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Retro style is one of the most popular in hairdressing. It involves conducting experiments. Fashionable women’s retro hairstyles are created for short, medium, and long hair. It is enough to make a retro hairstyle feel like a heroine of a black and white movie or a girl from the 60s. Whether you're planning a party or avant-garde photoshoot, wedding, or prom, you can create your vintage styling in just five minutes. Styling can be complemented with bangs. They are great for both girls and women. A separate place is occupied by wedding hairstyles, which can be with bangs. They can be made at home if you familiarize yourself with the principles of style. In the image, everything should be combined with makeup, clothes, shoes, accessories.

You can make a retro hairstyle that will highlight your benefits always to look fashionable and stylish. Complete your hairstyle with jewelry and hair accessories for a variety of stylish looks. The best addition to your hairstyle will be properly selected clothes that can favorably highlight the features of your figure and facial features.

In this article, you will find out which hairstyles are suitable for different hair lengths.

principles of hairstyle

Vintage hairstyles for short hair

Short hair is an excellent base for experiments in the style of the 20s and 30s. During these years boyish haircuts came into vogue.

  • Vintage short hairstyles with headband. It can be minimalistic or decorated with rhinestones; the main rule is the shorter the hair, the narrower the strip. In the 1930s, bands were worn over the hair. In the 60s, wide ribbons came into vogue, which was placed under the hair.
  1. Wash your hair and towel dry.
  2. Apply styling mousse to the curls and blow-dry, lifting the strands at the roots.
  3. Comb your hair gently, forming a straight or side parting, and place a bandage over it without pulling the strands too tightly. If you want a 60s look, place a ribbon under your hair.
  4. If you wear bangs, place the bandage over the top and under the hair.
  5. Pull your hair slightly at the roots above the headband.
  6. Secure the result with pins and varnish.
  • Bouffant. Lush bouffant is a characteristic feature of women’s retro hairstyles. The easiest way to create volume on short hair is to comb the hair at the crown of the head and make a high ponytail by winding it tightly and creating a kind of flower from the hair. Two conditions for good fleece are an excellent comb with fine teeth and slightly rough hair; you can use a spray powder to create this effect. To keep the styling as long as possible, you can first apply the mousse to wet hair.
  1. Comb through your hair and apply a dry styling product such as styling powder.
  2. Separate a small strand at the front of your head and gently comb it with a fine-toothed comb from the roots.
  3. Fix the combed strand in a mini-ponytail, securing it with a silicone rubber band, and wrap the rest of the curls tightly on the curlers.
  4. Having removed the curlers without combing, connect the curled curls with a combed mini-ponytail into a high ponytail at the crown.
  5. Spread the curls to form a flower. Use invisibility if necessary.
  6. Secure the result with varnish.
  • Vintage short hairstyle Twiggy. The name of this hairstyle refers to the name of the legendary model of the 60s, who wore a very short unisex haircut with an even side parting. Unlike the modern pixie, the twiggy emphasizes the perfect smoothness of the strands. You can achieve this effect with the help of styling gel and jelly.
  • Geometry. Sharp shape and geometry are the hallmarks of women’s retro hairstyles. You can highlight the retro shape by creating waves on short hair. The fastest way to lay with your finger. If using your fingers is inconvenient, use long clamps.
  1. Comb your hair and part with a side parting.
  2. On the side with more hair, apply mousse or foam to fix it.
  3. Separate a small strand and place your left index finger a short distance from the root on top of it.
  4. Step back a little more from your finger and place the comb in this place with the teeth towards the head. Move the prongs slightly towards the roots to form a wave.
  5. Place the middle finger in the place of the index finger and the index in the place of the comb. Move the comb down a little.
  6. Without moving your middle finger, place your index finger over the comb again. Evaluate the result between the fingers should form two ridges.
  7. Secure with varnish.
  8. Repeat the algorithm for the second part of the head.
  • Kare in the style of the 30s. A bob with bangs is perhaps the most popular bow of the 30s. At the same time, hair can be either perfectly straight or laid in light waves. To accentuate the vintage look, ask your hairdresser to cut the bob no longer than the earlobes.

Retro hairstyles for medium hair

Retro hairstyles for medium hair

Medium hair came into vogue in the 50s and 60s with the filing of American and French actresses. The average length easily explains the reason for the popularity - it is comfortable but at the same time more feminine than ultra-short unisex haircuts.

