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Messy bun hairstyle in any of its variations is the hottest trend thanks to its versatility and womanliness. The tendency on dishevelment, ease, and carelessness allows creating it on the hair of different lengths and for various life situations. In particular, in hot summer weather, the fashionable messy bun hair piece is a perfect choice for home, office, parties, daily walks, or shopping. It is interesting to note that many actresses, models, singers, and other celebrities are raving about this hairstyle. They prefer a messy bun in a set of its options - evening buns, fashionable high buns, buns with braids, etc.

There is an unsound opinion that the trendy bun hairstyle is suitable only for long strands. However, it looks no less charming and cute on short hair. Owners of short haircuts can choose a messy bun both for daily carrying and a festive image. Moreover, it is suitable for women of any age. Depending on the appearance, it is possible to create messy buns in different styles. You should have no difficulty making it on your short strands: the main thing is to carve out a little time and evince patience.

Messy bun: is it noteworthy?

  • The hairstyle can be created on hair of any length: long, medium, and short. In addition, it does not matter how thick and manageable your hair is.
  • It is a universal solution for every girl. It looks stylish and appropriate at work, at home, on a romantic evening, and in other events.

Messy bun fits almost everyone. It emphasizes gentle neck curves, and the delicate features of the face, adding more womanliness and lightness. 

TOP-4 messy bun hair pieces for short hair

How to do it fast and nattily? There are a large number of ways, thanks to which you can understand how to make a messy bun for short hair. You can choose the most suitable way for yourself. In addition, the creation of such hairstyles is feasible even for beginners. You do not have to use a great many items. Pay attention to our TOP-4 selection of stylish bun for short hair.

Classic messy bun 

Short strands are the easiest to grab on the back of the head. An option with this location is suitable for all types of appearance. You can make the bun for short hair independently, but if you want a festive hairstyle, it is recommended to address the experienced hairstylist. To maximally grab your hair in a bun, you need a comb, hair ties, hairpins, and styling items such as hair-styling mousse or spray. It is permissible to use imitation jewelry and other decorations optionally. 

Make a classic bun for short hair according to the following scheme:

  • Wash your hair, apply a little styling mousse on wet strands. It is not recommended to use strong fixation items.
  • Dry your hair with a hairdryer. Using a round brush, create an additional volume if your hair is thin. 
  • Grab prepared strands in the ponytail. Bun location level should be defined in advance. Use a hair tie for fixation. 
  • Wrap tail strands around the base, completing fixation. You can also pre-divide the total mass into several parts and twist strands into the straps.
  • Secure your messy bun with hairpins and slightly fix with a hair spray.


French messy bun

Fully grabbed hair is the great option if you do not have the opportunity to correct your hairstyle during the day. For this reason, we recommend paying attention to the hairstyle with the elegant French messy bun name. So that such a practical hairstyle for short hair turned out perfect, follow the algorithm below:

  • Divide your hair into three parts.
  • Backcomb the back of the strands with a thin comb.
  • Pick up the bulk of the hair and twist them; hide the free tip inside. Fix formed bun with hairpins.
  • Hair remaining on the sides, twist similarly, connecting it with the basic bun. 
  • Use hairpins to secure the hairstyle.

High messy bun

One of the most simple variations for short hair is a bun on the top. A more accurate location depends on your face shape and hair type. If you want to open your neck and emphasize the cheekbones - choose a high or medium height bun.

  • Start with a high ponytail.
  • Twist hair in the strap and wrap it around the base of the ponytail.
  • Secure it using the hairpins or slides suitable for your hair color.


Half-up messy bun

Half-up messy bun

To make this hairstyle on a short hair length, you can use different interesting techniques. For example, grab the top strands and twist them into a bun. If you want to make your hairstyle more feminine and elegant, you should take a little more hair for a bundle so that the ears are open.

  1. Grab the top and side hair into high, but at the same time a thin ponytail, and fix it with a hair tie.
  2. Muss up your hair on the top by means of fingers to make your hairstyle more voluminous.
  3. Backcomb your hair.
  4. Wrap the ponytail around its base.
  5. Secure strands with hairpins.

Stylists‘ tips on making messy bun

How to make your bun maximally great? For your hairstyle to look stunning, consider the advice of professionals as below.


  • A messy bun should not consist of all the strands. Separate them so they can gently fall on your face.
  • It perfectly combines with bangs. Bangs can be straight, oblique, and even asymmetric with graded ends.
  • Go easy on styling items. Styling sprays, gels, and foams noticeably increase the weight of the hair and deprive the hairstyle of naturalness.
  • Do not moisturize your hair overmuch before creating a messy bun. Otherwise, it will stick to the palms and spoil the desired styling.
  • Do not make a too-tight ponytail. It damages the hair structure and leads to dullness and weakness.
  • To create the volume bun, you can use a chignon from natural or artificial hair.


At present, you can enjoy an easy and attractive hairstyle. You can also give a little zest to your short hair bun. Do not be afraid of adding accessories such as hair slides and trendy bands, if it fits your whole image.


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