woman is beautiful, and that it shouldn't require a lot of time and effort to really glow.


We believe that JuvaBun is a community for woman to express themselves.

We strive for partnerships and donations to help woman in all aspects of life. Over the last years we donated over 10,000 products to women battling cancer.
With each purchase, you play a small part in this revolution.



Our community means so much to us, but so does our Earth. Therefore, we decided to pack our JuvaBun hair extensions using reusable bags only, and with as little nylon as needed.

 Additionally, and most importantly, JuvaBun hair extensions are 100% washable and can be cleaned with shampoo. In that way our products can be kept for years.


Hair thinning. Yeah, it's nobody's favorite subject. But we have to talk about it, It's out there.

There are many reasons for this phenomenon, but the main ones are genetic, aging, births and so many other reasons that simply aren't under your control.

At JuvaBun, we wanted to make a difference. On one hand, we want you to feel as beautiful as you really are - we want you to feel glowing. But on the other hand, we don’t want you to cause long-term damage to your precious hair.

With this in mind, we invented our JuvaBun hair extensions. Natural. Easy to use. And truly stunning.

 Making yourself glow has never been this simple.