How Faith Valido Uses Her JuvaBun Messy Hair Bun - Demo

Faith after putting on the hair extension

Faith loves the JuvaBun messy hair bun and she loves styling the hair bun. She’s a frequent customer of JuvaBun messy hair bun and she loves how it transforms her simple bun into a voluminous mess. Since Faith has thin hair she’s obsessed with how fluffy and voluminous her hair looks in only a few seconds.

It’s so easy and simple it barely takes any effort. The most effort you have to put is to put the actual scrunchie in your hair! I mean isn’t that the most simple thing to do? The JuvaBun is a three-step easy messy bun. Faith uses this messy bun all the time. She uses it whenever she’s going out, running errands, going out on dates, or going out for lunch with her friends.

hair extensions on the table

It’s a time saver and it has transformed Faith’s hairstyling routine. It has reduced the time she spent on her hair and the effort it took to have that perfect messy bun. The JuvaBun is the answer to Faith’s prayers and is a lifesaver for her. 

It’s so well made and it blends seamlessly with her hair. It doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing a bun or that it’s not your own hair. It looks so natural and sleek. It makes you feel so confident and sassy! It doesn’t look like you’re wearing a JuvaBun or any hair extension. 

Faith has always gotten tons of compliments on her hairstyle and people always ask her what she uses to look this good. She tells everyone that her secret is JuvaBun and everyone should go buy it. It’s the perfect present for anyone or the perfect gift you can get yourself. 

The Three Steps To Get The Perfect Messy Hair Bun

Faith shows us how she gets the perfect messy bun in just three simple steps. Let’s find out how this gorgeous lady makes her hair look as fabulous as she is herself! 

Step 1: Brushing and Taming your hair 

This is the first step in perfecting the messy bun. Listen carefully you’ll be surprised at how easy it is. Faith uses a brush to comb out any tangles and brush her hair thoroughly. She uses a hairbrush to brush her hair and ensure that her hair is prepped for the magical hair bun that’s about to be worn. 

After brushing her hair she ties her hair into a bun. The bun can be a low bun or a sleek and sexy top bun. It depends on your own presence but Faith ties a top bun. She says it’s good if your bun is slightly tight and not all perfect and rigid. It adds an extra oomph to your messy hair bun. So don’t make it look perfect! 

Step 2: Add the JuvaBun on top 

After tying your hair in a bun add the JuvaBun messy hair bun on top. It’s a scrunchie and it’s so easy to wear. Faith loves how easy and simple it is, it’s a scrunchie and you just put it on your bun, and voila it’s amazing. Faith looks fabulous in her JuvaBun. She loves how easy it is. She instantly feels confident and sassy! It’s so secure and easy to wear. She likes how effortless it is. 

Step 3: Adjust and style it

Faith loves to adjust it a little by taking out a few strands of hair to add to that messy hair look and add more dimension to her face. She takes out a few strands and adjusts the bun a little so that it looks messy and voila she looks amazing in her JuvaBun messy bun. It matches her hair perfectly and it adds an extra dimension and extra volume to dull-looking hair. Faith raves about this product to all her friends because of how convenient it is. 

hair extension package

A Game Changer in Your Hair Styling Routine

The JuvaBun messy hair bun is one product you need in your life to make it easier. I mean it takes so long to get perfect hair and sometimes you don’t feel like washing your hair but you want to look good or you have an important meeting and don’t have time to make a hairstyle. So what do you do now? 

Faith recommends getting the JuvaBun messy hair bun because it literally is so simple to wear. Throw it on while you’re in the car or just wear it at home. You’ll look fabulous and you definitely will buy it in more styles. It’s a staple piece in Faith’s life and she recommends the product to all her friends and whenever people ask her for her hair secret she says it’s the JuvaBun messy hair bun. Go try it out for yourself and you’ll thank Faith for this amazing recommendation! The JuvaBun comes in so many different styles and hair colors, everyone can choose a style and find their perfect match!