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How to get beachy waves


Beachy waves can be done with a curling iron. For this method, you need to twist them around the forceps, wait a few seconds, and release them, repeating this with each curl. You can also do this with regular rags if you tie up your wet hair overnight. There are many nuances and numerous ways that we will share with you.

Beach waves are arguably the most popular hairstyle in the world that every woman wants to try. This type of curling iron has many advantages: elegance, accuracy, simplicity, sophistication. This hairstyle suits different people and different face shapes. Beach waves look beautiful on long hair, and most importantly, they look no worse on short ones because this is a universal hairstyle. Also, the advantages of such a hair wave include the fact that you can do it both for a regular walk and for a wedding or prom.

Many women are afraid to experiment with their hairstyle in this way because they consider this type of hair wave is unreliable, justifying it by the fact that hair deteriorates, and styling lasts a maximum of 2 hours. In fact, there have long been quick and affordable ways to do this. With numerous tips and tutorials, getting beach waves is not difficult. What's more, you can make beach waves and still keep your hair in top condition. This is facilitated by the presence of a large number of care products on store shelves and in your refrigerator. We are ready to prove it to you! Now we will look at ways to curl quickly and affordably.


What tools can you use to get beachy waves?

What tools can you use to get beachy waves?

  • Curling stick. Before you start pin-curl with a stick, you have to distribute the heat protectant and hairspray through your hair, then comb the hair with a brush. Next, you need to wrap your hair around the curling stick. It is recommended to curl your hair several cm from the roots to make them look more natural.
  • Hair ties and a long piece of fabric (a regular belt might work) will help you in one of the easiest ways to get waves for straight hair. To do this, before going to bed, part damp hair into strands and wrap it around the fabric. Secure each strand with an elastic band. For a good effect, the hair must be gathered in a bun. In the morning, you just need to lose your hair, and your curls will be ready. Also, with the help of elastic bands, you can make several bundles before bed. They will provide the same effect. Before making bunches, you need to apply a styling product.


Beach waves with the curling iron
  • Beach waves with the curling iron. Before using this tool, you must apply a heat protectant spray to your hair. After curling, you can use a texturizing spray for a more lasting effect. It creates perfect beach waves for short hair.
  • Iron. This method is so popular in beauty salons, as it is a favorite among all hairdressers. Thus, it is very convenient to make beachy waves for medium hair. It's fast and efficient, and the waves are perfect. For the best effect, hold the iron upright. After the procedure, you can apply the oil to your hair for shine.

Loose waves are the adornment of every woman, so you should experiment with them. Curling or straightening hair is a choice every woman sometimes makes. These are two paths you can take to diversify your hairstyle but still leave your hair loose.


Loose waves

How to do beachy waves without harming your hair?

  • Undoubtedly, if you permanently curl your hair, but do not care for it at all, then the quality of your hair can deteriorate greatly. Here are some tips for keeping your hair healthy:
  • You have to choose a good quality iron or tongs. The ceramic coating works best as it does much less damage to hair.
  • Before curling your hair, you need to make sure it is clean and completely dry. When damp hair is heated strongly, it splits and breaks.
  • It is important to remember thermal protection, which should be applied to the hair before curling or straightening.
  • It is necessary to make hair masks, apply balms and sprays and, of course, regularly wash your hair with a qualitative firming shampoo.

Although hair care is not easy, every woman loves to look beautiful, and hair is one of the first things that catches your eye when you meet. Well-groomed and well-styled hair can be the key to success under certain circumstances, so don't forget to take care of it. You can't be afraid to be beautiful. You need to experiment! Only in this way can you reach your full potential.

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What are good hair masks?

It is most beneficial to use hair masks based on natural substances. It is great when the mask contains argan oil (nutrition and protection), coconut oil (nutrition and antifungal effect), keratin (protection against temperature changes), vitamin E (rejuvenation), and silk proteins (hair shine).

What is the optimal temperature for a hair straightener?

It depends on the condition of the woman's hair. The ideal temperature is 150 to 200 degrees Celsius. The healthier your hair, the closer to two hundred degrees you can regulate the temperature.

How to make beach curls more durable?

You can do this with a fixative like a hairspray. But if this method does not suit you, then a great method is to fix the wound strand with your fingers and let it cool in this position.

How to keep curls in wet weather?

In such situations, hair foam, which must be applied before curling, is excellent. Later, let it dry and do curls. Don't go outside with warm hair.