Messy Bun For Long Hair: Secrets Of Charming Carelessness

A fashionable hairstyle does not have to be perfectly smooth and neat. Proof of that is a messy bun, which is so beloved among Hollywood celebrities. Big fans of such hairstyles are Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, Jessica Alba, Zendaya, Hilary Duff, and many other stars.

Visually, the hairstyle looks like a bun, formed hurriedly. There are a lot of variations: on the top, on the back of the head, with braids, bangs, hairpins. And all these elements are not the result of a quick-fix experiment, but a carefully designed hairstyle created by the proven technology.

The messy bun is a hairstyle suitable for the majority of women. Proper hair part, light bouffant, slightly careless side strands, and other tricks will help visually correct appearance. 

woman tying her hair extension into a bun

Is A Messy Bun Suitable for Long Hair?

Certainly YES! It will not be difficult for you to make such a beautiful hairstyle on your long strands. And it does not matter whether you have straight or curly hair. To achieve the effect of thought-out dishevelment, it must look natural. 

Advantages of Messy Bun Hairstyle for Long Hair:

  • a fashionable, trendy option;
  • doesn't take much time;
  • can be easily performed at home;
  • suitable for different lifestyles;
  • makes the image more coquettish, womanly, and young;
  • can slightly correct your appearance if necessary.

Messy Bun Tutorials for Long Hair

Can't you choose among a lot of messy bun variations for your long hair? We have prepared a list of the most stylish and attractive ones. Chalk up these tutorials, and you will no longer spend wearisome hours choosing a suitable easy hairstyle.

For fixing, you can use hair ties in the tone of strands, invisible hairpins, and other hair accessories. Styling items will also be useful if you want to keep the hairstyle for the whole day or evening.

woman doing a bun hairstyle

Classical Messy Bun

  1. grab the washed and dried hair in a high ponytail;
  2. take the ponytail in your hand and wrap it around the hair tie;
  3. secure the bun with hairpins, and leave the staring hair tips;
  4. if necessary, sprinkle it with hair spray;
  5. if your messy bun turns out to be too smooth, take the needle or a thin pencil and gently pull several strands out.

Messy Bun with Bouffant

  1. brush your hair;
  2. apply hair-styling mousse;
  3. make a ponytail on the top;
  4. raise it and backcomb strands with a thin comb;
  5. grab hair into a free bun, twisting it with a strap and putting around the tail;
  6. secure it using hairpins or a thin elastic tie, put on top of the bun.

Messy Fan Bun

Particularly this hairstyle looks beautiful with lush, curly strands. To create it, you do not need hairpins. How to do:

  1. wash and dry the hair;
  2. apply a little foam;
  3. make a high ponytail. During the first and following twists of hair tie, stretch out all strands, and during the latter make a loop - do not outstretch all strands. Do not take away the edge;
  4. backcomb or slightly muss up your sticking out of the loop hair;
  5. make a bouffant at the ends of the strands sticking out from under the hair tie or wrap them around the bun;
  6. secure it using hairpins and sprinkle with hair spray.

Messy Bun with a Braid

It looks original, but it will take some dexterity in part of making “fishbone braid”. You should follow such an algorithm:

  1. level down the head;
  2. divide your hair in the occipital area into 3 parts;
  3. intertwist these 3 parts;
  4. continue forming a fishbone braid, alternately picking up the side strands first on the right, then on the left;
  5. having reached the top, fix the tip of the braid with a hair tie;
  6. collect it in the strap together with the rest of your hair;
  7. form a messy bun, and secure it with hairpins.

Messy Bun Without a Hair Tie

It is an express option, for which you need only hairpins. Such a hairstyle is not intended for prolonged wearing, but it will help you when you urgently need to collect your hair. How to do:

  1. brush your hair, slightly moisten them with water;
  2. collect your hand and pull up while holding the tips;
  3. in a vertical position, twist the hair in spiral order;
  4. grab them in a bun, holding the base of the strap with one hand;
  5. secure the hairstyle using hairpins, previously hiding the edge of the strands inside.

Elegant Messy Bun

It partly resembles a hairstyle in a fan shape. Looks airily, elegantly, and performed in a few minutes. For this:

  1. divide your hair with your fingers and collect it in a ponytail;
  2. de-stretching out curls through the hair tie, then form a loop. It should be small;
  3. twist the bun into a rounded shape, additionally outstretching the central strands;
  4. push hair tips inside;
  5. stretch the bun in different directions so that it is larger and with more volume;
  6. secure it using some hairpins, if necessary.

Low Messy Bun

This hairstyle is particularly suitable for owners of long dense hair. For such a hairstyle, you need two hair ties and two hairpins. 

  1. grab your hair into a low ponytail and stretch it out into the hair tie, but not to the end;
  2. secure the formed bun with the hair tie;
  3. neatly twist the remaining tail into a relaxed strap and fix tips with a second thin hair tie;
  4. surround the secured bun with a hair strap and secure the hairstyle, hiding the tips inside the bun.

Romantic Messy Bun

  1. separate a wide strand on the top and backcomb it;
  2. make a side ponytail, in the lobe of the ear area;
  3. make a light bouffant;
  4. grab your hair in a lush ponytail in a free strap;
  5. twist up hair in a bun;
  6. disguise the hair tip, hiding it inside the bun;
  7. add strength through the use of hairpins.

a simple bun hairstyle for formal events

The Main Thing is to Choose a Suitable Variation

  • the bun, grabbed on the back of the head, will lengthen the short neck;
  • if the face is wide, with a square shape, it will be better to make a messy bun on the top. In addition, you can leave bangs or side strands;
  • the asymmetric side part visually narrows the round face;
  • messy bun hairstyle with a bouffant is optimal for owners of thin strands;
  • consider your growth. Take into account that the bun on the top adds some extra centimeters. If this effect is undesired, the bun should be twisted on the back or the side of the head;
  • miniature women can make a high, but not too large bun;
  • the disheveled hairstyle with lush bouffant is not suitable for a young girl with a long thin neck;
  • bangs can be any: straight, asymmetrical, sidewise;
  • strands on the sides will help cover the ears.

At present, you know how to do a messy bun with long hair in different variations. You can choose a hairstyle suitable for your mood, appearance, personal proclivities, and style. Do not be afraid to seem like an unkempt girl: on clean and well-groomed hair messy bun looks amazing. JuvaBun offers the resources that will help you become a hair celebrity.

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