JuvaBun Wavy Halo 18''

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JuvaBun Wavy Halo 18&
JuvaBun Wavy Halo 18&
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JuvaBun Wavy Halo 18&
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JuvaBun Wavy Halo 18&
JuvaBun Wavy Halo 18&
JuvaBun Wavy Halo 18&
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JuvaBun Wavy Halo 18''

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It's not about the compliments you'll get. It's about how it'll make you feel.

Introducing the JuvaBun Wavy Halo 18''- a fast, stylish solution for a gorgeous hairdo in seconds! Ideal for women of all ages, this  Wavy Halo 18''  adds elegance without time-consuming styling. 

The JuvaBun Wavy Halo 18'' is perfect for any occasion, from dinner parties to workdays. Versatile and practical, this hair accessory offers a flattering, effortless appearance. Try JuvaBun and enjoy a chic, sophisticated look in just a few seconds!

Length: 18'

Weight: 100 Gram

1 JuvaBun JuvaBun Wavy Halo 18"
1 Storage Bag - to take anywhere
1 Mini Set of JuvaBun Bobby Pins

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US delivery times are between 2-7 days.

We know that matching your hair color can be challenging, so we've made our exchange process as simple as possible. Contact our support team via any of the following:

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How To Apply

Add the Halo

And Wooala

Frequently Asked Questions

Compare your own hair with the color that looks the closest from the color options. In most cases that will do, but if you’re still not sure you can:

1. Take our Color Match Quiz HERE

2. Contact us by clicking on the Chat Icon (at bottom right corner), and we’ll help you to choose your color.

Even if the color is only close to matching your hair color (and not an exact match), it will still blend in with your own hair color to give you that natural and real look.

If you're still not sure, scroll down to see real customer reviews.

Rest assured that even if you picked the wrong color, or if you’re just not happy with the result, we will replace it for you until we get it right.

Nope! You may need to double secure it, but it will definitely not fall out.

Similar to a hair-tie, you can double or triple tie it as much as you wish, as if you are wearing a ponytail holder (as a hair-scrunchie). 

To be extra-safe, you can add a few bobby pins.

Absolutely! We use high-quality synthetic fibers that are super close to the real deal, so it'll be almost impossible to tell the difference when it's in your hair!

Nope! It comes already styled, exactly as shown in the images and videos.

Just make sure to give it a nice fluff before using it for the first time. (You can give it a gentle brush or simply use your fingers).


Start with putting your hair in a bun/ponytail, wrap the Wavy Halo around your hair, insert the invisible piece between the front and middle part of your hair, and wrap your own hair around it to blend it in.

There's no right and wrong.
Play with it, find what works the best for you, have fun, and enjoy your hair as much as possible!

Yes! You can wash JuvaBun products with hair conditioner or shampoo in cold water.
Insert your product into cold water and soak it for about 5 minutes.

We recommend washing them every 10 uses or once a month. (Click HERE to see our full washing guide).