Different Styles Of Ponytails. How To Give A Tail A Second Life?

Different styles of ponytails will be one of the most requested, especially if you select a low ponytail at the neck level. However, you probably want to turn a classic tail into something special. Find out how you can breathe a second life into your hairdo.

The straight ponytail has always been timeless; it allows you to create a simple and stylish hairdo. Indeed, what could be easier than making a tail. However, this particular feature can sometimes give the impression that this hairstyle lacks elegance.

The ponytail is the perfect hairdo for every day because it is so easy to do.

If you have short chevelure, then you can use hair extensions to create hairdos. Owners of long chevelure should somehow give originality to their hairstyle.

Bubble Ponytail

The ponytail hairdo can come in countless varieties. The tail can adapt to your mood and give you various styles.

The retro bubble ponytail is suitable for a very feminine hairdo with a clear structure. This hairstyle was popular in the 50s in pin-up style, especially on blonde chevelure and with sided bangs. The retro style has returned, and the beauty and charm of this hairdo never cease to amaze and seduce.

How to make a bubble ponytail

How To Make a Bubble Ponytail?

It all starts by creating a custom tail. Do a side part and a low tail to create a 50s hairdo. Pull one strand before fixing your chevelure with an elastic. Then start working on the ends using a large diameter curling iron. Curl your hair dry. Roll the entire length of the strand onto the iron. Leave the strand for a few moments, then loosen it and let it cool. Spray varnish on the tail to fix the result.

Let one strand fall freely over your face after curling it. The chevelure roots should be combed to add volume. To do this, shape your hair with a round massage comb, hairdryer, and hairspray.

High Ponytail with Curled Strands on The Bottom

Following a half-ponytail or side tail, the high tail celebrates its solemn return to fashion catwalks. This original hairdo allows you to reveal the face, highlighting its beauty fully.

This hairdo is very easy to wear because it suits any occasion. The hairstyle will perfectly emphasize the original makeup, charcoal look, and lips with bright lipstick. Complement the hairdo with chic, feminine outfits following the fashion shows for even more glamour.

How to make a high ponytail

How To Make a High Ponytail with Curled Strands?

Clean your chevelure to give your hair extra strength and gloss. Dry your head thoroughly, then gather the strands up and make a ponytail. You should crimp the strands with a curling iron. Finish with a small amount of varnish for maximum hold. 

Moreover, you can always add volume to any hairdo with chevelure extensions. Faux hair is easy to hide when styling a tail, so it is perfect for any occasion.

Straight Hair Ponytail in Neo Style

A straight hair ponytail is a great option if you want to open up your face and fix your chevelure. 

This summer, the main trends will be two images, bohemian and austere neo-style. For a bohemian look, you should make a tail with a combination of styled and tousled chevelure. For a strict style, the hairdo should be such that not a single hair gets out of the general mass. A straight hair ponytail is perfect for business meetings.

The hairdo is perfect for girls looking for a practical tail, which is also easy to do independently. A straight ponytail in neo style is the best choice for fusionists who value their time.

How to make a straight ponytail

How To Make a Straight Ponytail in Neo Style?

Wash your chevelure and comb your hair well. Draw a low side parting on the side of your choice. Then make a low tail at the neck level. A regular rubber band will be enough for you. Place your tail over your shoulder on the opposite side of the parting. Use a fixing spray to finish. If you want to add volume to this hairdo, add a few strands of chevelure extensions.

Ponytail without elastic

Ponytail Without Elastic

Perfectly combed strands slightly curled at the ends for a perfect hairdo. You can do without the usual rubber band to add originality. Secure your chevelure with a separate section. Draw a centre part to create a hairdo. Then use a heat protectant before using the iron to create flexible curls. Make a low half-ponytail out of the entire chevelure volume. Use a thin elastic band, making sure that it does not squeeze the strands too much to keep your hairdo lasting. Select one strand to hide the elastic with it. This strand can be fixed with small invisibility. Spray the hairspray all over your chevelure to complete your hairdo.

The hairstyle is perfect for a fashion party and a wedding celebration. You should have long chevelure or at least medium length hair for perfect results. But if you have short hair, then before you start doing your hairdo, fix the hair extensions under the top strands. This is a great way to change your image and make an original style.

Dishevelled Tail

Do you want to highlight the beauty of your long chevelure with a trendy freestyle hairdo? Discover the trending version of the tail hairstyle. This hairdo allows you to get maximum volume and create a combination of styled and loose chevelure.

Select an original style that will allow you to create a harmonious look combined with a casual hairstyle. This is a great way to highlight your look with eyeliner or use your favorite lipstick shade when it comes to makeup. You should select sophisticated, chic, loose-fitting clothing from the outfits to be a symbol of elegance.

how to make the dishevelled tail

How To Make a Dishevelled Tail?

Work with clean, dry, and detangled hair. Brush the roots of the hair at the front of the head. You can also use powder to tone up your chevelure. Tie back your hair at neck level, then create a loose ponytail. Let the strands fall over the bust; add just a little nail polish to complete the styling. Moreover, you can wear an over-the-ponytail with grown-up hair to add volume to the entire hairstyle.

Side Tail

The combination of a side ponytail and crisp curls is the hottest trend this summer. All the attention of others is focused on a cascade of curls thanks to this hairdo. Hair falls on the face and creates a glamorous and original look.

The different styles of ponytails on the side are perfect for a woman with wavy chevelure who wants to highlight their original and modern style. It is impossible to go unnoticed with this styling. Select a hairstyle to create any look, complement it in the evening with a little black dress. 

how to make side tail

How To Make a Side Tail?

Wash your chevelure first. Your goal is to make your hair even more attractive and give it maximum bounce. Use a curling mousse, then blow dry with a blow-dryer to add volume. Style your chevelure at the crown and make a ponytail. Let the strands fall over one shoulder. Be sure to fix the result with varnish.

Varnished Tail

Very often, you realize that today is not the best day for your hair. Dull, oily chevelure without volume is a very common problem.

A varnished tail hairdo can be a great solution for you. Don't have time to wash your hair? Or the right styling? Just pull your chevelure into a tail. Moreover, all attention will be directed to your face, and not to your chevelure. Use a fake ponytail to mask dirty hair and add volume.

This is a very fashionable hairdo that can make facial features more expressive.

The way to tone and volume your chevelure without washing your hair is to use dry shampoo or a fake ponytail. They are truly your best allies.

Ponytail hairstyles

Is It Harmful to Do Different Styles of Ponytails?

Ponytail hairstyles are by far the most popular.

If you fix your chevelure correctly, then nothing threatens it. Healthy hair is pretty strong, so it can't get damaged by hair modelling. It also depends on the accessories you are using — select rubber bands without metal inserts. Also, avoid using chevelure accessories that are too thin or stiff.

You can do any hairdo without any problems. At the same time, hairdos will help you keep your chevelure healthy and in perfect condition. This is especially true of the straight ponytail, which perfectly protects the chevelure from external aggression. This hairdo allows you to maintain the perfect condition of the ends of the strands.

When you fix your chevelure, you don't need any special hair care. Continue to care for your chevelure as before. Use a strand modelling tool to help you form your chevelure more easily. 

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