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A prom is a solemn event that almost every girl awaits with trepidation. It is worth preparing for such an important event carefully so that every detail is perfect. The right choice of long hair prom hairstyle is the guarantee of 60% of the entire festive look’s success.

The variety of fashionable hairstyles is impressive, and you can easily get confused. How to style long hair? After all, if the hairstyle does not match the dress or your type of face, then it will rather play in the negative than beautify you. Therefore, you should think carefully about every detail of your image and experiment in advance with different hairstyles and makeup for prom.

How to choose the right hairstyle for long hair for prom?

Even though there are no hard and fast rules for choosing a hairstyle for long hair at prom, it is still worth paying attention to how it will go with your dress. This is the first thing to consider. So, if your prom dress has a style emphasizing the neckline, you do not need to overlap it with hair as it will overload your image. The hairstyle for prom long hair should complement the dress. Look for tall hairstyles or a pretty ponytail. An elegant prom bun is perfect. Braids are also well suited for prom hairstyles for long hair.

Loose curls are ideal for long hair and a simple cut of the dress. After all, graduates are young girls who are beautiful in themselves, and it is essential not to overdo it with  beauty so as not to add extra age.

Another aspect to consider when choosing a prom hairstyle is the shape of the face.

Round face shape. With a round face, you should choose hairstyles with asymmetry, large waves, hairstyles for prom with oblique bangs, high buns, and graceful tails. Forget about thick wide bangs and voluminous curls around your face; this will only increase your cheeks. Also, avoid straight hair parting.

Oval face shape. But graduates with an oval face type, on the contrary, must choose voluminous hairstyles for themselves. All kinds of curls will suit you. Beautiful hairstyles for long hair at prom are a combination of curls with openwork weaves. Do not do high hairstyles without bangs, exclude the parting, and do not straighten your hair. Maintain the natural volume of hair and the natural effect of the hairstyle. Two Dutch braids with an asymmetrical parting will look gorgeous.

Triangular face shape. With a triangular face, girls should also pay attention to romantic curls twisted from the middle of the hair length. All classic hairstyles are perfect for you. Check out the retro prom hairstyles for long hair this year. Graceful curls, styled in a certain way, like from the 40s, can create a stunning look. Forget about short bangs and too sleek hairstyles. With your face contour, you need to balance the shape. Complete your prom hairstyle for long hair with gentle hair accessories.

Square face shape. Girls with a square face should choose elegant hairstyles with curls that soften the oval of the face. Don't go for prom hairstyles with short bangs. If you want to make bangs, your option is an oblique bang with a cascade near the face. You can achieve this by releasing a few strands of hair. So you will create the effect of careless lightness, romance, and grace.

How to style long hair?

How to style long hair?


Should you do your prom hairstyle yourself, or should you contact a professional? The best option is, of course, to contact the master. A good specialist will not only help you with the choice but will also suggest doing rehearsal styling. Don't refuse, so you can be sure about exactly what you need. And before prom, protect yourself from unnecessary excitement and even stress. Suddenly you might not like the hairstyle at all, and there would be no time to redo it. But if this happens during a rehearsal with a hairdresser, you will have time to consider another option calmly.

Many girls can also do their styling. You can pick up an image and practice. Plus, if you find you need extra length, you can use hair extensions for a prom hairstyle.

The main trends of hairstyles for prom

If we observe fashion direction for hairstyles, then we see that the tendencies towards everything natural in hairstyles persist. Prom hairstyles are no exception. And if once it was fashionable to make fundamental hairstyles with a lot of hairspray and look more like competition works of hairdressers, today beautiful hairstyles for prom are an interweaving of styles in a lightweight form. A mixture of lightness and freedom in boho style with ethnic braids and classic hair curls.

Hairstyles for long hair at prom imply youth, freedom, and creativity. Elegant retro hairstyles with a modern interpretation are also in trend.

High hairstyles for prom

Collected hair is one of the trends of fashionable evening hairstyles that look elegant and solemn. Prom hairstyles with highly gathered hair for long and medium strands will be great. High bunches, tails, semi-tied, and highly fixed hair with curls are perfect examples of the fashionable hairstyles that are part of this trend.

You can effectively complement high bunches for prom with beads and cute hair clips with pebbles; tall tails for prom can be decorated with flagella and braiding. In each of the high hairstyle options for prom, be sure to stick to lightness and ease, release a couple of curled strands to give airiness to the hairstyle. Moreover, you can always use hair extensions for your prom hairstyle.

Prom ponytail hairstyle for long hair

Prom ponytail hairstyle for long hair


How to style long hair? The adorable and laconic ponytail will be one of the trendiest prom hairstyles. This type of prom hairstyle on long strands looks especially wonderful. The practicality and versatility of the tail hairstyle will envy any type of styling.

Complement the prom ponytail with appropriately beautiful pigtails and flagella, wrap a strand of hair around the scrunchie, and hide it. If you wish, you can curl the tail, leave a couple of locks in the front free, make a hair bow, or use ribbons, which will look spectacular for prom.

Prom hairstyles with braids

The trend of braids cannot be ignored when choosing a fashionable prom hairstyle. If you are the owner of long hair, then a large and voluminous braid at the prom can be the perfect complement to your look. For short hair, small and neat braids will also be appropriate as a hairstyle for prom.

Spectacular braids are also an addition to other types of prom hairstyles, for example, braided buns or tails with braids for prom will be just right. Weaving elements on loose strands will turn out to be excellent, allowing you to create chic and adorable graduation hairstyles for every taste. If the length of your hair does not allow you to make a spectacular hairstyle at prom, then use extensions.

Hairstyles with loose hair and curls for prom

Hairstyles with loose hair and curls for prom


Luxuriously curled hair with an iron or tweezers will be a great idea for a fashionable prom hairstyle. At the same time, you can always complement the curls for the prom with your favorite flowers or chains, hairpins, headbands, and decor with crystals.

For best results, create volume at the top of the prom hairstyle, and curl the bottom as desired. The main thing is the lightness, airiness, and weightlessness of the prom styling with waves and curls, which guarantees a fashionable effect on hair with curls for the prom.

Prom hairstyles with chic decor

Decoration in fashionable types of prom hairstyles will be necessary, the abundance of which cannot please. And most importantly, with the help of such beautiful devices, each styling can be perfect for a prom.

Headbands with twigs and buds, natural flowers and wreaths of flowers, hairpins and chains, various headbands and ribbons, tiaras, and crowns will be amazing solutions for decorating hair at the prom and creating the most charming prom hairstyles.

Fashionable buns for prom

A win-win and always relevant for an evening bow will be a variation of a hairstyle in the form of a bun. From tall to short, super voluminous, and traditional, with loose curls or neatly gathered strands, this hairstyle will be a great addition to your look.

Variations of bundles for evening and prom, in particular, are so diverse that you can get bundles in different sizes of hair, for thin and sparse hair, with or without decor and braiding.

Prom hairstyles for very short hair

Prom hairstyles for very short hair


Since the mega-fashion trend in past seasons was short hair, then surely among the fashionable beauties, there will be people looking for hairstyles just for short hair for prom.

Much in the choice of prom styling and hairstyles will depend on the shortness of the hair length and on the color of the hair, which will help add sophistication and highlight individual strands for showiness. Light waves in a casual design will be trendy, and light braids on short hair will be a great evening hairstyle for prom. But if you want to get a chic hairstyle for prom, then use hair extensions that will allow you to bring any hairstyle to life.

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