How Sherrie Saves Hair Styling Time Using The JuvaBun Messy Bun - Demo

sherrie after wearing her hair bun extension

“I can’t say enough great things about this product!” Sherrie is yet another gorgeous customer of JuvaBun who has a small boutique in New Hampshire and is recommending the JuvaBun to every client. She’s quite skeptical with online shopping and rarely orders products online but the JuvaBun transformed her hairstyling routine and cut her routine into only 30 seconds long. Sherrie is a big fan of the JuvaBun messy bun and has almost every shade in the messy bun to show her clients and to recommend to all her friends.

Life-changing and A Lifesaver Hair Piece

Sherrie believes the JuvaBun messy bun is a life-changing product for her primarily because her hair is fine yet thick and she’s never had a cute hairstyle in her life. With the current pandemic, it’s very hard to go to the hairdressers because of the lockdown and any good haircut only lasts her a maximum of 3 days. Sherrie is always figuring out how to style her hair and how she can have one of those cute hairstyles and haircuts but has never seemed to find the perfect cute haircut.

She hasn’t found the perfect hairstyle until now! The JuvaBun messy bun is a lifesaver for Sherrie. It has literally reduced her hairstyling routine into seconds. Since she’s a bus driver as well she needs to get out of the house within minutes and now thanks to JuvaBun it takes her only seconds. It takes her longer to make her morning cup of coffee than it does to do her hair. It’s a lifesaver for all women who have to rush out the door and don’t have time to even set their hair! It's Sherrie approved!

Perfect for The Humid and Hot Climate

Since Sherrie lives in Hampshire it’s quite humid and her hair gets flat and loses volume so the JuvaBun messy bun comes in clutch here! It’s perfect for all hot climates and it makes your look so voluminous. You just tie your hair in a bun and put the scrunchie on and that’s it! You’re done and off you go to enjoy your day!

They Come in 16 Different Colors

juvabun hair extension collections

Sherrie loves the product range and the wide range of hair colors. The JuvaBun messy bun has almost 16 different colors ranging from blacks to dark blacks, to browns, light brown, dark brown, blondes which include platinum blonde, white blonde and yellow blonde, burgundy and reddish tones as well. There are so many colors that anybody can find their perfect shade. The JuvaBun team also helped customers find their perfect shade and you can always ask Sherrie she’s a sweetheart and an expert as well.

Whether you have gotten your hair dyed, streaked, or even have highlights, these hair pieces match with any and all shades. Dark hair, light hair, or medium colored hair, we have the solution to all of them! 

Feels and Looks Like Real Hair

Sherrie loves how the JuvaBun feels so soft and luscious you can literally not tell it’s made up of synthetic fibers. It’s unbelievable to purchase hair extensions that are so soft and easy to wear. JuvaBun is the perfect hair accessory you need and Sherrie literally thinks it’s your own hair but better. The JuvaBun messy bun doesn’t have solid colors only, it has baby lights and low lights that match perfectly with Sherrie’s hair. It adds so much dimension and it makes your hair look absolutely gorgeous!

This is all thanks to the premium quality hair-like materials that we use. We do not want to provide our users with a fake look, these hairpieces look as natural as possible. 

juvabun package delivered

Reusable and Easy to Wash

The JuvaBun messy bun is reusable and can easily be washed and dried and it still retains its natural shape. It doesn’t look its shape and structure and it definitely doesn’t become flimsy after one wash. Sherrie herself washes her JuvaBun messy bun and she’s impressed with how well it holds up! It feels as if it’s new and she’s been using the same JuvaBun for months.

Remember ladies, all you need to do is find yourself a dye-protecting shampoo and wash this hairpiece just like you wash your own hair. How great is that, store it in its packaging and this can be used for a lifetime!

Sherrie Received An Endless Stream of Compliments 

She gets tons of compliments on her hair and people always ask her about her hair secret. It’s JuvaBun’s messy hair bun…. Shush!!! It’s an amazing addition to your daily hair routine and it makes you feel confident and as Sherrie says it’s the perfect cute little messy bun. You’ll get tons of compliments and people will continue to ask you about your secret to such shiny and voluminous hair.

She Wore it To Office Parties and Numerous Other Events

Sherrie loves how wearable the bun is, you can wear it to your office, your workplace, to birthdays, and other parties. It’s so easy to wear it anywhere. I mean run errands and look fabulous rocking the JuvaBun messy bun or wear it on your next date or girl’s night out! You can style the bun for wearing to any occasion. Take out a few strands of your hair and style it up. You’ll look fabulous!

Sherrie Uses Her Messy bun 24/7

Whether it is an office party or a formal dinner, Sherrie vouches for the messy bun and relies on it heavily! She recommends it to everyone and believes it definitely is a life-saving tool when it comes to hairstyling and creating the perfect look! 

If you want to know more about improving your hairstyle, visit JuvaBun!