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The top knot bun hairstyle is a comfortable and simple hairstyle that's perfect for any occasion. You can do this hairstyle on medium to long hair. Moreover, a free volumetric bundle can be located above and below, behind and in front. Making a bun on your head is a very simple way to emphasize facial features and give yourself a strict and well-groomed look. The knot bun hairstyle will go well with all styles of clothing. It's best to do this hairstyle; the owners are oval-shaped. If you have a wide forehead and a narrow chin, then the top knot bun with a bang is best for you.

There is original styling with a bundle that is suitable for any occasion. Besides, this is what attracts fashionistas to this hairstyle to make a beautiful and neat bun; you do not need to spend a lot of free time.

Advantages of the top knot bun hairstyle

Advantages of the top knot bun hairstyle

This hairstyle will be the perfect solution for ladies who, by nature, have aristocratic facial features, as well as a long neck. The bundle will favorably emphasize the beautiful shape of the ladies’ hangers and the whole image’s femininity.

The top knot bun is one of the common hairstyles and therefore has many benefits.

  • The knot bun hairstyle can be made for sports and work. Moreover, it is ideal for holidays and everyday life. This is suitable for any type of face.
  • The bun hairstyle with a braid looks graceful, so it is suitable for holidays. You can also make it for a wedding. Greek styling is decorated with a tiara, and the prom is decorated with fashion accessories. You can easily do it yourself.
  • Bun styling is easy. Step by step, you can learn how to do different types of top knot bun hairstyles.
  • There are many types of shoulder-length curls, among which you can choose the right options for different occasions. A shell and a Greek-style hairstyle are perfect for the holidays, and a voluminous low or high bun is perfect for every day. You can decorate them with a diadem and a ribbon.

There are various quick styling, based on which you can create beautifully loose strands. The top knot bun with a bang is great for prom and other occasions. You can do it yourself every day.

How to choose a top knot bun for different face shapes?

The knot bun hairstyle is versatile and fits most girls. You can find the best bundle for your face type with a variety of hairdos. A good hairstyle can enhance your facial features and create an elegant look. Moreover, hair neatly gathered at the top of the head can successfully correct the appearance.

  • A classic, casual knot bun look is suitable for an oval face. Shoulder-length curls, beautifully gathered at the crown, can form a free volumetric bun. A voluminous hairstyle is well suited for an evening out. In this case, you can make your face open and emphasize it with makeup.
  • A top knot bun with a bang will help hide a wide forehead in a triangular face shape. It is usually used on shoulder-length hair. The bangs should be made voluminous so that it looks harmonious.
  • Side strands gathered in a careless bun will help to hide the cheeks in a square type of face. With the help of oblique bangs, the face becomes visually elongated.

If your hair is not lush enough, but you want to make a voluminous knot bun, then you can use an extension. Make a tight bun and put bun extensions on top of it that matches your color to get a gorgeous hairstyle in just a few minutes.

How to do a top knot bun?

How to do a top knot bun?

It is easy to create a free high or low sloppy knot bun at home. You can do two buns or a top knot bun with a bang. Moreover, you will need a comb, accessories, and fixing aids, and you can decorate evening hairstyle and prom styling with a tiara or ribbon. A veil complements the wedding option. All hairstyles should be done on clean hair.

A knot bun hairstyle with a donut. On its basis, it will turn out to create an original hairstyle in the Greek style with a tiara. You can make such a beautiful styling as a bun for medium hair. A bagel is a stylish accessory designed for the base of the bun. This detail is hidden under the hair.

  • First, you should collect the middle curls in a low, loose tail. It can be either voluminous or not strong.
  • Then a donut is threaded into it, which should be secured with hairpins. The bagel is completely covered with strands, and they should be secured carefully. They also need to be fastened with studs.
  • Comb through the melted bunch to make everything look neat. In the end, you can decorate your hair with accessories.
  • You can make two bundles, and for this, shoulder-length curls are also suitable. This option is ideal for a wedding if it is decorated with a veil.

You can also add a top knot bun with a bang for medium hair. First, you need to comb the strands and collect them in a ponytail. Then a tourniquet is created from it, and the result should be a snail. In the end, secure the hair with bobby pins and style the bangs. You can spray your hair with hairspray.

short hair using hairpieces

How do you do a  fluffy bun hairstyle?

This hairstyle is ideal for long and medium hair. With this length, you can make different variations of hairstyles that perfectly complement any look.

  • The shoulder-length strands are combed. Then they should be treated with mousse and fixed high.
  • After that, a donut is passed through them, and everything is fixed with hairpins.
  • You should separate a strand from the ponytail, create a plait, and pull out thin strands a little. As a result, you get an original curl. It is fixed with varnish. The same work is done with all the strands. In the end, everything is fixed with varnish. You can do similar hairstyles at prom and wedding if you decorate the image with a veil.

Messy knot bun

Many girls like the unusual messy knot bun. It looks like it was made very quickly and on the go. You still need to have certain skills to prepare this hairstyle. How to do a messy top knot bun? It is permissible to place it asymmetrically and tie it so that not only individual hairs are knocked out of it.

Interestingly, a similar bunch looks in combination with whole strands released, but the latter must be thin and graceful. Otherwise, it will not work to create a beautiful and sophisticated image. Often, when forming such an interesting bundle, the hair is not collected in a ponytail using a scrunchie but is immediately wrapped around its axis, but not too tight. Thanks to this solution, the hairstyle can look more natural and a little messy.

Create the perfect bun with braids

Office version of the bun with braids. A low bun at the back of the head is best suited for an office style: the hair will not interfere and, at the same time, will be neatly styled into an interesting hairstyle.

  • Divide all your hair into four strands and braid them loosely.
  • Spread out your braids to make them look fluffy and casual.
  • Start twisting a low bun out of the resulting braids. Add braids in turn and secure them with hairpins.
  • You can braid around your face and add it to a bun for a cute hairdo.
  • Spray your chevelure with hairspray.

The top knot bun is a gorgeous, albeit simple, hairstyle that suits many girls. With this solution, you can transform the image, making it more original, expressive, and graceful. Anyone can do a beautiful hairdo, outside depending on the length of the hair. Just the result will be slightly different. Someone's hairstyle will turn out to be fuller and more voluminous; someone’s more strict and smooth. Use extensions to style a bun for medium hair and get a lush version.

Moreover, you can experiment with strands. Leave them on your face or place them on top of the resulting hairstyle, securing them with hairpins.


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