Easy Date Night Hairstyles: Hair Tips To Make you Look Amazing

We always want to look good, but when there is a significant event planned, even the most minor details matter. Remember that you only make the first impression once! There are no repetitions, and you cannot turn back time. The first 3 seconds are the most important, and this is when we form an opinion about a given person, so you have to try to kill your gentlemen with your look. 

Clothing is of great importance, so preparing styling and proper makeup is the key to success. However, experience shows that many, if not most, women forget how vital cute first date hairstyles are, emphasizing the entire styling, adding charm, romance, and sensuality.

We want to look flawless, romantic, and seductive, and at the same time be ourselves. Properly styled hair emphasizes natural beauty and feminine advantages. Men love beautiful hairstyles, and most of them pay attention to their hair, so it is essential not to neglect this element when preparing.

Today, we will help you with hairstyles. Here are some sensual inspirations of easy date night hairstyles! How to choose an updo for a meeting so that a man literally cannot take his eyes off you?

Woman wearing an elegant attire for date

General Rules of Date Hairstyling

Classic pin-up, braid, or bun? The choice is vast, and just a moment is enough to change your appearance completely. Most hairstyles only look complicated, and in fact, they can be done in just minutes! You can make them yourself, without professional tools. Just have a few hairpins, rubber bands, and a comb ready, and the hairstyle will be ready in a moment.

Light and airy cute first date hairstyles will work well for you. You can have your hair loose for more naturalness, or you can tie it in a chic bun or ponytail or make a braid. It doesn't matter if the hair is straight, curly, or wavy. What is better to avoid are massive and flashy cufflinks, flowers, or glitter decorations. These are not suitable for a date.

The most important thing is comfort. A loose pin-up will look natural, and seemingly carelessly sticking out thin strands of hair will add romance. Braids or other braided easy date night hairstyles will also work. The hairstyle should be delicate and girlish. Do you need to be fixing your hair for an hour in front of the mirror? Fashionable pin-ups and beautiful hairstyles don't have to be complicated.

First Date Factors That Will Affect the Hairstyle To Use

  • where the date will take place: outdoors or indoors;
  • date type: extreme date, quite romantic, formal reception, etc.;
  • what images to choose for a date, and what impression you want to create about yourself.

Date Hairstyles for Women with Long Hair 

Preparation is a full-fledged prelude to date, so it sets the tone and mood. The hairstyle plays an equally important role in creating a successful image.  Here are some hairstyle ideas for long hair.

woman with red curly hair greeting her date

Loose Hair

It is the most common hairstyle, but do not forget that men are crazy about loose long hair. You can style your hair in the form of light waves, decorate it with a headband, a hair clip, and style it on one side.


Such date hairstyles will look good for both short (medium-length) and long hair. There can be a great many variations of this hairstyle:

  • curls;
  • spectacular loops in a retro style;
  • waves;
  • exquisite Hollywood curls;
  • waves with the effect of wet hair (in this case, the hair can be loosened or gathered).

Braids and Weavings

Here, the flight of imagination and creativity is endless: you can make an elegant braid to one side, a boho braid, a waterfall, or decorate the prominent hairstyle with elements from braids. Easy date night hairstyles with weaving elements are very feminine and romantic.


The hairstyle itself is effortless and routine, but it can be fascinating to beat it by turning on the imagination. You can add romance with the help of light curls gathered in a low bun and leave a few strands on the face.

A high bun is a category of stricter date night hairstyles for long hair, but you can also make it more feminine and delicate with the help of light, slightly careless strands near the face, weaving around the bun.

Sleek Ponytail

A regular ponytail can turn into a beautiful hairstyle if you do just two additional manipulations - put your hair up from the back of the head and wrap the elastic with a thin braid, which you will make from a stray strand. Read here for more ponytail hair ideas.

Woman blowing a kiss to her date

Date night hairstyle ideas for short hair

When choosing hairstyles for a date, women with short hair face the biggest challenge. Of course, these can also be dissolved and only slightly styled with foam. However, if you dream of a unique pin-up, you have to try if their length is enough. So, what hairstyles for short hair should you choose?

These hairstyles will not take long to create. The main thing while making date night hairstyles  for short hair is texture and shape.

Light Negligence

Slight aristocratic negligence will help create a spray with seawater on the head. You can apply it to damp hair, dry it and wrap it on a curling iron. The spray is usually used in cute first-date hairstyles to add volume and texture, and if the hair naturally curls a little, it will make the curls tighter.

With Rim

The headband will come to the rescue of those who do not like it when hair gets into their eyes and face at the most inopportune moment. What if it comes to kissing on a date? Fix the hairstyle by placing a bandage over the hair or passing it under the hair.

Hairstyle with Headband

It is so easy to make such cute first-date hairstyles. The bouffant can be quickly done by first sprinkling hair with varnish or dry shampoo; there is also a special powder. Next, take a fine-toothed comb and comb your hair down. Finally, go over the top with a comb so that the fleece is not visible.

Two Harnesses

These date night hairstyles are suitable for those who have short, shoulder-length hair. First, curl your hair slightly with an iron to create the most casual curls possible. Then separate the strands from the temples, roll them into flagella, secure with a transparent elastic band and turn inward.

The Very Tenderness

A great hairstyle option for girls who wear a bob. In case of such date night hairstyles everything starts again with a curling iron - it is needed for short hair to become twisted, then the strands must be separated from the temples, braided into pigtails, and fixed at the back of the head. Finally, the romantic look is ready!

Low Tail

To begin with, curl the entire mass of hair on a curling iron, slightly tuck the back of your head to add volume. Next, twist the tourniquet on one side, securing it with invisible ones. Now just do a low ponytail - a spectacular hairstyle is ready.

There are no top-down rules when choosing date night hairstyles for short or long hair. You learn in a way that makes you feel at ease. Choose hairstyles that you feel comfortable with. It can even be the one you wear every day!

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