Hairstyles From The 80s And 90s

The bright time of the 80s and 90s is remembered by many for fashion, the desire to drink Coca-Cola, and wear jeans. In terms of hairstyle fashion, everything was quite ambiguous.

To copy models’ large curls and lush hairstyle, girls and women badly ruined their hair with perms. High tails, daring flecks complemented the same bright makeup. Modest girls tried to imitate the liberated stars.

The fashion of 1990 hair was unique and unrepeatable. However, the styling and hairstyles of that time today again return to our lives. At first, they were shown by models on the catwalks, and today they can often be seen on ordinary streets. What hairstyles should be remembered and recreated on yourself, and which should be wholly forgotten about existence?

dancing woman in 90s outfit

Basic Principles of Hairstyle In 80s and 90s

The fashionista of that time is a girl with lush curls of a rich tone, lipstick with glitter on her lips, the same shiny shadows on the eyelids, cheekbones emphasized with a bright blush.

A short dress is necessarily decorated with numerous sequins. If a girl is wearing leggings, then they are necessarily bright, complemented, as a rule, by a torn sexy T-shirt, which was also worn with shorts, and shoes with high heels were necessarily decorated with rhinestones.

  • One of the tenets of 90s makeup is minimalism - This manifests itself in natural makeup and a preference for matte shades. For powder with blush, natural peach, and pink tones, for lipstick, nude, terracotta, and brown tones, for the lip contour, a darker color.
  • Choosing a grunge style - It is guessed by the torn women's haircuts, by the unusual tone of curls, by the way, the eyes are thickly drawn, by the false eyelashes, and by lipstick in saturated tones of dark brown, cherry, and even purple.
  • Electrician - This means a matte texture in shadows, foundations, and lipsticks, in the naturalness of the eyebrows, in the blush-accentuated relief of the cheekbones, and in the juiciness of lips with natural shades.

If you were invited to a disco in the style of the 90s, with incendiary rhythmic pop music, with huge hanging balls that shine and spin near the ceiling, with breakdance and crazy rock and roll, then you need to properly prepare for this evening to make you look the part.

Women with 80s retro hairstyles

Women Retro Hairstyles 80s

Many people perceive the style of these years as ridiculous, even funny in places. That period was characterized by a rebellious spirit, a craving for everything overly bright and expressive. It is worth remembering the huge shoulder pads that make the silhouette of a woman disproportionate. Women retro hairstyles from the 80s show general style trends:

  • Unnatural, very bright hair color.
  • Aggressive highlighting with thick, expressive blonde strands.
  • Perm.
  • Typical bob haircuts with straight bangs, torn cascading, haircut based on a cascade.
  • For a modern girl, completely copying the style of the 80s would be too extravagant. But some of the hairstyle elements can be repeated for a short change of image or a theme party.

Looking at the hairstyles of the 80s, in the photo, women's experiments with style show that some of them can be done independently:

Similar to a Perm

You'll need a good curling iron with varnish or foam to do this hairstyle.

This hairstyle is made for medium length hair:

  • With a conical curling iron or any other small diameter, create curls by winding the hair from roots to ends.
  • Disassemble the twisted strands with your hands into smaller ones.
  • Fix the hairstyle with varnish or foam (for a wet effect) along the length and roots to fix the volume.

Women Retro Hairstyles with Harness Wrapping

  • Comb your hair after washing, dry slightly.
  • Alternately twist each strand in one direction until a bundle is formed.
  • Twist, fix with an elastic band so that it does not unwind.
  • To dry, they go to bed with twisted strands.
  • In the morning, unwind, straighten with your fingers, fix with varnish.

Hairstyle Tousled Ponytail

Among the rebellious teenagers of the 80s, a ponytail tied high at the crown or side was popular.

  • With the help of a tight elastic band, a high ponytail is made at the crown or side.
  • Fleece is made along the entire length.
  • Fix with varnish; you can highlight individual strands with colored mascara for hair.

Women Retro Hairstyle High Fleece

It can be done for hairstyles with loose hair or combined with a ponytail. Thin hair is easier to comb than coarse and thick hair.

  • Hair should be clean and dry.
  • Spray hair with a brushing spray. This will smooth out the scales and protect them from injury.
  • A strand is combed with a separate comb, and a comb is made along the length or towards the roots with a special comb with rare teeth.
  • Combed hair should be inside, with straight hair masked on top.
  • Fix the hairstyle with hairspray.
  • You cannot comb your hair dry after combing. Disassemble the fleece after shampooing, during which it is imperative to use an emollient balm.

It is appropriate to decorate any hairstyle of the 80s with bright accessories, hair bands, ribbons.

Women with retro 90s hairstyle and glasses

Women Retro Hairstyles 90s

General trends in different years:

  • The beginning of the 90s is the continuation of the bright experiments of the 80s.
  • The middle is torn haircuts and hairstyles in a bad head; sometimes, individual strands were dyed in neon colors.
  • Late 90s fashion for straight hair, rejection of perm.

90s hairstyles have changed over the decade. A massive fashion for highlighting came, which gradually began to be made not so aggressive and bright.

A modern girl can take some trends of the 90s. It is easy to make many of the women’s retro hairstyles from that period yourself.

Lush Perm

  • Wind hair on a curling iron forms small strands.
  • Spread them out with your fingers, add volume with hair foam.
  • If desired, for additional volume, you can make a fleece before winding.
  • If you have a bang, twist it on a curling iron.
  • Fixing the finished styling with varnish.

Cylindrical Bangs

Now it looks a little ridiculous, but you can repeat it for a photoshoot or a retro party.

  • Apply foam to the bangs, dry with a hairdryer, winding on a small or medium diameter brush-brush.
  • When the hair takes the shape of a comb, sprinkle with varnish.
  • Dry again with a brush, sprinkle with varnish.

The main thing is not to overdo it because the hair may look stuck together.

woman with Cylindrical bangs shouting

Highlighting Individual Strands with Bright Colors, Hair Coloring

The 1990 hairstyle in the photo shows a fascination with bright colors. Often, individual strands were isolated with blue or pink mascara, and the hair was colored in shades of red. You can repeat these experiments using modern colored hair crayons.

Considering the hairstyles of the 90s, female representatives of humanity never cease to be amazed. Many can be said about 25 years later that these are unsuccessful beauty experiments.

Modern stylists are against torn haircuts, bright highlighting without color transition, perming hair. The style of the 80s and 90s, clothes, and hairstyles were very extravagant; it is appropriate to repeat them for themed parties, a bright photo shoot, or any other occasion where you want reincarnation.

How to Compose the Image and Hair From 1990 Correctly?

There will be nothing complicated in this process. It should only be borne in mind that the image is determined not only by makeup; it is unlikely that anyone will understand that you are in the image of a girl of the 90s if you do not try to dress in the same spirit and take care of the hairstyle of those years.

The makeup of the 90s does not require any additional accessories and tools, except, perhaps, lipstick; its tone is desirable to be rich orange or cherry.

Before doing makeup, the face should be cleansed and moisturized. For make-up in the 90s, it was not necessary to have some particularly tanned skin or, on the contrary, with aristocratic whiteness. A corrective agent must be applied to problem areas of the skin, disguising them in this way.

Only you should not use such modern means as a bronzer or a highlighter; this is, of course, beauty, but artificial, whereas in the 90s, everything natural was more welcomed. For more retro yet fashionable tips, go visit JuvaBun!

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