DIY Dry Shampoo Recipes

Have you ever been in a situation when you were out of your dry shampoo, and you had no opportunity to wash your hair? After reading this article later, you will be aware and prepared. 

Almost all girls are mad about social media’s blogging theme, where the DIY job becomes more popular. It’s not only salvation in its time of need, but it can also be a kind of exciting activity, which you can share with your friends and followers. 

Healthfully spending your time learning new practical skills will be a solution, especially now, at quarantine. Keep your hair in better condition with a natural product made by your own hands. We agree that it can be easier to buy dry shampoo in the nearest shop, but let us convince you otherwise. 

Today we will please you with a bonus - DIY scalp scrub recipe, which will be necessary to know while cleaning hair with dry shampoo. SO, let’s get down to the recipes.

Why is DIY dry shampoo important?

Why is DIY dry shampoo important?

Let’s find out the benefits of using dry shampoo made at home. 

  • It is an excellent opportunity to spend your time well. Talking about self-development, Doing It Yourself can be a great solution to kill boredom and learn some interesting stuff, which you can share with your friends. We think that spending an hour at most on a new hobby will not hurt.
  • Don't overwash your hair with dry shampoo. Now there is no need to wash your hair after every physical activity when you have an opportunity to make a dry shampoo on your own without any difficulties. By solving greasy hair problems, you can clear up the dirt by keeping hair in great condition and prevent it from getting dry. But take note, dry shampoo is not a substitute for a classic one, and it is not recommended using it so often.
  • A DIY one can be a safer option. A natural one will always be a better way to keep your hair clean and healthy at the same time. As you know, a classic one may contain a list of various harmful elements. They can't exactly create particular harm, so let your hair get away from the commercial products.

DIY dry shampoo: how to do it? 

There are many different recipes on the Web, from the simplest to the advanced, but today we will focus on the simple recipes available to everyone everywhere. Fortunately, a DIY dry shampoo can be made only with a single ingredient, which is probably available at every house. So, you can remove the dirt and glut oil from your hair with these ingredients:

  1. Arrowroot powder. 
  2. Corn starch.
  3. Rye flour.

Take two tablespoons of any powder you selected above. Keep blending it until the smooth consistency.

It seemed an arrowroot powder to be not the most common ingredient, so you can use any available component, which everyone has at home. These three recipes will suit all the hair types but may not suit everyone's needs: they may cause an ashy look and color your hair darker.

Also, you can add color to your DIY dry shampoo by using a:

  • Bentonite clay for grey hair
  • Cinnamon powder for the strawberry blonde, red and auburn hair
  • Cocoa powder for the medium brown and dark brown hair and auburn hair
  • Activated charcoal for black hair for dark brown and auburn hair

The proportion of mixing of a powder (a basis) with a coloring one is 1:1, so add two tablespoons of any powder you selected above and keep mixing it until the smooth consistency.

BONUS recipe: cheap and straightforward DIY scalp scrub

recipe DIY scalp scrub
  • Salt, olive oil, and lemon juice scrub — to clean your scalp out of dandruff and dirt without forming a dryness. Also, fatty acids contained in the olive oil provide hair protection from damage and moisturizing it at the same time.
  • Sugar, olive oil, and honey scrub — are such a kind of treatment that will strengthen hair follicles.
  • Oatmeal, hair conditioner, and brown sugar — probably one of the safest recipes of DIYs scalp scrubs. As you know, oatmeal is a widespread ingredient in personal care products because of its universality. Oatmeal will meet everyone’s needs, even if you are allergic or have sensitive skin.


These recipes will be especially needed after using an improvised dry shampoo to clear up all its residue, dandruff, dirt, and excess grease. Also, a DIY scalp scrub provides better circumstances for fast hair growth.


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