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You can lengthen your hair and give it volume, get the long-awaited lightening or trendy gradient coloring in one session. If you make an ombre extension for black hair.

What is this procedure, what happens, what are its strengths and weaknesses?

How to make ombre extensions for black hair?

This procedure combines hair extensions and fashionable coloring in various tones. You can simultaneously increase the volume, length of the hair, visually improve the hair structure, and change its color. This build-up is referred to as colored. The essence of this extension is a smooth transition to different tones from light to black hair

This technique can replace highlighting, coloring, and aggressive lightening of curls. Girls who dream of blond strands don't have to sacrifice good hair condition now. It will be possible to maintain your curls’ normal structure and get natural light shades thanks to the ombre extension. The hair roots’ color does not change, so no tinting is required, and the attractive result lasts for a long time.

Several types of ombre extensions add light donor strands to brunettes or use pre-colored strands for the extension.

Pros and cons of ombre extensions for black hair

black ombre hair extensions

The main plus of building ombre is the absence of the need to dye your hair. You will be wearing ready-made strands in the desired shades. If you get bored, just remove and return to the original hair color.

Also, building ombre has the following advantages:

  • The strands have a beautiful and natural appearance. The strands dyed using the ombre technology are perfectly combined with the natural hair color.

  • The extended strands do not press, and you are comfortable wearing them if the hair grows back slowly. Moreover, frequent correction is not required. With such a build-up, you can walk for up to six months.

  • You can do any hairstyle because, in any form, the ombre extension will look neat and attractive. Thin hair automatically visually increases in volume.

  • Besides, you pay about the same as for regular hair extensions.

You can easily mask various flaws: scars, lack of hair in certain areas, haircut, and poor structure thanks to extensions for black hair. The lightened strands visually rejuvenate, making a face fresher.

It's worth talking about the negative aspects of the procedure. 

You can remember all the disadvantages that relate to hair extensions in general and separately to ombre. In the first case, this is an additional load on the head and hair, hence the tension, inconvenience, periodic pain and fragility, loss of your hair. You also need to make a correction.

Special attention should be paid to the special care for donor strands, which should be combined with natural curls’ care. It is challenging to make an ombre on your own without a hairdressing experience. You cannot do  it without the help of a specialist.

Required tools and materials

For a simple change in the color of the hair, about forty donor strands are enough. If additional volume is needed, it will take about seventy. The length is selected depending on your desire or your hair length.

One of three types of donor strands is used - South Russian, Slavic or European to extend the ombre for black hair.

The Asian version is not suitable due to its low quality, initially dark color, and the impossibility of obtaining natural light tones.

European donor strands are relatively inexpensive, but they are naughty and have a short lifespan. They are not too soft to the touch.

South Russian have a better structure, are designed for longer use and subsequent dyeing, curling. Donor strands are sold with capsules or ribbons. Tools are selected for a specific type of extension. For hot, you need tongs and keratin capsules. When cold, heating is not required, so glue, small metal rings, tapes with glue can be used for bonding. Hairdressers also need a hook, clip, and tongs.

Extension methods for light and black hair

Extension methods for light and black hair

Ombre is built up using two methods: tape and capsule. These methods are best for creating elongated, colored hairstyles.

Tape building is a gentle, cold method. Contraindicated only in case of allergic reactions to materials, as well as ulcers and open wounds on the epidermis of the head. Donor strands are built up with adhesive tapes.

The head is washed and dried before the procedure; then, the hair is divided into zones. Part of the hair is pinned up, and the rest becomes the basis for the donor material. Several ribbons are taken and fixed from below and from above the curl. It is done with all stripes, fixing them at a short distance from each other.

Capsule hot hair extension with keratin capsules is also called the Italian method. It involves the use of donor strands coated with keratin resin. They are attached to the client's hair with heat tongs. The bonding points are heated to form a transparent keratin capsule. It is durable and can last for 3-6 months.

The entire capsule extension procedure takes about 4 hours. Correction is performed after 2-3 months, sometimes painful using a chemical solution. Besides, capsules in the form of plates, during regrowth, deliver uncomfortable sensations. The rest of the capsule method is classified as safe and reliable.

Correction for black hair extensions

Any extension needs a correction. Since your own hair grows back. So the attachment points gradually become noticeable, and the hairstyle takes on a sloppy look. You need to remove the curls, replace or adjust the fasteners, add new strands if you plan to continue having hair extensions.

The frequency of correction depends on the condition of the hair, and the ombre extension method used. You need to contact a specialist with a tape hair extention after about 30-60 days, a capsule one after 60-120.

Care advice

how to care of extensions hair

It is advisable to avoid frequent water treatments and exposure to warm air. You should use a professional shampoo. You need to wash your hair no more than once every three days, with hot water and light massage movements.

Ombre-dyed hair must be regularly treated with high-quality masks with ceramides, vitamins, natural oils, keratin, and vegetable proteins.

For tape building, it is essential to comb your hair correctly. The masters are advised to purchase a comb with rare and soft teeth. It is advisable to comb your hair three times a day. A mild organic shampoo that does not contain perfumery fragrances and aggressive chemical components is most suitable. Before washing your hair with capsules, you need to comb it well. The cleaning procedure itself must be carried out in an upright position to flow from top to bottom. 

After ombre hair extension with hot capsule methods, masks cannot be used on the skin and roots. It is imperative to retreat at least a couple of centimeters or even apply exclusively to the middle and ends.

If you want to extend your hair, and at the same time, do not want to expose it to possible damage, then wigs or unique elastic bands with artificial hair would be ideal for you.


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