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how to do a waterfall braid

We bet someday you have been through hairstyles tutorials or magazines, were so inspired but close it all and never tried to repeat those hairstyles. It is understandable, and we also have been there to be in your shoes. But there is one crucial moment you need to understand and remember - there are no complicated hairstyles because they only mix those simple techniques that are just connected into one. And if you want to learn how to do all those difficult hairstyles, you need to know all those basic techniques first. Remember, big things have small beginnings. It is so if we talk about braid mastery.

Today will be the beginning of your mastery. We will show you how to do a braid waterfall or, as some would say, water braid. We warn you that water braid may seem a little tangled at first, but you will fall in love with creating it by yourself if you practice some more with it. Once you have got the basic technique of braid waterfall, you will perform any other variation of this hairstyle, and there are many of them.

Prepare your brain and eyes for an exciting journey on the best braid waterfall technique and be ready to become a master of you do after practicing it dozens of times, if not more. We do not guarantee an entirely made water braid, but we assure it will be the beginning of something bigger than just another hairstyles tutorial.

Prepare Your Locks

Every time you are going to do something with your hair, prepare it entirely at first. Shampoo your beautiful locks and apply a little conditioner; it will soften your hair and keep it frizz-free. The mix of a good shampoo and conditioner provides your hair with long-lasting humidity.

Brush your hair for a waterfall braid


Did you know that brushing your hair, actually the most crucial part of braiding waterfall? When brushing your locks, you need to straighten out all tangles and knots that are frequent companions of long hair. Brush your hair gently and carefully to ensure all tangles are straightened out. Then you need to part your hair as usual. This style can be done with a side or middle part; that’s why it is fully up to you.

Let The Braid Begin

Practice, patience, and time are your three crucial elements in the waterfall braid. So, for the beginning, take a section of your hair at the front of your head about 2 inches wide. This part will be the anchor of your water braid. Split this section into three pieces of equal size and braid your hair as usual by placing the right strand over the middle strand and then the left strand over the new central strand.

Braid A Little More

Now when you have anchored your water braid, it is an excellent time to start weaving our braid. Add a little more hair to the right strand and shift it over the middle one. Next, drop this left strand and take a new part of the hair to replace it. This is what will create a waterfall effect. Then you need to shift new replaced left strand over the middle one. Congrats, you have just finished the first stitch of your cascade braid!

And Repeat

Replay your 4th step and make sure to direct the braid in a horizontal line throughout the back of your head. As soon as you have got to the other end of your head, you need to stick it with elastic (it need to be exact) and pins to hide it under the rest of your hair for a loving look.

Add Some Volume

Do you want to capture people’s attention? Then you should add thickness and volume to your water braid. The desired volume can be obtained by using the pancaking method. You need to tug lightly on the edges of your braid to loosen it. This will give you the look of a fuller braid.

Curl It

Curl your hair for a waterfall braid

You have a choice, and the way you want to see it is only up to you. You can braid with wavy or straight hair. But based on our experience, we want to tell you that water braids with wavy locks look a lot nicer than straight ones. Choose a curling iron size to finalize your look. To create beautiful loose curls or a smaller one to create tight locks. Nevertheless, an entire look will be impeccable. Curls only complement your water braid and magnify the cascade effect of your hairstyle.

Fix Your Look

Use hairspray to fix your style for a long time, to keep your locks in place.

Accessories For Your Waterfall Braid

As we said above, it is the beginning of something bigger than just a tutorial on braid waterfall. Therefore, after practice, you can get onto the next level of mastery and add some accessories to strengthen your braid's romantic, dreamy look.

Add Fresh Flowers

Yes, you can say that artificial flowers can easily pull it off, but fresh flowers are nothing else but a pure romance. Put any fresh flowers throughout your braid and pin them. But if you want to be like a forest princess or feeling floral feeling, add them throughout the length of your hair.

Hair Accessories

You can pick up certain accessories to match your mood; jeweled hair accessories can be a good choice if you want to be glamorous today. It will make your water braid elegant, and scatter your hair with shiny jewels and show everyone who is the queenю

Color Sprays

If you feel carefree and fun, temporary color sprays are the right choice for you. Don’t worry; such sprays are easy to wash out in one shampoo. This is why you are free to create any look with any spray you want, and don’t afraid to be different. You can try to put different colors on your hair's tips to get a dip-dye effect.

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