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Many women dream of their hair shining as well as in advertisements. How to get shiny hair? Healthy and sufficiently moisturized hair shines, and if this is not the case, you need to change the care. With the right care, your chevelure can be healthy and shiny. Flowy, sleek, and healthy chevelure attracts men's looks and allows a woman to feel confident in any situation. Do you want to achieve a similar effect? Use the advice in this article. 

With the right care, you can achieve shiny and healthy hair without going to a beauty salon. Proper hair care includes proper diet, the ability to brush your hair correctly, the use of hair moisturizers, and proper shampooing.

Why doesn't hair shine?

Shine and silkiness are the natural states of healthy hair. If the hair has become dull, this signals a possible disturbance in the body. Often, the dullness and lifelessness of hair become noticeable with the arrival of autumn. It is because most women do not take proper care of their hair in the summer. Direct sunlight dries hair and makes it look dull. Some illnesses, malnutrition, insufficient circulation, stress, and other causes can cause the loss of shine. Moreover, frequent dyeing and curling have a negative effect on hair. Dry your hair with a hairdryer and curling irons. How to get shiny hair? Consult a trichologist and start taking proper care of your hair to pinpoint the cause of dullness chevelure.

How to properly care for your hair?

properly care for hair

You need to nourish it from the inside out to maintain the natural shine of your hair. 

  1. One of the essential steps in the care of hair is the right diet. You should definitely include in your daily diet vegetable oils, animal protein, dried fruits, edible gelatin, as well as vitamins B and E. 
  2. Do a head massage even after a hard day at work. It relaxes the head well and increases blood circulation, which affects the chevelure conditions. 
  3. Brushing your hair is also an essential part of care. You need to brush it with a natural bristle brush that will be gentle on your chevelure to get shiny hair. Besides, it is essential to properly dry your hair, not dry it out, and not lose moisture. 
  4. Use a DIY hair moisturizer once a week. You can wash and make masks with the addition of natural ingredients once a month. For example, you can wash your hair using an egg hair treatment. Rub the yolk into your hair and skin, massage well, and then rinse with warm water. Aloe juice also has a positive effect on hair hydration and shine.

Home hair care can be just as effective as salon treatments. You just need to choose the right products for the scalp and strands’ care and then follow all the steps.

How to correct combing to get shiny hair?

The most common ritual of home hair care is brushing. The strands need to be combed not only during the day but also before cleaning your hair. Slight hair loss while shampooing is normal; this is a natural renewal process. If you start washing the matted curls, there is a risk of pulling out healthy, new hair.

You need to comb your hair from the ends. You need to gently, without sudden movements, comb the ends while holding the length, and then gradually move to the roots until you comb all the chevelure. This is the least traumatic way. Hair is not damaged, and at the same time, using this method, it will not be difficult to comb even the most tangled strands. Brushing properly is the first step in taking care of your hair and restoring its shine.

Do you need to peel the scalp?

Do you need to peel the scalp?

Taking proper care of your scalp is the first step towards beautiful and healthy hair. Use scalp peeling to cleanse your skin deeper and more thoroughly.

Scalp peeling can be of different types with abrasive particles or acid-based. They have the same effect, but acid peels are softer and more delicate. The result is the same, but you don't have to worry about washing out the abrasive particles.

Peeling is a must-have in your hair care. It will help to remove dead skin cells and deeply cleanse them gently. Moreover, peeling stimulates hair growth and even helps to wash your hair less often. And if you combine the application of peeling with a light massage of the head, then the microcirculation of blood will improve, which is good for the hair.

There is a misconception that exfoliation is only necessary for oily scalp, but this is not the case. Dry skin also needs peeling. Peeling can be used once or even twice a week for oily skin, and dry or sensitive skin is enough once every two weeks.

Use home-made hair treatment to cleanse your head skin. Home remedies are always on hand and do not cause allergic reactions.

Wash your hair thoroughly for a shine

If you are still asking yourself how to get shiny hair, think about how usually you wash your hair? Residue from shampoo or conditioner, limescale from hard water affects the shine of the hair. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly rinse your hair after shampoo or other care products so that your hair squeaks from cleanliness. Acidic rinses prevent limescale deposits from settling on the surface. You can do DIY hair treatments. Add a little apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to the water to rinse your hair well after washing. Do not rinse your hair with plain water after an acidic rinse; just dry it and style as usual.

