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how to tell if you have split ends

Brittle, dry and split ends are a common problem that most women are familiar with. You need to cut hair ends once a month to maintain the healthy appearance of the stripes. What if you want to grow hair and get rid of split ends? In this case, constant and proper hair care is required.

How do you know if you have split hair?

Hair with split ends is hard to miss. Split ends are the result of a violation of the integrity of the hair structure. Several factors prevent hair from getting adequate nutrition, which leads to split ends. Split hair is divided into two or more parts, and these parts can be divided into several more. The split ends affect the aesthetic appearance and health of the hair. Ignoring the problem and doing nothing can lead to hair breakage. The ends of the hair will break and become shorter.

The reasons why hair has split ends

Every girl wants to look beautiful and have a wonderful hairstyle. Due to the regular exposure to aggressive factors, such as improper care, perm, and permanent dyes appear split ends. Moreover, lifestyle and diet also play an essential role. Lack of fatty acids and fluids in the diet provokes split ends of the hair. 

What causes hair split ends?

  • If you have too long hair. The longer the hair, the more prone to split ends, especially in the absence of proper care. You need to choose the right care for your hair type.
  • Permanent traumatic hairstyling. The more you interact with your hair, the more damaged it becomes. Hairdryers make hair drier and deprive them of nutrition.
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals. Hair, like the rest of the body, needs the right vitamins. Without the proper vitamins, long hair at the ends will not look healthy.
  • Bad habits also negatively affect hair quality. Smoking, alcohol, and excess sugar can lead to split ends and a deterioration in the overall appearance of the hair.
  • Improper care. Each human has a different type of hair that requires appropriate care. The same products will not work for dry and oily hair.
  • Weather conditions also affect hair quality. Wind, sun, severe frosts thin and dry the ends of the hair. You need to protect your hair to avoid this.
  • Incorrect comb and hair washing. Even a comb can lead to hair splits, which only contributes to the separation of the ends. Too frequent and inappropriate shampooing flushes the protective oils from the hair structure and dries it out.

How to prevent the appearance of hair with split ends?

If the hair has already split, then the only way to eliminate hair splits is to cut it. Besides, prevention is needed for hair to grow healthy and beautiful. You need to take a comprehensive approach to hair care for you to grow healthy and strong hair. Should you reconsider your goals and decide what is essential for styling or healthy hair? Yes! Moreover, you need to be patient because it takes time to restore the length and get rid of hair splits.

Choose the right hair care products

right products for splitting hair

You need to determine your hair type and choose the right care, focusing on the structure and fat content. It is best to abandon harsh cleansing shampoos, giving way to mild ones that do not contain aggressive ingredients. It is impossible to neglect balm and conditioner. Besides, moisturizing masks and indelible end products, which protect hair from harmful external influences and splits, must be included in the mandatory care system.

You need to closely monitor the condition of your hair and understand its needs. If you notice that frequent conditioner use does not help, you should think about deep hydration twice a month. Moreover, if you do not want to spend a lot of money on professional products with moisturizing and protection, different natural oils will help. Regular coconut oil takes only 5-10 minutes to improve the condition of damaged hair. It is better to wash it off with cool water.

Wash your hair properly

how to wash hair with splitting ends

Put a few drops of shampoo on your hands, rub it into a lather, and only then apply to your head. Remember that wet hair is more prone to deformation and damage, so wash your hair gently. Shampoo should only be applied to the scalp. When you rinse off the shampoo, the resulting foam rinses the hair along the entire length and does not dry out the ends, preventing them from splits. Moreover, hair should be washed with warm water. Hot water washes away natural protective ingredients from hair, leaving hair vulnerable.

Rinse off the shampoo thoroughly and move on to applying the conditioner. It is essential to make your hair dry but damp before this procedure. Towel dry your hair and apply conditioner to the entire length of your hair. Focus on the hair, not the scalp. The conditioner should moisturize the hair splits. Let the product work, leaving it on your hair for at least three minutes. 

During the drying period, the hair is most vulnerable. Try to handle damp hair as gently as possible. You do not need to rub your hair with a towel, much less comb it. Aggressive towel use is one of the most common causes of hair splits.

Dry your hair properly

It is advisable to let the hair dry on its own. But if you are in a hurry and have to use a hairdryer, then set the minimum temperature and keep the hairdryer at arm's length from your head. Blow-dry only the roots and avoid the ends to avoid overdrying. If you regularly need to dry your hair and do styling, then use high-quality thermal protection.

Choose a professional comb that will prevent hair splits. Comb your hair gently from the ends to the roots. Besides, to facilitate combing, it is better to use products that soften the hair.

Forget curling and permanent styling

how to get rid of split ends

Try to at least temporarily stop straightening your hair with a curling iron and hot curling. If you already have hair splits, then high temperatures will do a lot of damage to your hair. Frequent styling using high temperatures will always result in split ends. If you want to grow healthy hair, then skip the permanent styling. You can add a special bun to your hairstyle to hide damaged hair. Moreover, using different hairpins and buns, you can make original styling and not spoil your hair.

The reason for the split ends may lie in an unbalanced diet and a lack of trace elements and vitamins. You can buy ready-made vitamins or create a balanced menu. You need to eat much oily fish, cereals, salads with olive oil, and nuts to get rid of split ends. Besides, the water balance of the body is of no small importance for our hair. So remember to drink enough water.

To maintain healthy and beautiful hair, apply a moisturizing mask every time you wash your hair. Try to avoid contact with high temperatures with hair and choose the right care. Moreover, one of the most effective methods for moisturizing hair is regular head massage. Do the massage for at least a couple of minutes a day, and you will notice the result within a week. 


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