How to Care for Human Hair Extensions for Women

Hair extensions have become a popular choice when wanting to style your hair. Women have opted to rather use hair extensions than make major changes to their hair which will cause damage that is sometimes irreversible unless you go through rigorous treatments. 

Below is an in-depth look into these human hair extensions and how to go about them. 

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What Are Human Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions can be made into different forms such as a bun, ponytail, or weave. These can either be natural – made from real human hair or synthetic. Synthetic hair extensions are made of fibers, whereas real human hair extensions are made from 100% human hair.

They are made to be used with your own natural hair and add length or cover up balding patches. They can also be used simply to change your natural appearance by adding volume to thin hair, adding length to short hair, and adding color to natural hair without the use of chemicals. 

They are mostly made up of people who are in India and China, where people in India, tend to shave their hair as a religious offering and they later are donated to become human hair extensions. Remy hair is the highest quality of human hair on the market and is often preferred or suggested to be used when you decide to do hair extensions.

The reason they are the best choice is that the hair is not stripped and still has its cuticles intact. They are also easier to maintain and are tangle-free. They can be dyed, heated, curled, or straightened, and washed. 

How Are They Made?

Human Remy Hair Extensions undergo several processes that when in production. Since they are made with real human hair, it is more complicated to manufacture. 

1. The first step is to prepare the hair strands

    The hair is taken from female donors and is thoroughly inspected to make sure they are clean. They are inspected for lice, nits, and other dirt that could be stuck on the hair. 

    If any of the above is found on the hair, they are removed and boiled in an acetic acid solution and are combed through a steel-toothed knitting machine to ensure that everything has been removed and it is ready for the next step. 

    2. Drying and Hackling 

      The hair is dried by using direct sunlight as this will ensure the hair is soft. Once the hair is dried, it is then arranged in the same sizes and lengths from the top of the head to the back of the neck, or depending on where they decide the length of the hair should end. 

      Hackling also known as wig making – should only be done by experienced professionals to avoid the head and the end of the hair strands mixing. 

      3. Stocking 

        Once the hackling procedure is done, the hair strands will then be arranged in racks of different sizes for the next steps. The next steps include wefting, bleaching, and coloring. 

        4. Wefting 

          This is the process of sewing in loose hairs to create extensions. A sewing machine is used to secure the hair at the root so that it creates a weft which is a long line of hair extensions. 

          5. Color stripping and dyeing 

            This step means removing the original color of the hair. Once the original color has been stripped from the hair, the hair can be dyed into any other color. 

            6. Preparation and Packaging 

              After all the above steps, the hair extensions will be ready to be packaged and delivered. 

              What Are The Benefits?

              • Hair extensions can add volume to your hair – this is beneficial for people who have thin hair and do not have the density that other women have. 
              • Hair extensions look as natural as your real hair. – If they are put in position properly, they will look and feel like your own natural hair. 
              • Using human hair extensions makes it so that you can style it. – Synthetic hair is harder to style and won’t last long. 
              • They last longer than synthetic hair, since you can wash and condition human hair extensions, they can be used much longer and remain feeling soft and looking elegant over time. 
              • The human hair extensions can be dyed to match your natural color. They can also be straightened and curled easily. 
              • You can change hairstyles easily while still looking natural. 
              • Human hair extensions are available in different varieties. These different options include, Malaysian, Mongolian, Brazilian, European, Asian, and Indian. 
              • These human hair extensions can be perfectly aligned. 

              What Are The Pitfalls?

              There are also disadvantages when it comes to human hair extensions that you should consider,

              • One of the main disadvantages of using human hair extensions is that putting them in can be difficult. As each hair extension has its own method in application it is better to allow professionals to apply these into your natural hair without causing any damages. 
              • If you are using hair extensions that need to be glued in, these glues can pull on your natural hair follicles especially on your roots which makes them weaker and can rip out your natural hair – this leads to becoming bald or having bald patches at random spaces in your hair. 
              • There are also two types of glue that are used when applying for hair extensions. The heated glue is used and pulled up to the root of the hair while the other glue is put onto the scalp directly and glued in place with a hairdryer. These need to be removed professionally or else they can also rip out your hair. 
              • Hair extensions can be expensive and can also take a long time to apply.
              • It is also expensive to maintain and upkeep hair extensions. 
              • You need monthly hair appointments to see how your natural hair has grown and then do touch ups to adjust the length or extensions. 
              • If the hair extensions put on added weight to your hair, you can also develop alopecia which is the condition that causes permanent hair loss and if your hair extensions are too heavy this can contribute to it. 
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              9 Tips on How To Keep Them Well Maintained!

