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Best Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

We decide what our next hairstyle will be, focusing only on fashion trends, which social networks and glossy magazines helpfully tell us about. But if you’ve ever left the salon, wondering why the new haircut you have dreamed of for a long time does not look as great as you expected, you should know: most likely, you did not manage to choose a hairstyle according to your face shape. For instance, there are a lot of best haircuts for oval faces. The face shape plays a much more significant role than you think, so the hairstyle must be chosen very carefully, taking into account your face shape.

Oval-shaped face owners often do not know how to choose the best haircuts for oval faces. The main goal is to make your facial features softer and smoother. You need to know precisely which best haircuts for oval faces will help make the image more delicate, which should be avoided. It is possible to visually change the face shape, not only with the stylist’s skillful hands. Additional accessories and the right makeup can be a trump card, as it will help round the face or make it more elongated.

Before you start looking for and choosing the best hairstyle for a square-shaped face, you need to make sure that you have this particular shape and not another. It takes only a couple of minutes to determine the face type accurately.

Print your ponytail photo without smiling. Draw lines with a simple pencil from one edge of the forehead to the other. Do the same with the face length. Use a ruler to measure the resulting length and width. We can talk about a square face type if both indicators are equal or almost equal. A distinctive feature of the square is a massive forehead and jaw and wide, prominent cheekbones.

Think about the image

The best haircuts for oval faces will be your wildcard. An experienced stylist is able to change the face outline visually at ease. When going to a salon, clients usually imagine what shape they would like to give their faces, and, as a rule, we are talking about an oval. Accordingly, the hairdresser’s goal is to bring the face shape closer to the ideal with the help of the best haircuts for oval faces. High cheekbones, big eyes, and full lips are in fashion today: you can become their owner thanks to the correct best haircuts for oval faces that emphasize the appearance advantages and hide its flaws. 

Consider Your Shape

Consider your shape when determining the optimal haircut.  It helps to understand whether it is necessary to change the head volume visually. For example, it is better not to wear extremely long hair with small stature since it visually shortens the shape. 

Consider your hair structure

hair structure

You need to consider the natural face shape, figure features, the thickness and length of the hair to choose a strategy for achieving the coveted face contour.

The more curly and thicker your hair, the more strands you need to cut at an angle to achieve the desired shape. Conversely, the thinner the hair, the fewer angled cuts are needed to visually increase the hair volume. 

Important tip: For extremely thick and highly curly hair, use home masks that contain avocado, jojoba, and apricot oils to make your curls much smoother, more elastic, and manageable.

Don't be afraid to add color

You should always start with the best haircuts for oval faces, but if it does not allow you to achieve the desired shape, you can try to dye your hair. A thoughtful combination of light and dark strands can make fuego: you will see how the face takes on a different shape and begins to shine instantly.

For example, if you have a long, elongated face, make the roots darker and lighten the strands' middle and bottom to visually increase the width. If your face is a triangle, you can choose to dye the roots of a dark color and lighten the hair's ends to move the hairstyle gravity center down and balance the triangular chin.

Many decent hair care products will give the voluminous shades of the strands exceptional brightness and depth after choosing a complex, accentuated contour coloring.

Oval face hairstyles


It seems that haircuts for an oval face and hair length are suitable for this shape. Beware, too straight lines, which will make a face overly elongated, and a high forehead can be hidden under the oblique graduated bangs.

Features of the oval face

Features of the oval face

The oval type of face is like an inverted egg with an elongated collection, wide cheekbones, and a narrow forehead.

It is worth choosing options that can divert attention from an elongated chin, as well as wide cheekbones to choose successful haircuts for an oval face. At the moment, many different haircuts are perfect for oval face types.

Bob haircuts

The classic version of the bob haircuts for an oval face is perfect for girls with an oval face type. Due to its curvy shape, hair distracts attention from wide cheekbones. If you choose elongated bob haircuts for an oval face, it will help hide a long chin.

Short bob haircuts for an oval face can make the oval face a little rounder, eliminating unnecessary elongation. In particular, bangs are not recommended in a bob haircut for an oval face type. It will hide the already narrow forehead, making a face disproportionate. Bob haircut

Bob haircuts for an oval face are a real salvation for girls with an oval face type. The classic, torn, and also asymmetrical version will help visually smooth out wide cheekbones. And if you still want a bang, it is better to choose elongated bob haircuts for an oval face.

Pixie haircut

The pixie best haircuts for oval faces are done only for short hair. Such a haircut is performed on damp hair, and thinning the hair's ends is also an important point.

Hairstyles for a square face

Graduated multi-layered haircuts, a sharp rise in oblique bangs, playful soft curls, and other bright accents will turn the square into the desired oval.

Hairstyles for a triangular face

Say no to short straight bangs, daring boyish haircuts, and other trendy, but alas, not suitable options for you. You need to achieve balance: add width to the narrow part of the face. Therefore, choose medium length haircuts that create volume at the chin and shoulders.

You always need to build on your face type to find the right haircut. After all, each haircut, in its way, can emphasize, highlight the desired facial features or hide them. Therefore, girls with an oval face should always pay attention to this or that haircut before doing it.

An incorrectly selected option can further lengthen the elongated chin, focusing on it the primary attention. Read further in our article, what kind of haircuts to choose for an oval face type to remain stylish and beautiful.


Each woman will choose an image that will emphasize individuality and smooth out the angularity, visually lengthening the face and adding harmony to the image. If you are not sure that you will choose your own, contact a stylist, and she will help you choose the best option for you.

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