How to Style Naturally Wavy Hair Like A Pro

Having naturally wavy hair is a plus especially if you like looking like you just stepped off the beach. However, sometimes your hair can be stubborn, and styling naturally wavy hair can be stressful. Below are ways that you can use to help keep those waves dry and in place. Invest in sea salt hair spray as well, as this is the most common factor between being at the beach and dying at home. 

Basic principles of hairstyle

How To Style Wavy Hair 

Start prepping your hair by combing it through with a mask or conditioner. Rinse your hair and then brush through your hair one more time to make sure that there aren’t any knots or tangles. Use a towel to dry your hair, then put on a product that will enhance your natural texture. Apply the product evenly throughout your hair. 

How To Properly Air Dry Hair

If you are air-drying your hair, make sure that you allow it to dry for about 70 percent before you touch it. Create some definition by twisting your hair into two sections of pigtails and pinning them up until your hair is almost completely dry. Once it is dry, you can use some styling hairspray to keep the hair in place. 

You can part your hair down the middle so that you have waves hanging on either side of your face. You can also do a loose braid or a rope braid on either side to secure the ends with a silk scrunchie so that you don’t get creases. Spray a dry texture spray onto your hair. 

Using Heat to Style Your Wavy Hair 

If you are deciding to use heat on your hair – Apply a mousse before twisting one-inch sections of your hair from the face. Use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to gently push your hair up from the bottom and move it around in small circular motions to achieve bouncily, but refined curls. When your hair is dry, simply shake your head out and apply a little styling cream on your ends. 

Straightening Your Wavy Hair 

Before you start straightening, use a heat protector on your hair to protect it from thermal damage. Use your flat iron and start straightening your hair by taking sections of your hair that are big enough to fit into the surface of the flatiron. If you want to blow-dry your hair straight, then you need to make sure that your hair isn’t completely dry so dampen it to get it extra straight. 

Date Night Hairstyles for Long Hair

Tips on Styling Wavy Hair 

Do not use a comb or a brush on your hair after you have dried your hair. This can disrupt your waves. Rather twist your hair with your fingers or put your hair up into a bun, this will help add definition to your naturally wavy hair. Take care of your hair so that you can have healthy hair, and this will enhance the texture of your waves. Do weekly treatments and trim your hair to avoid split ends. Use products that are specially designed to help your naturally wavy hair and won’t change your texture should it be used for a long period. 

Some Guides and Ideas on How to Style Wavy Hair 

A lot of factors such as the environment, hair type, and weather conditions come into play when you want to style your hair. Keep in mind that there are different types of Wavy hair. Here is a list of different hairstyles that you can try to do with your naturally wavy hair. 

1. Spiral Waves 

    Use a barrel curling iron and then wrap medium sections one by one around the barrel. Then, pull the curling iron up and outward to release a spiral curl. Then use your fingers to loosen the curls. This will make your waves bouncier. 

    2. Easy Beach Waves 

      Use the setting spray on your hair and use some products together. Then use a smaller-sized curling iron to wrap sections of your hair, be sure to do this away from your face. Use your fingers to comb through them to loosen them up and then use hair spray on the finished look. 

      3. Triple Heating Iron Waves 

        Try using a triple heating iron that will give you beautiful and natural-looking curls no matter your hair texture. This can also be used on short hair and will leave you with bouncy waves ready for any occasion. 

        4. Curling with a ponytail 

          If you have long hair, you can tie your hair into a high ponytail and then curl it with a curling iron to make ringlets. Then remove the elastic band and release the curls. You can brush through the ringlets and make them look more natural. 

          5. Middle–Parted Waves with a Flat Iron 

            You can get big wavy hair by using a flat iron. Wrap your strands around the iron panels and curl your hair as normal. Since the flat iron is smaller, the wave will be much tighter. 

            6. Adding Bounce and Volume 

              Use a curling iron and then comb each curl back with a brush. This can add more body and bounce to your hair that would have been laying natural. 

              Waves can be bouncy and volumes and still look very natural and beachy-like. 

              7. Flat Iron for Curling 

                Wrap your hair around the flat iron just the same you would a curling iron. Doing this can create waves as well. 

                8. Flat Iron Twists 

                  Twist your hair into two sections, how thick or thin you want those twists to be is completely up to you. Take the flat iron and run it over the twists and then release it after ironing. 

                  9. From Braids to Waves 

                    Braid your hair and then use your flat iron to go over your braids with it. This can be done on any hair type and to have the waves stay a little longer, you can use some product on your hair. 

