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Typically 90% of hairs are in the active growth phase, while 10% remain in the resting phase. But what causes baby hairs on the hairline? If you have a hormonal disruption, for example, the level of estrogen rises, this distribution can change. Imbalances like these can cause you to have thin hairs all over your forehead not only too short to fit into bangs but also completely naughty. 

Someone likes them, someone doesn’t pay attention, and someone wants to get rid of them. However, a baby hairs hairline has one clear plus: if you have them, it means that you are not threatened with baldness or receding hairline.

What causes baby hairs on the hairline?

What are baby hairs? Those fluffy hairs are always thin, short, and mostly light. They are present throughout our life, and almost invisible. But sometimes their number and growth can suddenly increase. What causes baby hairs on hairline:

  1. The most common reason for the appearance of baby hairs is a genetic predisposition: the presence of factors affecting how the hair reacts to androgens or testosterone.
  2. Also baby hairs hairline is formed when anagen, the most active stage of the maturing hairline, becomes shorter. 
  3. It often seems to people that the appearance of baby hairs is a consequence of the fragility of the strands. Yes, it can happen as a result of constant stress for example, if you often wear a ponytail.
  4. Regular overheating and chemical treatments can be triggered too.

We put together several ways to deal with regrown hair that cannot be turned into full bangs.

Style baby hairs hairline

Baby hairs are fashionable thanks to Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, J.Lo, Kaia Gerber, and others. With the help of styling, the vellus hairs can be turned into a whole picture on the forehead. How to style baby hairs?

  1. Point the hairdryer down the direction of hair growth while drying and brush baby hair to prevent hairs from fluffing too much.
  2. Then apply some hairspray on the brush and go over the strands again. In fact, curling the hairs on the forehead or temples is not so difficult.
  3. You will need to fix it with gel, wax, or hairspray baby hairs will literally stick to the skin.

Do you still want to hide your baby hairs hairline?

  1. Gather hair in the desired hairstyle.
  2. Then take a toothbrush and sprinkle it with a strong-hold hairspray.
  3. Brush baby hairs to the rest of the strands with gentle strokes.
  4. If necessary, re-run it with hairspray. 

How to get rid of baby hairs?

This is what Kim Kardashian did to tie the perfect ponytail without problems. Her choice fell on laser hair removal. But, of course, this is not the only method. Electric, laser hair removal, wax, sugaring every option will do. And in any case, painful sensations are possible, because the fatty layer in the forehead area is quite thin. 

How to get rid of baby hairs?

Electric and laser hair removal will help get rid of baby hairs hairline forever. 

As for wax and sugar, experts advise going for procedures every 28-30 days.

This is not a universal recommendation, because it’s also important to focus on hormones. For example, if testosterone is overestimated, which also causes baby hairs on the hairline, the frequency of epilation will have to be increased. The same applies to hardware hair removal techniques.

Change the parting

Depending on how the vellus hairs grow, it makes sense to change the parting to the other side. Baby hairs hairline can be slightly different throughout the head, so changing the direction of styling can visually correct the problem with protruding hairs. You can use a spray or toner. How to tame baby hairs? When very short hair frizzes and begins to stick out, use natural products:

  1. Take clean water and a spray bottle.
  2. You will need a few drops of witch hazel extract (you can buy it at the pharmacy).
  3. Then apply a small amount of the product to your hair or on a natural bristle brush.
  4. Run it through the baby hairs hairline.

This method will work just as effectively as hairspray, but it won't strip your hair of the moisture it needs. 

Pick up accessories

Use headbands, hats, caps, and other headgear that will help keep growing hairs for a long time and prevent them from frizzing. Experiment with accessories, such as exploring how unusual a silk scarf can be tied.

Use oil for baby hair growth

Make a water-based natural hairspray: just mix 10-15 drops of rosemary or coconut oil in a cup of clean water. The resulting product should be rubbed every evening into the roots of the hair, paying special attention to the forehead line.


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