Jennifer Shows A Special Preview of The JuvaBun Ambassador Package - Demo

Jennifer with her beautiful hair extension pack

Jennifer Osgood is another beautiful JuvaBun ambassador who is absolutely in love with JuvaBun products. Jennifer has been a frequent JuvaBun customer and ambassador. She has purchased several JuvaBun products and is a strong advocate of the messy hair bun or the claw clip ponytail.

She’s very fond of how easy to use and convenient JuvaBun is for her. It’s literally done in three simple steps which include tying your hair in a bun, adding the JuvaBun messy hair bun or the ponytail whatever you prefer on top like a scrunchie, and pulling on a few pieces or strands of hair for the perfect yet effortless hairstyle. 

She Was Very Excited To See What’s Inside - Good Things Come in Small Packages 

Jennifer is very excited to share the JuvaBun ambassador program that includes an ambassador box, especially for all JuvaBun ambassadors. She unboxes and shows a preview of all the goodies in this bag which are game-changing once you get your hands on it. You won’t opt for any other hair extension brand and you won’t touch your hairstyling tools ever. It’s a quick and easy way to look like you spent hours in a salon to look this good. Let’s see what the box contains!

She’s in love with how carefully curated this JuvaBun ambassador box is and how every single thing in it and the box itself is stunning. She says “they really have put in attention to detail”. The box itself says made with life which is very true. JuvaBun curates its products to fit the needs of all its customers and each product is made with the utmost love and affection simply to please the customer and ensure that they love the product just as much as others do. 

The JuvaBun Ambassador Box 

The box itself is pink from the inside and has a small message for all JuvaBun ambassadors which says “it’s about you! Welcome to our JuvaBun ambassador program”. The box also contains a tripod which is very useful and convenient for taking all your pictures while you’re styling the JuvaBun products. Jennifer is very excited to use the tripod as it makes her life much easier and she can take gorgeous selfies and pictures in her stunning JuvaBun. 

The products come in plastic packaging which is resealable and keeps your products neatly separated. Jennifer adores this packaging because it keeps all her products safe and she can easily use whichever one she wants by taking it out of its packaging. This ensures that the product doesn’t get dirty and isn’t misplaced. 

Contents Inside The Box

juvabun ambassador box contents

1. 7 Inch Pony

This is one of  Jennifer’s favourite products from  JuvaBun. The ponytail is gorgeous and very soft when you touch it. It has a claw clip and all you have to do is put this clip on when you’re tying your ponytail. She points out how smooth and soft the product feels and how natural it looks despite being made from synthetic fibres. 

2. 12 Inch Pony

Yet another cult favourite, Jennifer especially likes this ponytail because it adds beautiful and voluminous curls to her hair. Her hair is naturally straight and she loves how the ponytail makes her hair look incredible. It makes her feel like a princess with her luscious locks and a long ponytail which she definitely is! 

The ponytail just has an alligator clip which can easily be clipped on and voila you have a beautiful long ponytail without any effort. It’s super easy as Jennifer says and it feels so good. Jennifer also loves how JuvaBun incorporates little sparkles in the box and how carefully all products are placed. It makes her feel extra special! 

3. Straight Bun

It's literally a scrunchie which you can easily put on top of your bun. It’s the perfect straight bun that goes on in seconds without putting too much effort. It’s a scrunchie that you put on top of your bun and it makes you look sophisticated and elegant. 

You can style the bun however you want to! You can tie a high bun or a low bun and wear it wherever. It doesn’t move and stays secure on your head. Jennifer assures you that JuvaBun makes sure all it’s products are secure and stay on tightly. 

4. Messy Bun

Jennifer says this bun is perfect for that messy hair look. It’s an I don’t care but still wanna look good kinda look. It’s perfect for those days you want to rock a messy bun but you have thin hair or you don’t have time. 

Just put this JuvaBun messy hair bun on and look fabulous within seconds! 

5. Braids

These braids are braided headbands which is another favorite of Jennifer. It’s adjustable and it’s perfect for any head size. Jennifer loves the adjustable strap because she can easily wear this braid without it popping off. These braids are perfect. If you want any variations you can wear the lighter ones in the summers for contrast. Jennifer stocks different colors because she frequently changes her hair color and she loves how well the JuvaBun products match her hair. 

Go get your hands on this box and for more information go to the website and go buy all these amazing products!!