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Braiding hair is in vogue again! Hair braiding is a way of creating hairstyles that women have used since ancient times. A variety of weaving techniques that have been used in different cultures are today "intertwined" and combined so that any girl can find in them not one, but several weaving variations that suit her. Television, the Internet, and fashion shows of prestigious fashion houses tell us about the relevance of beautiful hair weaving. One has to look closely and see how many women with original hairstyles with weaving elements around you. At the peak of popularity, today are the following beautiful braided hairstyles: French braids, Greek and fishtail braids "Fishtail" Spikelet and its variations, different types of "snake"  braids allow you to create beautiful everyday and festive hairstyles.

Hairstyles for women with braiding are perfect for any occasion. For a wedding or other gala evening, a diagonal French braid diagonal, a half-crown of braids, Greek hairstyles with braids, a Dutch braid or circular braid, a flower of braids will be an ideal complement to the image. Bright accessories will add solemnity and splendor to the hairstyle. For shopping, work, or study, you can do a simple three-strand braid, a high braided tail,  French braid, fishtail, or circular braid.

Dutch braid

TOP-5 looks with braiding hair for women

Romantic. The romantic look is emphasized by slightly casual hairstyles with flowers. An ideal option for this look with braiding on your hair is any loose braid with natural or artificial flowers or ribbons. The braid can be side, straight, or part of a hairstyle, such as a bun. The French braid looks very feminine and gentle, which frames the forehead and "leaves" in the same careless bun on the back of the head. It is best to combine this hairstyle with a dress.

Daily. Hairstyles with braiding hair for every day is a topic that is popular not only for girls of school age. A beautiful French braid or a three-strand classic, a Malvinka with braids or strands braided into rings - hairstyles to which all ages are "obedient". With hair tied up in a braid, you can walk anywhere, so many girls master the braiding technique on their own, making themselves a side rim from a braid, a tail or bun with a braid, braiding it both on the top of the head and on the back of the head, pinning it with an elastic band. Braids go well with loose hair, allowing you to pull your hair, taking it away from your face, and at the same time leave it loose.

Elegant. The basis of an elegant look is a braid with classic braiding hair. Classics can be called French, three-strand braid, as well as "fishtail", Greek weaving. These are the weaving options that a girl can use when creating her own hairstyle. They can be braided straight, on one side, in a circle, combined with a bun or loose hair. An elegant look does not tolerate disheveledness, but at the same time, braids should not be too tight for it. If you leave your hair loose, it is advisable to curl it with an iron or curling iron, using styling products. More complex weaving options for creating an elegant look are best left in the hands of a professional. These hairstyles are perfect for a special occasion. If you wish, you can leave a few strands.

Volume. Creating voluminous hairstyles for women is an excellent choice for girls with a square or rectangular face shape. It visually lengthens the face, distracts attention from wide cheekbones and large facial features. To create such a hairstyle, you need to comb your hair at the roots, and braid it into a loose braid, fixing the hairstyle with styling products. A voluminous braid is suitable for an evening look. It can also be worn to work,  university, a date, a trip, or a rest in a nightclub. To create a voluminous look, you can use a weaving method that you like or are good at yourself.

Strict. Weaving braids is a great hairstyle option for women for office work. A strict weave image implies a smooth, moderately tight braid, from which hairs and strands do not knock out. There are many variations on how to braid such a braid, it can be straight, side, braided in a circle in the form of a wreath. A great option for a strict look is Kate Middleton’s hairstyle. Carelessness and disheveledness, which today is the main trend in creating women's hairstyles, is inappropriate in creating a strict business image. If desired, a strict hairstyle can be diversified with a beautiful hair clip, not too bright and not voluminous. It is important that it is in harmony with a business suit, blouse, or dress.

Simple hairstyles for women for everyday

Simple hairstyles for women for everyday

As an everyday option, braids, and hairstyles based on it have a number of advantages: they look feminine, hold well throughout the day and go with almost any clothing.

  1. Bulky braid with elastic bands

To create voluminous weaving, neither experience nor lush hair is needed: only a few thin elastic bands in hair color and ten minutes of free time!

Step-by-step instruction:

  • Comb through your hair and add volume and hold the curls.
  • Tie the ponytail at the top of your head.
  • Separate a small strand and wrap the base of the tail with it, pinning the tip with a pin.
  • Grab two small strands at the edges of the braid, join them together and tie with a thin silicone rubber band that matches the shade of your hair.
  • Separate two more strands along the edges of the braid just below the elastic and connect as well.
  • Finish the braid, leaving a tiny tip.
  • Pull the finished braid lightly at the edges to add volume.
  • Please fix the style with hair spray.
  1. Spink

This classic braiding hair can be made tight and loose, decorated with fancy hairpins or a headband, or even twisted into a bun. It is one of the perfect hairstyles for women every day.

And here's how to do it:

  • Comb with a massage brush, after applying a little styling product to it.
  • Separate the bulky strand in the parietal zone, divide it into three small ones and weave them together according to the scheme of the classic three-part braid.
  • Grab the side strands, and release the middle one for now.
  • Join a small amount of hair from the left side of your head to the left side strand, repeat for the right side.
  • Cross the side sections of your hair with a medium strand in a classic braid pattern.
  • To the base of the neck, braid in the same way - gradually adding hair to the outer side strands.
  • Finish with a classic braid.
  • Tie the end with an elastic band.
  • Slightly loosen the weave by pulling the strand to the sides from the sides, and fix the result with varnish.
  1. Braid

The version of weaving with a hidden tip has two important advantages at once: firstly, it is very neat (after all, the tip of the braid is hidden inside), and secondly, due to the fact that the braid is folded in half, the illusion of thick hair is created. Cosmopolitan advise to wear bows with braids this season to create amazing effect. 

Step-by-step instructions for creating one of the simplest hairstyles for women:

  • Comb through your hair and apply styling mousse (for airy volume) or gel (for a smooth, tight braid).
  • Divide your hair into three sections and create a classic three-section braid.
  • Secure the tip with a thin silicone rubber band.
  • Fold the resulting braid in half, wrapping it from the back of the head to the crown, fixing it with a pin, and hiding the tip inside the hairstyle.
  1. Four strands braid


  • Comb your hair thoroughly. You can tie curls in a ponytail where you want.
  • Divide your hair into four equal strands: first into two, and after each of them into two more.
  • Take the first strand and bring it under the second and third.
  • Then take the fourth strand and transfer it to the third and then under the second.
  • Repeat at first: the first - under the second and on the third. Then the fourth - on the third and under the second.
  • Finish braiding to the ends and secure with an elastic to match your hair.
  • Done! The braids can be straightened a little and sprinkled with varnish of the medium or stronghold to add volume to the locks.
  1. High bun with braiding hair
High bun with braiding hair

Openwork weaving diversifies the classic styling, making it more original.

Step-by-step instructions for weaving:

  • Lower your head and comb your hair down.
  • Keeping your head upturned, braid a tight spikelet from neck to crown.
  • Pull your hair together with a braid in a high ponytail.
  • Comb the ponytail and curl your hair into a voluminous bun.
  • Secure the bunch with hairpins and fixative varnish.

Choose your favorite variant and try to do it now!

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