  • Cold waves on medium hair. The least time-consuming way to create waves in medium-length hair with cold curlers. The main advantage of this styling is the absence of trauma to the hair. The secret of success is strands that are cut equally along the entire length. At the same time, a cascade haircut is not the best basis for Hollywood curls.
  1. Comb your hair, part it with a side part, and separate a small section.
  2. Apply styling mousse to it using a fine-toothed comb.
  3. Screw it onto curlers (for example, a plastic spiral or Velcro curlers).
  4. Continue to the next strand, repeating the procedure.
  5. After finishing all hair, leave the curlers on for 4-6 hours.
  6. Carefully remove the fixtures, comb through the strands and varnish the styling.

Cold waves are one of the most popular women’s retro hairstyles. A cold wave is always flat, not fluffy, but it can be performed both in a cold and hot way: the first is less traumatic for the hair but requires experience, the second is more accessible to beginners. In the hot method, the hair is treated with mousse, wrapped with tongs, and combed properly so that no curls are formed. In the end, the hairstyle is carefully varnished. The cold method requires gel and retainer clips. When using curlers, you need to ensure that the curls do not turn out to be too lush.

  • Marilyn Monroe style. Monroe's curls are associated not only with the cult actress of the 60s but also with one hundred percent femininity.
  1. Comb through your hair with styling mousse.
  2. Highlight the side parting.
  3. Wrap the front facial strand on the curling iron towards the face.
  4. Form a ring from a curl, fixing it with pins.
  5. Repeat the algorithm for other strands.
  6. After the hair has cooled, remove the bobby pins.
  7. Comb through each curl individually with a fine-toothed comb.
  8. Spread the styling with your hands, secure with varnish.
  • Pin-up hairstyle. A hairstyle like on vintage calendars with the participation of Betty Page looks very stylish and is performed elementary.
  1. Comb your hair and part it in a side part.
  2. Wrap the strands from the part with a smaller volume and the hair at the back of the head with a curling iron.
  3. Separate a 4 cm wide strand on the side of the face and wind it on the handle of the comb for an incomplete turn, directing it upward, away from the face.
  4. Fix the resulting curl with pins.
  5. Wind the curls that remained untreated with a curling iron.
  6. Varnish the styling.

Vintage hairstyles for long hair

Vintage hairstyles for long hair

Long hair is the perfect base for creating the most sophisticated and spectacular retro hairstyles, from classic Babette to spectacular voluminous bouffants.

  • Vintage hairstyle for long hair Babette. In the 60s, Babette, creating a beautiful volume on the top of the head, knew how to do absolutely everything. And this skill will be extremely useful these days.
  1. Comb the hair and separate a third of the hair in the front, pin it.
  2. Gather the back of your hair into a high ponytail and gently comb it using a fine-toothed comb.
  3. Roll the tail into a roller and secure the structure.
  4. Loosen the front hair, comb it and cover the roller with it.
  5. Secure the styling with pins  and fix it with varnish.
  6. Decorate the Babette with a headband, or brightly colored ribbon.
  • High ponytail in retro style. By adding volume to the usual ponytail, you can get spectacular retro styling.
  1. Comb through your hair and apply a styling product.
  2. Divide the strands horizontally into two unequal pieces.
  3. Collect the back, more voluminous, in a high ponytail and wind it on curlers.
  4. Twist the front hair on a curling iron, forming soft curls, and carefully tuck it back, tucking the ends under the elastic of the tail and creating volume in the front.
  5. Decorate the elastic with ribbon.
  6. Please fix the style with hair spray.
  • 70s vintage hairstyle for long hair bouffant. Bulky bouffant not only looks very impressive but also visually lengthens the neck. Hair is combed along the entire length in a row from the roots, then collected in a lush bun at the crown or in the tail. You can add a ribbon or headband as an accessory. An alternative to a large pile is also popular in the 70s, African curls. Small curls can be created using a perm, or it is easier and safer to braid many small wet braids at night.
  • Chicago style. Chicago in the 1920s and 1930s is the time of bootleggers, mafia, jazz, and chic hairstyles. In general terms, the Chicago style is a side parting, waves or curls, an open neck, and accessories. The most characteristic styling of that time for long hair is done very simply; the strands are curled in front and laid in curls, the back ones are gathered in a bun, and an elegant rim or veil is put on top. Do not forget to fix it with nail polish so that the hairstyle lasts as long as possible.

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