Shampooing is the simplest and most obvious step in hair care. Let's figure out how to properly shampoo to make your hair shiny.

  • Before applying the shampoo to the scalp, it is best to lather it in the palms of your hands. So it acts more gently and does not irritate the skin.
  • Do not apply the shampoo all over your chevelure. It is better to use it on the skin, massage it for a while, and distribute the resulting foam along the hair’s entire length. As a rule, the scalp becomes oily much faster than the hair itself, and this method helps not to dry out the strands and, at the same time, thoroughly cleanse the skin.
  • The shampoo itself plays an essential role in hair care. It is necessary to analyze the hair’s condition and select a product that solves the specific task of moisturizing, nourishing, eliminating dullness and brittleness for dry hair, or deeper cleansing for oily hair.

Use hair masks for shiny hair

hair masks for shiny hair

Hair masks are an essential part of your chevelure care routine if you want shiny hair. Moreover, home-made hair treatment gives an effect no worse than a salon one. Masks are simply irreplaceable in the care of colored or curly hair. With the right masks, you can restore damaged hair and return softness and shine to it.

All masks are best applied to clean, towel-dried hair; this helps the active substances penetrate deeper into the hair structure and gives better results. Professional masks tell you how long you need to keep them on your hair. Treatment for hair with eggs is usually kept for about half an hour for the best effect. All home care products need to be kept on the hair longer.

Do not apply masks to the roots; otherwise, there is a risk of weighing the hair down. An exception is scalp masks, which, on the contrary, need to be applied only to the roots.

Use a hair balm to make your hair shiny 

After the mask, it is imperative to apply a balm to seal all the hair’s beneficial components. And if it is enough to use the mask 1-2 times a week, the conditioner must use after each hair wash. It closes the hair scales and makes the strands noticeably softer, smoother, and more manageable.

How to use hair balm correctly?

  • Apply the product only to the length of the chevelure; it is most needs additional nutrition and moisture. Applying to the roots can weigh down curls or even create a messy look. And to accurately maintain volume and not weigh down your hair, use conditioners to change the structure.
  • Don't leave the conditioner on your hair for too long. It will not give any additional effect and may even create the effect of oily hair. It is always best to stick to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Use natural oils to shine your hair

natural oils to shine your hair

The final step is leave-in hair care. And for this, many tools solve a variety of problems. Fluids, serums, oils, in general, serve one purpose for additional care and protection of hair throughout the day. Most oils add shine, smoothness, and softening to chevelure. You need to choose exactly the kind of care that your hair needs. It can be thermal protection, coconut oil for DIY hair treatment, and others to eliminate dullness and brittleness.

  • Use coconut oil for dry hair. Apply oil to the hair’s ends and distribute the rest of the product along the length. It will help not to overload the strands and avoid the oily sheen effect.
  • It is best to use an oil-containing care product for curly hair. This hair often looks dull because the structure itself prevents light from reflecting. If you want to smooth your hair and protect it from dryness, you can use natural oil all over your hair.
  • You can use burdock oil with aloe juice on your skin for oily hair. This mixture will help get rid of excessive vitality. Apply this mixture for half an hour before washing your hair.
  • Olive oil is suitable for brittle hair. Apply its full length before shampooing. You can also use some coconut oil on clean hair to protect the ends from damage.

Dry your hair properly to avoid damage

Shampooing invariably ends with drying or blow-drying for many women. But there is no benefit to hair. Therefore, it is better to avoid heat treatment and let the strands dry naturally.

And if you can't avoid a hairdryer, do not forget about thermal protective agents and dry the strands only with cold air to prevent damage. Direct the air currents along with the hair growth that is, from the roots to the ends.

You will dramatically improve the appearance of your hair by following these comprehensive home hair care steps. If you follow them, you will soon notice pleasant changes in the quality of your hair. You can obtain bouncy and silky strands not only in the salon but also with simple regular home care.


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