Easy and Cute Formal Hairstyles for Beginners

 Each girl wants an elegant look to impress someone special on the evening date or turn everyone's head during sophisticated receptions or events. Of course, hairdo should rank the first position in the to-do list of each girl preparing for the great night. Simple evening hair settings or magnificent hairstyles matching your hair shape and length enhance your appearance features like a tiny black dress or red lipstick.

If you think about festive hairstyles preferable for evening parties and formal events, easy updos are what you are looking for. They complete an image with perfection, harmony, and sophistication. Also, long-length evening hairstyles help present the hair as a vivid and eye-catching supplement for luxury outfits.

Many ladies who do not have long-length hair think that half-up hairdressing is a holy grail for them. However, this is profoundly not the truth. Cute formal hairstyles could be performed on medium-length hair and meet the expectations of the bang owner. To this end, you need to practice a bit and understand your hair abilities.

Anyway, we have investigated many popular formal and evening hairstyles uncomplicated per techniques and affords. We think our advice will be helpful to you if you are eager to shine out like a Hollywood star.

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Fashionable Formal Updos and Downdos Performed In 20 Minutes

To simplify your findings in the best shockingly gorgeous choice of the banquet or evening hairstyles, we select some formal updos and downdos worth to appear on the hollywood red carpet and take 20 minutes of your time.

Classic High Buns

Graceful and simple-to-perform evening hair settings will be a good solution for special occasions and everyday walking-outs. Moreover, this hairstyle is easy to perform for beginners:

  • If you want your hairdressing output to be flavorful, you need to wash the hair, dry it and apply a shaping mousse. 
  • Then gather the hair into a ponytail on the top of the head. 
  • Split the hair in the ponytail into a few, approximately equal strands. 
  • Twist each strand into a braid-similar way and set it along with a hairtie. This procedure should be applied to each strand.
  • Finally, the tails of braids must be fixed using hairpins in such a way as to make them invisible.
    woman in elegant dress clapping

    Lovely Hair Bows

    This masterpiece can be performed as an entire hairstyle set on either side or the top of the hand and as a detail of the hair-down long-length evening hair setting. 

    • To get started, you need to gather the hair into a ponytail, carefully running your fingers over the strands. You should forward the strands through the hair tie incompletely to get a ring from the back and a small tail in the front during the last movement. 
    • Then split the ring into two parts, through which you need to move the remaining tail and fix it with a hairpin. 
    • Also, you may primarily add extra volume for the ponytail and receive the final fleecy result. To provide the long-term integrity of your evening hairstyles, you may use hairspray or invisible hairpins.

      Romantic French Buns

      To bring such a miracle to life, you will need to get a comb, a curling iron, hairpins, thick bent needles, and unique cotton suitable to the hair color. The golden or silver cotton chosen will have shining effects on your hair. The making process is similar to bun hairstyle arrayed with vivid attributes.

      Effective Plaiting

      Such perfect banquet hairstyles need an exceptional degree of practical skills. The process should be based on standard braiding rules, and the final result may be highlighted with cute accessories. So, you should train your plaiting abilities repeatedly to impress the guest with your mastership.

      Buns with a French Braid

      This variation of the buns is interesting because it is characteristic of a French braid on the back of the head. This is an unusual and elegant solution. However, the unskilled beginner will have difficulties making such hair settings the first time. Therefore, it is better to practice in advance so that on the appointed day, everything will be fine.

      blond woman fixing her hairstyle

      Easy-Going Stylish Hair Dressings for Any Occasion

      Here are some more curious hairstyles easy to make with the help of a few portions of hair styling and fixing products. These attractive formal and informal options of unique hairstyles would be preferable by each girl:

      Knot Hairstyles

      Such sophisticated and elegant popular formal hairstyles have noticeable features related to knot-setting hair. Combining these hairstyles with the banquet outfit of pastel shades and simple fashion will add an image of lightness, femininity, and elegance.

      Babette’s Hair

      Suppose you are a fan of vintage romantic and little comedic movies like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or “Hairspray”. In that case, you might appreciate this sympathetic and romantic hair setting with a straight bang: 

      • Ask someone to assist you because the hair styling pioneers feel difficult in achieving the final result.
      • Take a roller along with a comb, a hairspray, hairpins and hair ties.
      • To receive the maximum volume, you may scratch the hair gathered on the top of your head and shaped like a bun.
      • Do not worry if something is going wrong. Just make some trial efforts before you need to prepare for the big party.

        Brilliant Curlies

        Picking up the evening image, many women with long or middle hair prefer to cover their forehead with a sophisticated bang. But, to this end, there are many nice tricks. For example, here is one.

        The bang tails are curled and set on the side that gives the image of flirtatiousness and playfulness.


        woman fixing here Vintage Hollywood wave hair

        Vintage Hollywood Wave

        The simple evening hair settings consist of large curls of the same size, securely fixed with hairspray. They look very stylish and make you a real femme fatale. The technique is relatively easy to perform, and there are several ways for such styling.

        Half-down Hair Settings

        Curious down hair idea for relaxed and easy formal hairstyles is perfectly combined with the long length strands. The part of strands near the face is gathered back with a hair clip. Then you can slightly twist the rest of the hair or add preferable accessories.

        JuvaBun has an amazing selection of hairstyles and hair car tips you can read.

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        What are easy updos for long hair for beginners?
        The very beginners in hairstyling could become familiar with quite curious and formal down hair settings. The popular formal hairstyles comprise headband updos, ponytail/French twist hybrids, top braided knot, criss-cross low bun, cool-girl low bun, quick and easy braided bun, a pinned-up pompadour, easy messy updos, etc.


        Which prom hairstyles are perfect for middle-length hair?

        Prom hairdos are one of the vintage evening hairstyles which should demonstrate lightness and elegance simultaneously. The middle-length hair allows you to reach those effects via various modifications of buns, ponytails, and hair-down variants.

        How to style wedding hair?

        A wedding hair setting needs proper hairstyling training if you do not want to spoil the most important day in your life. In this case, you should fit your hair look with the relevant outfits and the hair volume, length, color, etc if you want to be elegant on your special day.

        How do you make half-up and half-down hairstyles look good?

        To make half-up and half-down hairstyles look good you need three secret elements: good understanding of your hair structure and volume to orient in acceptable range of various popular formal hairstyles, particular skills or qualified master to make the desirable hair setting, and careful hair products to ensure the long-term fixation of your evening hairstyles.

        What are formal down hair setting ideas?

        In particular, to look like Disney princesses, a lovely Bella’s half-down hairstyle, you may use some ideas described in our blog. By the way, this type of hair settings is quite suitable and matches any hair volume and structure because respective hair products and useful tricks could correct any possible weakness.