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Vintage in the language of fashion is an element of the past that has been given new life in the present. In other words, when something popular and then forgotten becomes relevant again. Vintage style and women’s retro hairstyles are becoming the most popular and frequently used fashion shows today. Increasingly, world designers present new collections of accessories, footwear, and clothing of this extraordinary trend. However, along with wardrobe items, stylish hairstyles in vintage style have come into fashion today.

Although women’s retro hairstyles date back to the past century, they will never go out of style, from sexy soft waves to curls rolled on curlers and rollers. Celebrities love to look vintage when they parade on the red carpet. But even if you're not a screen star, you too can become a goddess of style if you agree to do a retro hairstyle. After all, such hairstyles look gorgeous on the hair of any type and color.

In this article, you will find out what vintage retro hairstyles can be made for different hair lengths, and you can choose the option that will highlight your facial features as much as possible. Vintage retro hairstyles look stylish and beautiful for any occasion.

Women retro hairstyles for long hair

You should use the services of a professional stylist to create women's retro hairstyles for long hair. But you can make many of these women hairstyles on your own. With modern styling tools, you can create a luxurious style with your own hands.

  • Vintage updo Babette. Babette is an original styling that decorates the occipital or parietal area of ​​the head with maximum fleece. Babette is designed as follows:
  1. Carefully comb your hair.
  2. With a horizontal parting, highlight the strands on the parietal zone of the head.
  3. Temporarily fix the strands on the back of the head with a hair clip. Will work with them a little later.
  4. Gently collect the strands in a tail and comb them well at the very roots.
  5. Lightly comb the hair that lies on top, trying not to break the previously created volume.
  6. Fasten the tail with an elastic band and move it in the direction of the forehead as if lifting and assembling it into a structure resembling an inverted bird's nest.
  7. The Babette obtained in this way is fixed in this position with the help of several pins and a strong fixation varnish.
  8. Let's go back to the hair on the back of the head. Comb them and, if desired, either straighten or curl.
  • Vintage hairstyle for long hair with a roller. A hair roll is sold at a beauty accessories store, or you can make one yourself from materials you can find at hand. The roller is an independent element, serves as an addition to the main structure on which the entire hairstyle is built. Instructions for creating vintage updos with a roller:
  1. Apply mousse to a large comb and carefully comb the hair with it.
  2. Then lift them to the top and grab them with a clip or elastic band.
  3. Starting from the very ends, wind the strands on the prepared artificial roller and, having laid them in the hair, carefully fix the roller with hairpins or hairpins.
  4. Give additional shine to the hair; spray with glitter on the resulting styling.
  5. Fix the styling with varnish.

Vintage hairstyle for medium hair

Vintage hairstyle for medium hair

Chicago style. A characteristic feature of the vintage Chicago hairstyle for medium hair is the open neck, its smooth and graceful curve. Therefore, a women’s hairstyle for medium hair in the style of Chicago for a gangster girl is performed with the hair raised up and with a slight curl, reminiscent of the waves of the sea.

It is better to create wet hair using the technique to make the styling look smooth and shiny.

Parting must be oblique. This small but effective detail will give the image uniqueness and charm.

Another feature of the classic vintage Chicago hairstyle is the lack of bangs. Even if a girl prefers to wear bangs in her everyday life, then to perform vintage updos, she is collected in a common wave, with all her hair together.

The scheme for performing a vintage Chicago hairstyle, step by step:

  1. Divide clean, dry hair into two equal parts.
  2. Apply a small amount of styling foam to the comb and comb the hair from roots to ends.
  3. Style wet hair in waves. Pay special attention to the peri-facial area. Fix the waves with ordinary clamps and do the styling; give the waves the desired position. Leave to dry.
  4. Remove the clamps and fix the resulting waves with a lacquer fixer.
  5. Complement the styling with a stylish hat or a beautiful accessory.

Vintage updos for short hair

All vintage hairstyles for short hair can be called both festive and casual. There is something in them that is both old-fashioned and modern at the same time, in a word, solid vintage. To keep the curl on short hair longer, you can fix it with a hairspray with a weak hold before curling. How to style short hair:

  1. The basis for the hairstyle is a uniform square along the entire length of the hair with bangs. First, you need to wash it with shampoo or other detergents to make the hair look lush.
  2. Turn wet hair gently with a towel and, lifting it with your fingers at the roots, dry it with a hairdryer without a nozzle.
  3. First, with your hands, and then with a comb, evenly apply mousse or styling foam to the still wet strands.
  4. Dry completely with a hairdryer, tilting your head down and at the same time combing your hair against its growth.
  5. Comb the dried hair, make a side parting and lightly comb it at the very roots.
  6. Curl the ends with forceps with a spiral of medium diameter.

Popular vintage hairstyles for girls

Popular vintage hairstyles for girls

Different hair lengths were popular in different eras. Therefore, women’s retro hairstyles are easy to choose for any haircut.

Short haircuts for women came into vogue as a way to protest, and girls loved them for their comfort and quick styling. Here are some popular vintage hairstyles for short hair:

  • Bouffant. Combing has been done at all times to add volume to the hair. A ponytail or roller was attached to short combed hair to create an evening hairstyle. Stock up on hairspray to replicate this hairstyle.
  • Twiggy. A short Twiggy haircut is slightly longer than a pixie cut and does not require many volumes. The step-by-step instructions are very simple: just comb your hair with side parting and style with gel to create a smooth effect.
  • Geometry. Geometric shapes and lines are characteristic features of retro haircuts. You can accentuate the geometry by styling short hair with a neat 30s-style retro wave.
  • Kare in the style of the 30s. For a square of that era, the characteristic features were length to the lobes of the ears and thick bangs. The ends on straight hair were curled inward.
  • Mallet. The original haircut was at its peak in the late 70s and early 80s and was a characteristic feature of rock musicians. Both women and men made Mallet. Short hair at the back of the head was combed, and long strands at the neck could be left straight or curled.

And here are some hairstyles that you can do for medium to long hair:

  • Vintage waves. There are two styles: cold and hot, to create a vintage wave hairstyle. Cold styling is done with special clips and is less traumatic for the hair. Hot idler: Hot tongs and styling products are needed to create curls.
  • Marilyn Monroe style. Curls in the style of the sex symbol of the last century do not go out of fashoin. This is an excellent option for evening styling on medium hair.
  • Pin-up style. Pin-up styling features high hairstyles with rollers for volume, curled bangs, and the use of accessories (headbands, bows).
  • High ponytail in retro style. Tall tails became popular in the disco era. The ponytail was attached at the top of the head; the bangs were combed back or laid on the side.
  • Large bouffant 70s style. The neat Babette has been transformed into a more straightforward and slightly sloppy bouffant. To create this 70s style, you need to comb through each strand with a small comb and gather all the hair into a low bun.

Vintage wedding hairstyles

Vintage wedding hairstyles

Vintage wedding hairstyles differ from the rest by the presence of attributes appropriate for this event. A neat veil, a small hat, large feathers in the hair are additional accessories for a vintage hairstyle for a wedding. Such styling is performed more carefully and in stages. In addition, you can add a little creativity to such a hairstyle, unique weaves, interesting curls, ornaments. A bride with a vintage updo is beautiful, extraordinary, and of course, insanely fashionable. It's not even surprising when a young bride chooses styling in this fashionable style after a long and persistent search. Vintage can create a unique image of the delicate, forgotten charm of antiquity.

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