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Hair holds the form in which it dries up. Therefore, straightening irons make naughty swirls sleek, and crimpers can add volume to thin and thin hair. Hot styling can be a challenge for you, so you need natural hair protection from heat. Styling tools, at times, working high degrees, can injury damp, undefended chevelure. 

The effects of hot styling are break ends, miss of shine, and fragility. You can get away with this with care cosmetics used to the chevelure till modeling and are a natural heat protector. Thermic chevelure security cosmetics do modeling elementary and interfere with overheating. It is also essential to pick the correctly modeling tool. Modern straightening irons have a specific coating that warms the chevelure evenly and moderately.

Correct hair care

  • Chevelure has to be dried till heating when they are damp, their chemical structure changes. Hot modeling can severely injury the top coat of the skin and structure chevelure.
  • Choose modeling tools with ceramic side and avoid those that have metal parts in touch with your chevelure. It can lead to critical injury.
  • It is needful to use organic chevelure protection, which takes care of chevelure from heat before each modeling.
  • Choose a thermal chevelure protector that suits your chevelure perfectly. A few are specially designed for effective styling of direct, shiny strands or bouncy curls. You can discover the optimal cosmetic. It makes modeling easier and gives better protection. Besides, you can do a natural hair heat protector yourself.
  • Heat chevelure protectors are best for damp hair to protect every hair.
  • A uniform finely dispersed cloud is formed only at arm's length. It will ensure styling less weighing or sticking. Be sure to read the sticker to know the optimal spray distance.
  • After applying for thermic defense, softly comb your chevelure with a wide-toothed brush to distribute the cosmetic evenly.

Hair restoration

hair restoration

Various harm to the top layer does not just stack on top of each other. Each damage makes the head skin more delicate, and the next exposure causes even more damage. Hot styled hairs are more delicate to UV rays, so there is no need to expose them to additional tests in the form of metal combs or hairpins.

Regenerating dry or damaged hair weekly prevents further damage. Always use a natural hair heat protector to protect and repair injured hair. Besides, moisturizers such as aloe vera, panthenol, silk proteins, as well as nourishing hair masks, and leave-in conditioners are just what your hair needs. Active ingredients like macadamia oil cover each hair. It helps restore the cuticle, and the hair looks healthier and more radiant.

Never forget that gentle styling and natural hair protection from heat are the keys to healthy, beautiful, and shiny hair.

How to choose natural thermal protection?

how to choose natural thermal protection

You should carefully study the product’s composition on the sticker to choose the most natural heat protector for hair in the store. In this case, pay attention to which components are closer to the top of the list; the more of them are in the tool’s composition.

Look for protection that uses herbal extracts and teas in your products and protects strands at high temperatures. These products strengthen, protect, and moisturize the hair.

Does artificial hair need thermal protection?

Special care lines have been developed for extended and artificial hair. They contain all the necessary arsenal of products from shampoo to masks and spray. They do not contain components that could damage and destroy the mountings. You can use regular shampoos if it is not possible to purchase unique products.

But you should abandon cosmetics based on vegetable oils. Therefore, products for dry hair should be prohibited.

But the balms and masks from this line are handy for extended and artificial hair.

The shampoo is applied with gentle movements without rubbing into the head skin. Balms and masks are used generously but avoiding the attachment points of false hair. Wash off the balm so that a light protective film remains. A drop of balm can be applied to the ends after rinsing. Wash off all funds quickly. The masters recommend using filtered water to get rid of chlorine and other impurities harmful to hair for rinsing. You should use thermal protection for your artificial hair to look good for as long as possible. It doesn't matter whether your hair is natural or synthetic so that the hairdryer and styling devices do not dry out, use thermal protection.

Correct combing

how to comb your hair

Combining artificial hair can only be carried out after drying, always using a soft massage brush without balls at the ends or a special comb with rare teeth. First, we comb the ends, and gradually, after collecting the hair in a bun, we move to the roots. This procedure is performed several times a day to avoid tangling of the hair.

You should use thermal protection products, and it is advisable not to do hairstyles that can damage your hair to keep your hair healthy. Besides, you can use faux hair rubber bands to add volume to your hair to maintain your hair’s beauty and health.


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