Date Night Hairstyles For Every Taste

A first date is an emotive and long-awaited moment for each girl. The upcoming event causes a lot of feelings about how to look irresistible and win a man's heart once and forever. Ideal should be absolutely everything, from your mood to the small details in your image.

One of the most crucial elements is a hairstyle, as it can instill a sense of confidence and emphasize your beauty and femininity. Romantic and cute night hairstyles create a charming image, so it is a great choice for your date. when choosing a night hairstyle, pay attention to the following crucial aspects:

woman fixing her hairstyle for her date

Hair Grooming Tips for Your Date

  • The fragrance of your hair: Men usually pay attention to the smell emanating from the woman's hair but go easy on poignant perfumes: the light, discreet odor of shampoo or balsam will be enough;
  • Simple and natural is better: It is better to leave complex structures for more official events such as ceremonies, etc.
  • Pin everything to perfection: Probably your date wants to touch your hair, feel its softness and silkiness. To take this into consideration, make sure that you pins won't fall out, and if you need to touch up your hair, then you may need to bring hairspray with you.
  • Business or casual: strict business hairstyles are better to leave for the office, except in cases where the date is planned immediately at the end of the working day and there is no time to go home to change clothes and the hairstyle.
  • The theme of your date: romantic, extreme, festive, etc. Consider what image you selected for the event and what impression you want to create.

So what hairstyle variation may you choose for a date so that the invitation to the second one follows as soon as possible? We found the answer and placed it in this article. Here are selected the over-the-top options for night hairstyles that combine tenderness, style, and at the same time comfort and ease.

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Date Night Hairstyles for Long Hair

Luxurious long hair is an inalienable girl's jewel, which is fraught with female energy and attractiveness. There is a lot of space for fantasy, so you can embody almost any idea. But when choosing the first date hairstyle, you should be careful so that everything looks nattily and attractively. To look stylish, consider the latest fashion trends, but at the same time adhere to your desires and preferences. We propose the optimal night hairstyles which can help to turn your date into an unforgettable event leaving only pleasant impressions.

1. Romantic Curls

Before hairstyling, apply thermal protection spray to protect your hair from the negative effects of a curling iron. Curl the strands into luxurious curls in the direction of the face. So that the curls do not look unkempt, leave the tips straight and walk with hands or a large-toothed comb. You can add volume using a texturizing spray. The most seductive image can be achieved by styling your long hair to the side.

2. Greek Bundle

Do you want to feel like a Greek Goddess? It's distinctly possible thanks to the magnificent Greek bundle hairstyle! The easiest night variation for your long hair: make several thin braids in the temples and grab them on the back of the head into a bun or one big braid. Curl the rest of the hair with a curling iron. Another way: make the French braid starting from the temple, and grab it in a low bun on the side. Decorate your hair with several hair slides, but not too bright.

3. Playful Messy Bun

If you want a playfully messy hairstyle then get this simple hairdo. But if you get fancy, it will be possible to make it more interesting and coquettish. You can add romanticism with the help of light curls grabbed in a low bun. You can slightly release some strands for careless falling on your face. The high bun is a no less advantageous option. Such a hairstyle will provide comfort and ease on your first date.

4. Volumetric Fishtail Braid

Making a beautiful volumetric braid on long hair just seems difficult, but it is as easy as that! Follow the most understandable step-by-step instructions: carefully comb your hair and whip out two small strands at the temple, gradually add new small strands on the side. After a few waves, gently pull out some strands of the resulting fishtail braid to make it more voluminous. Enjoy the ideal hairstyle for your night walk with your chosen one!

5. Triple Topsy Ponytail

You can make an ordinary triple topsy ponytail for your date, or experiment with twisting strands inside out. The standard version of this hairstyle is done as follows: 

  1. Take the top strands and secure them on the back with the elastic hair tie. 
  2. Add yet more strands to your ponytail from the bottom and connect them into another one. 
  3. Do the same thing again.

      6. French Twist 

      The classic French twist is an elegant and cute option that is suitable for a first date in a special place. How to do: fix half of the hair using several hairpins, lift the hair upstairs and twist with your fingers. Place the resulting strap on top above the hairpins and secure it with other ones, tucking under the ends inside. Done!

      girl getting a cut hairstyle before going out

      Date Night Hairstyles for Short Hair

      Do you have short hair and can't find a suitable hairstyle for the first date? The short length is not destiny, but a stylish and practical solution! Here are the most fashionable and cute night hairstyles for your perfect date.

      1. Careless Curls

      You can make light aristocratic carelessness on your short hair with the help of sea salt spray. You can apply it to wet hair, dry, and curl with a hair curler. The spray adds volume and texture, and if your hair is naturally wavy, it will make your curls tighter.

      2. Bandana Hairstyle

      The bright bandana comes to the rescue of those who do not like it when the hair falls out into the face and eyes at the most inopportune moment. What if suddenly it comes to kisses on the date? Bandana hairstyles will not just save you from eventual awkwardness, but show your acquaintance in the latest fashion trends. Moreover, it is unbelievably easy to make: secure your hair by placing the bandana on top or disposing it under the hair. When choosing the accessory color, consider the features of your mode of dress and the image as a whole.

      3. Bouffant Hairstyle

      How to make a slight bouffant on your short hair? Spray it with a hair spray or dry shampoo. There is also a special powder for this. Take the large-toothed comb and backcomb your hair towards down. Get through the top with a comb so that the bouffant is not visible.

      4. Retro hairstyle

      Go retro and achieve a Hollywood diva style by creating a wave of short hair. It is an unusual but magnificent night hairstyle for your date. Curl hair with curling iron or wavers just so in a retro style. Comb it and style by way of a smooth wave using clips. Secure the resulting pattern with hairspray.

      The main recommendation for creating an ideal first date hairstyle is a maximum of naturalness. It is better to avoid all the unnatural: wigs, chignons, false strands - all these items are not very smooth to the touch. Remember the main rule of the first date - being yourself. If you follow our JuvaBun hair tips then you'll get the charm and self-confidence your looking for.

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