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Hairstyles with bun extensions are an excellent alternative to chevelure extensions. The hairpiece is entirely harmless and can be quickly removed. You can independently make a quick and lovely hairdo at home using false strands, an artificial ponytail or braid, hair bun extension. You can continuously change, experiment, play with your image with their help. This is a practical and versatile solution for those women who always want to look cute and stylish.


Fashionable and cute ponytail hairstyles

Advantages of hair bun extension

The most significant benefit of a hairpiece is to create a beautiful hairstyle. You can easily make a stylish hairstyle with the bun extension. Hairpieces are made from organic and synthetic hair.

With proper attention, organic chevelure will last for more than a couple of years. Besides, they will blend perfectly with your chevelure. All you need to do is pick a suitable tone.

An advantage of synthetic chevelure is that it can be colored and modeling. But don't forget about proper care. Artificial bun extensions keep their form entirely.

How to use a hair bun extension?

How to use a hair bun extension?

A small bun extension helps you create a stunning image. You can look unusual and impressive every time with such hairpins. The well known is the bun extension with a stretchy scrunchie. With it, you can quickly produce a stylish hairdo.

The hairpiece braid should be attached around the head or styled with two scythes. A synthetic braid can be applied with a comb to your chevelure, and the place of attachment can be hidden by styling.

Hairpieces are a convenient accessory. The simplest options are on a pin. 

The hold is strong; even combing is not dangerous for this hairdo. 

Hairstyles with hair bun extension

Hairstyles with hair bun

Hair bun extensions will perfectly complement both an evening, elegant hairstyle and a casual look. Not every girl has time to go to the professional and do her hair every day. You can absolutely control making a hairdo and every time look cute when there is not enough time and possibilities.

There are a lot of options for a hairdo with bun extension. You can complement almost any hairdo with faux chevelure and anytime look lovely. Each of these hairstyles can be done with the hair bun extension.

If you have the bun extension, you can create the elegant hairstyle that made Brigitte Bardot famous. This styling is a dense roll of hair attached to the crown.

To wear this chignon, do the following:

  • Pull your hair back into a tight ponytail.
  • Attach the bun extension to the base of the tail from above using invisible pins and hairpins.
  • Wrap the remaining section of your chignon or from your ponytail around the roller.
  • To brighten up your hair, wear a hairband or satin ribbon around the base of the roller.

This hairstyle will be appropriate for any occasion. Besides, you can secure your hair quickly and securely.

Hair bun extension care

For the bun extension to serve you as long as possible, it is worth taking proper care of it.

Long term heat therapy is not recommended if you want to keep the chignon's quality look. This hair accessory will also not live through dry cleanup.

Bun extension should be washed with cold water and a mild shampoo. Run your hands over the hairpiece to remove the foam.

If you plan to use a dryer, then only in the cool regime. It's better to dry your hairpiece without a hairdryer. Bun extensions are perfect for owners of any hair and for girls who want to look stylish. With such a device, you will be able to expand the hairdo list to look attractive and inimitable significantly.


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