Turn Any Dull Hairstyle into A HOT Messy Bun Under 5 Seconds! Demo

3 average girls and their hair extensions showing off

Carrie, Cheryl, and Stacy are our favorite JuvaBun ambassadors and they decided to switch up their day-to-day look with the hot and messy JuvaBun’s. These energetic ladies tested out the JuvaBun and switched up their HOT MESS BUN into a HOT MESSY BUN in under two minutes. 

These three young and beautiful ladies fell in love with the simplicity and functionality of JuvaBun’s messy bun product. They go on to explain and we quote, “It’s a miracle in a bag!” 

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So why is it that they believe it is a miracle in a bag? Could it be because it has cut Stacy’s hair styling time in half? Or maybe because Cheryl finds it super easy to use?

According to these three glam divas, the JuvaBun is very easy to use, they get the perfect messy bun look in under two minutes, it is a great gift, and even if you aren’t fabulous with hairstyles, you can still escape the tyranny of a bad hair day. Check out the video below to find out more about what these three hair fanatics have to say when it comes to using the JuvaBun Messy Bun!

The Miracle in The Bag! 

Look like a beauty queen, as Stacy would put it, in less than 120 seconds by using the miracle in the bag, also known as the JuvaBun Messy Bun. It comes packaged in a reusable ziplock bag to ensure that the product maintains its shape, stays safe, and the hair follicles do not tangle. This makes it easier for the user to just pull out the product and pop it in their hair as opposed to brushing it rigorously and tarnishing its overall outlook. 

Moreover, Cherly describes how impressed she is with the scrunchie-like appeal of the product which she believes adds to the ease of use of the product. 

How Do These Glam Divas Turn Their Hairstyle into A Hot Messy Bun in 120 Seconds? 

When people say I did my hairstyle in less than 2 minutes, one may find it hard to believe - but if you ask Stacy, Cheryl, and Carrie then you will have to believe it. This is how they got the fuller perfect messy bun look so quickly and easily.

Step #1

These three beauty queens start off by tying their hair into a neat bun using a hair elastic. Now keep in mind that all three of them have different hair types and they have demonstrated how the bun works according to their hair type. Cheryl starts off by expressing how thin and silky her hair is, so what she does to kick things off for the perfect look is to grab a small elastic rubber band and tie her hair up in a slicked-back bun. This enables her to get the messy bun on more easily and allows for a better grip - or else the bun may just slide off her silky smooth hair

If you have thick and long hair like Stacy then all you have to do is make a bun with your long hair, but you do not necessarily have to use a hair tie to put it up. Lastly, if you are like Carrie and you have short hair, all you need to do is get your hands on a small hair elastic and make a cute tiny bun. Now over here the girls express that when they make a bun with their own hair, it is shabby, not so voluminous, and they do not get a “fun messy bun”. 

So what will they do to add more volume to their hair? Let’s check it out in step number 2! 

Step #2

The next thing these ladies do is just take out the messy bun from its packet and put the scrunchie-like hairpiece in their hair. Just pop it on like a scrunchie, adjust it according to your preference and you are good to go! Sounds super easy right? 

“It’s easy, it’s cute, and it’s done”

Stacy, Carrie, and Cheryl know and believe that with the JuvaBun messy hair bun piece they can turn any bad hair day into an awesome hair day within seconds. Just tie your hair up and pop the hairpiece on and you are good to go for a wild ladies' night out, a wedding, and so much more! 

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Available in Many Colors! 

This secret ingredient to the perfect hair look has to match the color of these ladies' hair in order for them to use it as their secret weapon right?! So, what have they done to ensure that the colors match their original hair color? Have they dyed it? Have they gotten them custom-made? Nope, none of that, they just browsed the many many MANY options available on the JuvaBun website and found the perfect match. Even though Cheryl has dark hair, she believes the medium brown hairpiece matches her hair color perfectly and it surely does! You cannot tell the difference at all. 

Stacy and Cassie are a whole different story, they have light highlights in their hair which is why they went with the walnut-colored options. Guess what?! According to them, they can’t even tell the difference. 

Stacy explains that she “Kind of copied Carrie because I have highlighted in my hair just like her,” and that it blends in perfectly with their highlights. Matching extension pieces can be a tricky task, but Stacy and Cassie succeeded! 

They Can’t Get Enough of The JuvaBun Messy Bun

These ladies cannot help but love the messy bun piece, they said that “It’s made with love so I mean what’s wrong with it?” Additionally, they vouch that it is the best gift to give to anyone, considering how Stacy expresses “Why not give the gift of a great hair day to someone you love? I mean I would love it!” 

This is how these ladies use their JuvaBun! They believe it is “awesome so we hope you guys love it as much as we do!”