Stylish Bangs - New Trends in Unique Medium-Length Hairstyles

A wish regarding a killer and stylish look with no drastic haircutting and radical image change may force you to experiment with your bangs by choosing the variant accompanied by your hair length, face shape, and individual expression. Medium-length hair, being so popular for hairdressing at all times, does keep the natural illusion of long hair with a little “spice” in the form of various bangs, which could express your mood, temper, and strength.

Modern stylists stress that the haircut styles of medium-length hair, varying from the shoulder-long bob to the collarbone-long hairdressing, including bangs, could suit a woman at any age, and even shaggy, wavy, or straight hair can look charming and elegant.

The nobby bob haircuts with proper bangs are an ideal solution for those looking for their perfect image, who like to change, and are not afraid of creative experiments.

The bangs could supplement any hairstyle, but they provide eye-catching effects on medium length hair.

The major reasons to decide in favor of hairstyles with bangs could be grounded on some rational arguments

  • if you can’t grow a magnificent bush of hair and are excited with every extra centimeter;
  • if your hair is thin and only medium hairstyles are acceptable;
  • if you have a fancy medium-length haircut and you would like to modify yourselves but not majorly change your image.

In all the cases above, the bangs would be a helpful solution that is worth being considered, as it is a perfect choice to upgrade yourself and even turn out your routine days. 

woman with bangs sitting on a chair

How to Match Bangs with Face-Shaped Features

You should notice that rightly selected bangs, especially for medium-length hair, not only refresh the personal appearance of any woman but also correct her look, hide notable face features, and even take years off her.

The short-length bangs could lessen the unwished contours, and the variant of the haircut style for long or medium hair has the opposite effect and helps to elongate the face shape distinctly.

The pretty women with round-shaped faces are advised to pay attention to side bangs of various lengths to get the ideal facial contours.

If you have a longish face, the acceptable solution would be the haircut styles for medium-length hair with straight and thick bangs.

In a stylist’s opinion, the oval-shaped face is named an ultimate blitzkrieg of a female appearance. Any extraordinary experiments with bangs are appropriate and desirable for women with oval-shaped faces wishing to upgrade their hairstyles and keeping their hair length as a medium. So, such types of females definitely hit the mother lode.

The pear-shaped face needs to pay special attention. With this face shape, it is rarely essential to reach harmony for a balanced image of the face’s top and bottom parts, which could be made by straight eyebrow-length bangs or on-trend haircut styles of medium hair with elongated side bangs

If your facial contours are said to resemble the shape of a triangle, the bangs are ideal for you as a preference for medium length hair.  In addition, you may consider the elongated and parted bangs.

The hairstyles with scruffy bangs match those females with medium-length hair who possess square- or rectangular-shaped faces.

Nevertheless, before you go to the hairstyle master, you should wisely think of all the pros and cons of a new look and carefully investigate your appearance to avoid any undesirable consequences.

tattooed woman with bangs

Creative Hairstyles with Bangs for Medium-Length Hair Will Never Dye

Being a woman is complicated, especially if you must choose your hairstyle. So, if you know your face type and are ready to try something new for your hair, you may familiarize yourself with popular hairstyles perfect for shoulder-length hair with various forms of bangs.

Layered Haircut

Such a haircut keeps your shoulder-long hair ranging in length volumetrically. But for this solution, your hair will have more visual volume and express a flirty liveliness.

The layered technique helps to set even wavy hair, which will be more soft and flexible upon its setting. In terms of the bang forms, you prefer side or triangle-parted bangs especially given that you wish to focus on the hair length as a medium.

Blunt Bob

The elegant plain medium length blunt bob with a clear geometrical outline profile is still beyond compare. Perfectly elongated, well-coiffed, and shining hair imparts your blunt bob haircut with elegant Bohemian glamour.

The bang form and length can be matched up to your taste and wish; for instance, the shortened bangs impart the face with freshness, openness, and innocence, and thick eyebrow-long bangs fill your glance with sensibility and mystery.

Graded Blunt Bob

This kind of haircut is, in fact, similar to the layered one mentioned above; however, it differs in its outline profile close to the blunt bob due to its variation of bang forms for medium-length hair.

The grading professionally performed for the medium hair length is not required to put any special affords during day-to-day sets, and the related bangs could be designed as required and look very tender and feminine.

In order to enhance the grading beauty and highlight the separate strands of hair, you can apply them to your hair with a small amount of the modeling hair styler while drying your hair.

woman with a pink Bob haircut style

    Bob Haircuts with Nobby Bangs Is a New Hairstyle Boss

    If you feel confused about your perfect haircut choice, you may absorb interesting things about extremely useful, flexible, stylish, and top-hottest haircuts, which will match all forms of the female face with bob haircuts.

    Well, individually selected bob haircuts accompanied by the appropriate bags will definitely make your day, give a confidence boost, and improve your mood.

    1. Multi-Layered Bob

    A special haircut technique implies forming a hairstyle layer-by-layer.  As a result, you will obtain voluminous and soft hair. The multi-layered bob haircuts with bangs will hide your broad forehead and visually lessen wide cheekbones as well.

    2. Asymmetrical Bob

    The asymmetrical models assist in hiding the face disproportions- if any. This option matches the elongated oval-shaped face in order to lessen it visually.

    3. Elongated Bob

    The elongated bob with bangs is frequently chosen by Hollywood celebrities. So if you want to be like Taylor Swift or Gwyneth Paltrow, you should choose this exact haircut style. Its advantage is that it is in harmony with the medium-length hair, which you should not cut down.

    This bob haircut is specified as follows: the shortened hair strands are behind, and the elongated ones are in the front. That enables you to design various sets and apply fashionable coloring techniques such as balayage, air-touch, bronding, and either shatush.

    4. Shingle Bob

    The perfect choice for oval- or round-shaped faces will be this type of bob haircut with appropriate bangs because the mixed hairstyle elements could set off the oval-shaped facial features and elongate the round face. The bang could have sharply defined lines or be ragged or graded.

    However, the females with square- or rectangular-shaped faces should pay attention to straight, classic bangs. It helps to balance heavy or massive face features and smooth the look in general.

    5. Inverted Bob

    This haircut is the most stylish one chosen by young girls with a provocative and volcanic temperament. These bob haircuts with side or layered bangs always highlight your neck elegance due to their magnificent style. Such hairstyle length could be short or long depending on your attitude and appearance features.

      Whenever and wherever you have decided to upgrade your medium-length hair, please notice any hairstyles could be highlighted or spoiled by the bangs chosen or performed by the professional hairdresser.

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