              It is important to take care of your human hair extensions as they are your own natural hair. Here are some tips to help you keep those human hair extensions intact and looking beautiful the first time you put them in. 


                Human hair extensions are the same as your own hair therefore, they need to be brushed. Get an extension brush, this is important because if you use a normal brush to get through the extensions you could end up pulling your extensions out and ripping your own hair. Don’t brush your hair to the back, this will damage the bonds and hurt your own hair. Also do not brush your hair when wet as this will damage the extensions. 


                  Do not brush your roots as your hair extensions will be stuck to your head by attaching them to your roots. Instead of brushing your roots, rather run your finger through them to keep them tangling and then hold your hair in a fist just under your ear and then brush the ends. Holding your hair takes pressure off the roots. 


                    If you have clip-in extensions, then be sure to always moisturize them. Run a lukewarm bath in your sink and only use between 1-2 teaspoons of shampoo and wash gently by hand. Use a natural, extension-friendly shampoo. Do not use any shampoos that have Sulfate in them as this can corrode the extensions. Use dry shampoos on your hair extensions on the days when you don’t wash your hair. 


                      Wash your human hair extensions 3-4 times weekly, depending on your hair type. If you use clip-in extensions, wash them separately. After you’ve showered you can turn the cold water on and rinse your hair with cold water. This will keep your roots and bonds nice and tight and close your pores as well.

                      Always stand up and wash your hair as bending over will cause it to tangle. When you wash your hair do it in a gentle motion using your palms. Do not scrub the extensions or bunch the extensions together as this will cause friction when the cuticles rub against each other. You can also add coconut oil or almond oil to your hair extensions to add moisture and penetrate the cuticles. 


                        Do not use conditioner on the roots as this will make the extensions unravel and come loose. Rather only use conditioner on the ends. 


                          Sewn-in extensions should be dried before you get into bed to avoid tangling. Your clip-in extensions should be laid out flat on a towel to be fully dried before you can gently comb them out. Always make sure that you fully dry your extensions. You can use the cold setting on the hairdryer to get the roots dry as the heat will damage the hair. You can also leave your hair extensions to air dry. 

                          Sleep routine 

                            Plait your hair at night before going to sleep, this will keep your hair from tangling when you sleep and give you instant beach curls in the morning as well. However, it is a safer option to unclip them before going to bed as this can lead to your hair matting. Also do not work out while having your hair extensions in and don’t swim with them in as well. 

                            Using hairspray 

                              It is safe to use hairspray on your hair if you wash it off properly so that the product does not build up on your hair. You can also make your own hair freshener by combining water and all the essential oils in a spray bottle and using it weekly. 

                              If your hair itches 

                                Your hair will feel itchy after you have put in the extensions for the first time. You can give it a wash and see if there is an improvement on the itchy, if not you should visit your hairdresser and check to see if you might have an allergy to the adhesive used to stick in the extensions.

                                It is also important to note that hair extensions can become dry after the first few washes, and this is the result of not being able to feed it nutrients and moisturize it naturally by our diet since they aren’t our natural hair. 

                                Different Types of Human Hair Extensions 

                                There are different types of human hair extensions that are available to be used. 

                                • Clip-ins – Extensions that have a clip attached to them at the top. 
                                • Tape-in/Glue-ins – Tape/glue are attached to the top of the extensions 
                                • Sewn-in Hair Extensions - Hair that needs to be sewn in with needle and thread. 
                                • Micro Links 
                                • Blonde Hair Extension 
                                • Cold Fusion Extension 
                                • Hair Halo Extensions – These extensions have an invisible wire that is put around the crown of the head. 
                                • Clip-in bangs – Bangs that have clips attached to them for an easy fit.
                                • Hair Blending Extensions - anchored by using a via a fiber base – this means that the extension goes over the entire head.  
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                                Are You Ready To Care For Real Human Hair Extensions?!

                                Human Hair Extensions are a great option for people who have busy lifestyles and love changing hairstyles. Although there are many disadvantages to using hair extensions you should rather seek professional guidance instead of giving yourself a bad experience.   Always check brands to be sure that you are getting quality human hair extensions and ensure that you use the proper hair care products to ensure the longevity and durability of these hair extensions. 

                                There are a variety of human hair extensions that are available to be purchased from the Juvabun website. Feel free to scan through the online store to find your desired hair extension piece.

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