                    10. Curl Hair Using Straw or a Pencil 

                      Divide your hair into different sections. Then take a small strand and curl it around a straw and secure with 1-2 elastics. You can leave it on for 4 hours or even overnight. Cut to elastics to release the curls. If you decide to use a pencil to get these curls, you can wrap your hair around the pencil and wrap them in foil. Take your flat iron and press the hair and then release the curl. 

                      11. Relaxed Curls 

                        Braid your hair and leave the braids to air-dry for a couple of hours. Do two simple Dutch Braids and keep them in place for a while. When you are ready, unbraid them and let your waves hang. You can use a hairdryer while your hair is braided to help speed up the drying process. You can simply leave the braids overnight. 

                        12. Curls without Heat

                          Make sure your hair is clean for this hairstyle. Section your hair and wrap it around in clips and foil strips. Spray them with setting spray and allow them to dry. Remove them a few hours later. 

                          13. Twisted Knots 

                            Use a headband or a bandana to twist your hair around to achieve waves. Spray or use a setting spray to enhance the waves and hold them in place. 

                            14. Curling Through Styling 

                              Simply braid your hair in a regular braid or fishtail braid and keep it overnight. 

                              Untie in the morning and wear your waves. 

                              15. Overnight twists 

                                Simply twist your hair and tie it at the end to keep it in place. Be sure to put on a small amount of holding cream or spray and sleep with them in. 

                                Untie in the morning and your waves should be looking fresh from the beach. 

                                16. A headband with a Twist 

                                  Use a headband and make loops right around the headband and make sure that it is completely covered. Sleep with it overnight and take them out in the morning. 

                                  17. Bobby Pin Curls 

                                    Section your hair into small pieces and roll them into bundles then use bobby pins to secure the bundles flatly. Once your hair has dried, pull out the pins and rock those waves. 

                                    18. How to Make Your Hair Wavy with a Bun 

                                      Put your clean hair into a high ponytail. Split the hair into sections and then wrap each section around a jumbo size donut 2-3 times depending on how long your hair is. Use bobby pins and leave them overnight. Untie the pony in the morning and rock those curls. 

                                      19. Old-fashioned Rollers 

                                        Use bendy rollers. Twist your hair around a roller and bend the ends together to hold the curl in place. Leave your hair overnight or if you are in a hurry, you can blow-dry and use hair spray before you unroll them. 

                                        20. Natural Curls with a Kick 

                                          Use Flexi Rods. These can twist any way you want them to. With these, you can adjust the level of tightness and shapes, and styles until you find the look that works best for you.

                                          21. Peaceful Beach Waves 

                                            Only make these waves in the middle of your hair without touching the roots or the ends of your hair. Use any water-based pomade and rub it into the roots to provide a better definition and to help separate the locks that you are going to curl. Make sure that your curling iron is a 1-inch barrel. Takes each piece of hair and wraps it around the curling iron at least 3 times. 

                                            22. Perfectly Imperfect Waves for a Shag Cut 

                                              Frame your face by curling the front part of your hair. Then curl the rest of the hair towards the back and away from your face. 

                                              23. Natural- Like Wave 

                                                For this look, wash your hair and dry it with a towel but don’t comb it. Put a curl enhancer onto your hair but don’t use it on the roots. 

                                                Use a diffuser when blow-drying your hair. Then use a curling iron that has a 1-inch barrel and curl separate strands by wrapping each around the barrel. Be sure not to clamp them down and you will get a looser curl. Then, brush your curls out gently with a wide-tooth comb. 

                                                24. Heatless Waves 

                                                  Twist your hair at the back of your head and pin it in to keep it in place. After keeping it overnight, release the curls. 

                                                  25. Encourage Your Natural Curls 

                                                    You can make your own beach waves without using any curling or flat irons. Prepare an Epsom Salt Solution. Use ½ tablespoon from your conditioner, 1 tablespoon of dissolved lavender Epsom Salt and ½ tablespoon of dissolved salt. Apply this mixture to your damp hair and let it air dry. With this method, you do not need to risk damaging your hair with heat products and it is a cost-effective way to encourage your own beach waves no matter your hair type. 

                                                    Side hair styling

                                                    Key Takeaways! 

                                                    It can be difficult to get those perfect natural beach wavy curls. By following these ideas and guides you can use these methods to achieve this effortless and natural look anytime you wish. You can choose between different styles such as sleek and chic, boho vibes, teased and untamed, romantic retro waves, wavy lob, and flirty and bouncy waves. Your curls can also be defined or cut into a bob while still achieving waves. 

                                                    JuvaBun offers a wide variety of products and guidelines to help you naturally style your wavy hair. Do not hesitate to visit their online store and check out the products they have to offer. Following these tips and tricks helps you care for your hair properly as well as help set you apart from everyone else, rocking different hairstyles while still being poised and elegant.

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