Top 10 Factors To Consider When Buying Hair Extensions!

Hair extensions have gained massive popularity in recent times. They have become so famous that you see celebrities as well as the common people flaunting their newfound look and justifiably so too. Among all hair products, extensions are one thing that helps you boost your confidence enormously. These also make for great additions to your minimal look.

When worn, extensions tend to provide comfort and convenience. They make hairstyling and braiding easier. With so many benefits backing the product, why are some people still hesitant to invest in them? The answer is quite simple; they are unable to find extensions that last. The market is bombarded with cheap quality products that lack durability and finesse. So what should you do in such dire circumstances?

The answer lies in research. Before you jump on the bandwagon and make a faulty decision, we recommend you look for different factors. Things like brand repute, experience, cost analysis, warranty, and customer service give you an adequate idea of the kind of products it will sell. So make sure to check out the factors mentioned below.

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1. Brand repute

Many people overlook one of the most important things when looking for a good quality product. They don't pay much attention to brand repute. To them, repute is something overrated and hence not worth considering. But anyone who has had the misfortune of investing in a low-quality product will assure you of the importance of this factor. You definitely need to counter it.

Brands that have a good reputation have it because they have invested time, money, effort, and energy in creating something that buyers trust and swear by. To judge a brand’s repute, see how many celebrities endorse it. But that is not the only metric to judge repute. You can also assess things like the company’s experience, the diversity it offers, and its warranty service, but more on that later.

2. Experience

We don't talk about repute without paying due attention to the experience. This is not to say that newer and startup companies always sell cheap products. But companies who have been in the market for quite some time have the responsibility of retaining their brand name. This puts them under pressure to continuously get better and improve their quality. 

While looking for hair extensions, you should always look for companies and salons that have had a fair share of years in the market. These are more likely to sell you a product that lasts long. Moreover, older companies also have more money to invest in innovations. This is why the most reputable companies are the ones that have existed in the market for a decade or more. 

3. Quality control and testing

It may be difficult to assess the quality of extensions just by touching them. You can get inside the best and most reputable store and still end up with a cheap and low-quality product, so what is the one way to escape fraud and guarantee a good purchase.

There are some brands like JuvaBun that invest a lot of their resources in testing and research. They go up and beyond to create something magical and innovative. This is why these companies guarantee better and high-end products that last long. You can also visit the website of these companies to see whether they emphasize third-party testing or not.

Quality control is important because you don't want to get a great product the first time and a low-quality one the next. 

lady on grass with her curly hair extension

4. Location 

In an ideal world, location shouldn't count for anything. In a utopian world, everyone would have access to their favorite stores. But right now, this is not the case. When looking for extensions, you will have to look for two main things.

Firstly, you need to know whether the company is within your vicinity or not. You can find a great product, but if you have to travel hundreds of miles to get it, it may not be worth it. If the brand or shop is not within your reach, you will have to move to the next important step.

You will have to check whether it is available online. In the post-modern world, almost all great companies offer online services. You can avail of these and get your extensions delivered to every corner of the world.

5. After-sales service

Even when you invest in a perfect product, there can be some things that you find problematic. These may not be related to the product. These may just be questions that you have regarding usage and quality. To answer this, the companies and stores often provide after-sales services. The staff members are approachable and tend to answer all your queries, but how often do they actually help you.

Most brands have really lousy after-sales service that doesn’t tend to help the customers. This is why we recommend you take your friends’ suggestions into account and buy from shops with reputable after-sales services. 

If you are still not taking this seriously, imagine a scenario where you don't end up with your favorite product. You will definitely rethink your decision then.

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6. Buyers reviews

Companies or products having only one or two or less than at least 50 reviews should be ignored altogether. You want to invest in a reputable brand; one that is known for its quality and warranty. But companies are smart that way. They often make grand claims on their websites and promise things that they don't have the capacity to deliver. 

But if you want to escape these cheap marketing strategies, here is a way. You can look for the product on Amazon or any other similar site. Next, head over to the buyer's review section and see what people are saying about the product. This generally gives you a very good idea of what you are getting yourself into. The more time you spend reading these reviews, the better your decision will be.

7. Diversity and styles

Once you buy from a certain product, chances are that you will buy from it again and again. And naturally, you don't want to be stuck with a brand that only sells one kind of product. You want to enjoy diversity and versatility, right? But these aren't easily available. You have to spend some time looking for stores that guarantee both.

Some things to look out for include diversity in colors, lengths, and weights of extensions. You can also look for diversity in shades. For instance, a brand known for making the best ombre extensions should ideally have a good range of balayage extensions as well. 

8. Warranty

Stores and brands are quite consistent with their warranties. So if you are getting a 6-year warranty on one product, chances are you will get a similar warranty on all similar products in the range. So you have to consider the warranty before you make any rash decisions.

Extensions don't usually last beyond a certain time. Most of them expire after a single-use. However, there are certain wigs and clip-in extensions that you can use again and again. By investing in a reputable store, you not only ensure a good product, but you also ensure a product backed by an excellent warranty.

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9. Special offers and discounts- what is the cost like?

Cost is a huge factor, one that makes people change their decisions instantly. You may like a product very much, but may not be able to afford it, but fret not, there is always something similar available at a slightly lower price.

What separates a good store from a normal one is the frequency of discounts and special offers that it offers. You need to find a brand like JuvaBun that is known for its low and affordable costs. Such shops make your experience more enjoyable and ensure you leave the store with a smile on your face and a handbag in your hand.

10. Return policy

There can be a lot of reasons why one would need to avail of this policy. Sometimes it’s because the product is faulty, or sometimes you simply want an exchange. A good store is one that eases the experience for its beloved customers. So the next time you go looking for extensions, make sure to opt for a store that has a suitable and favorable return policy.

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