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Hair gathered in a messy bun has become the strongest trend in fashion for hairstyles in recent years. A messy bun hairpiece is both a stylish and interesting option for everyday hairstyle and dinner with a glass of wine in pleasant company. But it's not that simple. 

How to make a messy bun? It is not difficult to make a messy bun on your head. The main thing is to free up some time and be patient. This hairstyle is relevant for owners of long, medium, and short hair. Besides, a messy bun looks very cute and playful on short hair.

It is necessary to apply a little mousse to the hair to fix the hairstyle. This will allow the hairstyle to stay in shape.

Owners of curly and wavy hair can first use means to straighten curls or use an iron.

Easy messy bun rules

Modern fashion trends are natural and casual. And hairstyles are no exception. A trendy hairstyle such as the easy messy bun sometimes looks as if the hair is simply tied up with an elastic band for sports or everyday activities. This is partly true. But the question is also not only to make such a hairstyle but also to keep it throughout the day.

There will be no problems being indoors, but if you go outside? Will the wind ruffle the hair? This is where the rules come in, even when creating an easy messy bun. They are simple, and the result is available to absolutely everyone.

Rule #1

Never make a messy bun on just washed and nourished hair. They are too silky. The strands will slip out of your hands. Let your hair rest for at least half a day. And if you are planning stylish messy bun hairpieces, not for everyday wear but a special occasion, then generally wash your hair on the eve of a crucial day.

Rule #2

Gather your hair with comfortable, soft elastic bands. They should not cause discomfort and tighten the skin. Otherwise, the headache is guaranteed. The elastic should be tight and wide enough to achieve a perfect result.

Rule #3

Do not try to fix the entire volume of hair with one elastic band. This is especially true for a high beam. Collect them sequentially. Add lower strands to the main bun.

Rule #4

If you want the strands to be curled, give them the desired shape, and then start creating a hairstyle. This certainly does not apply to those planning to make a messy bun from curly hair. In this case, nature has already done some work for you.

Messy buns tutorial

Messy buns tutorial

 A messy bun looks gorgeous at the same time and looks like you didn't try too hard and woke up in the morning with such a beautiful hairstyle. If you have tried to repeat this image at least once, you know that messy bun does not always turn out well at first. Sometimes the skill of making a messy bun is like real art. If you want your hairstyle to be perfect every time, follow our messy buns tutorial.

  1. Pull your hair into a bouncy ponytail with your hands. Wash your hair the day before you plan to do this hairstyle. But if you don't have time, then you can use dry shampoo. Create a loose ponytail to make the messy bun on the head modern. It will prevent your bun from looking smooth or flat.
  2. Add texture. Apply texturizing spray over the entire length of the ponytail. All the beauty of this hairstyle is in the lushly textured strands. The spray gives the strands texture and lush, long-lasting volume, conditioning effect, and protects from UV rays.
  3. Comb your hair. Comb the individual strands of the tail with gentle movements from bottom to top. Lightweight bouffant helps lift heavy, long strands from the roots. This will help keep your hair from looking flat.
  4. Twist your hair into a bun, leaving a few strands free, and secure with hairpins. It doesn't matter which way you twist the tail. The main thing is to hold the twisted strands with one hand until you secure the entire structure well. You can use as many bobby pins as you need to keep the bun in place and make you feel comfortable with this hairstyle. When you're done, try to loosen or even release a few strands so that the styling doesn't look too flawless.
  5. Secure. Modern hairspray for movable fixation plays an important role in making messy buns. Try to choose medium-hold varnishes that do not weigh down or stick together the styling.

Stylist tips

How to make a perfect messy bun? Pay attention to professionals’ advice for such a hairstyle to look stunning and catch others’ eyes.

  • A messy bun doesn't have to be all hair. Individual strands can gently fall off the face.
  • Collected hair reveals the face, neck, and shoulders as much as possible. Owners of imperfect proportions should refuse such a hairstyle.
  • Messy bun goes well with bangs. It can be straight, oblique, or even asymmetrical with graduated ends.
  • You can locate the hairstyle on the head’s back, on the crown, and on the side.
  • You can decorate the bun with original accessories (decorative hairpins with flowers, ribbons, and a satin shawl).
  • A smooth bun is best done on hair washed the day before. They will not lose their freshness.
  • Do not overuse styling products. Mousse and gel noticeably weigh down the hair and deprive the hairstyle of its naturalness.
  • Do not moisturize your hair too much before creating a hairstyle: they will stick to your palms and ruin the desired styling.
  • For a stylish casual look, make a braid overnight. In the morning, the hair will be wavy, and you can easily assemble it into a bun.
  • Don't make a tight tail. This will damage the hair structure; it will become brittle and lifeless.
  • You can use a hairpiece made from natural or artificial hair to create a voluminous bun.

Experiment with messy bun for medium hair, short and long hair. If you want more volume or length, you can always use messy bun scrunchie. This hairstyle will be a great addition to your look.


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