How Long Should My Hair Be For Clip In Hair Extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions are one of the most prominent hair accessories in the fashion world these days. They work amazingly well in boosting your hair volume instantly. For those of you who do not have an idea how they look or work, you can learn about them by reading this blog. 

So, a standard clip-in hair extension is made up of multiple wefts of hair. Whereas, a weft of hair consists of a bunch of hair strands sewn on a strip that is connected to a small-sized clip. There are multiple ways you can use clip-in hair extensions. Some people like to get them installed by a professional, while others like to clip in the extensions in their hair by themselves. In either case, if you have the right clip-in hair extension, you will end up looking fabulous. One of the most important factors to consider before purchasing clip-in hair extensions is the length of your own hair.

Now let us discuss, how the length of your hair matters while buying hair extensions and whether it is a big issue or not?

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How Long Should My Hair Be For Clip-In Extensions?

The clip-in hair extensions can be applied to all kinds of hairs, it is just the length that matters when it comes to finesse. The clip-in hair extensions can even be applied to short hair, but it becomes really difficult in blending them with natural hair in such situations. For clip-in hair extensions to be able to blend naturally, the hair should be at least 6-7 inches long. The ideal length of hair might be even longer than 6-7 inches, but as long as your hair is shoulder-length, your extensions can get easily blended in.

Since the main purpose of the extensions is to make your hair look bulkier thus giving a finer look, it can not be properly achieved if your hair is shorter than shoulder-length. In any case, most hair stylists recommend increasing only four inches in length from your original length. Any longer than that, you might have to add more wefts of hair to make them look original and blend in properly.

Thus, long hairs, no matter how thin, are able to hide in the wefts of clip-in hair extensions better than long hairs giving a finer look. So, your hair should be at least shoulder-length for clip-in extensions to really look amazing.

Is There Really A Certain Length?

A hairstylist is not less than any artist. If it comes to adding hair extensions of any kind to any length of hair, some talented hair stylists can get them in without any hassle. That too makes sure that the end result is a perfect set of hair strands intertwining as natural hair's look. But if you are planning on putting the clips on yourself, then it might become a difficult task to make short hairs look synonymous with long clip-in hair extensions.

The ideal length, as explained above, is longer than 6-7 inches, which accounts for shoulder-length hair for most women. And even in a scenario where your hair is shoulder-length, you should avoid adding more than 4 inches length to them while doing your hair yourself. But in the end, it all comes down to your own preferences, as it all depends on you to add as much volume and density to your hair with clip-in hair extensions.

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How To Compliment Your Natural Hair With Clip Extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions have been used by many celebrity hairstylists, along with important haircare products, to add instant glam to their clients. And it works perfectly because the extensions can be found in various colors, depths, lengths, and qualities. In case you feel lost in this world of hair glamour, we have got you covered, let us explain every factor concerned with clip-in hair extensions, and then you can choose the one that suits you the most.

In the end, everything boils down to your own preferences, whether you want to increase volume, depth, or density, you will have to choose the right hair extensions for that type. In the case of external look and hair feel, there are three types of clip-in hair extensions available in the market. 

The first option is synthetic hairs, the second one is natural hair, while the third type of hair extensions entails a mix of synthetic and natural hair wefts. You must choose between these three based on the weight you think you can handle on your head and your final desired look. 

1. Decide on the type

Synthetic clip-in hair extensions work well when you are planning on twisting them in a bun or some other complicated hairstyle. While clip-in extensions with natural hair look amazing when you are planning to leave your hair loose and free. Also, the weight of the hair extensions depends upon the number of wefts you put in your hair. So, it can be increased or decreased based on your liking, but most of the time you will not feel any extra weight of clip-in hair extensions on your head or shoulders.

2. Right length equals right look

The second most important factor in choosing the hair extensions is the desired length. See, we have explained earlier that clip-in hair extensions look ideal in shoulder-length hair. Moreover, they give off a natural look when only three to four inches is increased in terms of length of hair. Usually, you will find clip-in hair extensions ranging from 12 inches to 16 inches and even 20 inches long. You can choose from these lengths based on your expertise in applying clip-in hair extensions, the length of your original hair, and your desired look.

3. Type of volume 

If you are only looking to add a bit of volume to your hair, then there are some other factors to consider as well. Leaving length aside, the overall volume can only be increased when you put more wefts or extensions in your hair. A weft is a thin cloth that is attached to a thin silicone clip and a few strands of hair are sewn into it. Even in very thin hair, these wefts are not visible because their bases are thin themselves thus they lie flat on the surface given that you get your extensions from a reputed brand.

4. The shade you are going for 

Last but not least, the color of the hair extensions is perhaps the most important factor. If the shade of the extensions does not match your hair color, then no matter how smoothly they are put in, your extensions will stand out, and not in the best of ways! Thus, you will have to choose the right color with utmost pertinence and astute. We do advise that you should consult a professional hairstylist before deciding on the color of your clip-in extensions, But if you know your hair color too well, you are free to choose it yourself.

Are There Any Negative Effects of Using Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Extensions have been stigmatized by the public for a long time now. But what we need to understand is that there are different types of extensions available. The ones in question are clip-in extensions. Such extensions are made with synthetic or natural wefts of hair with little silicone clips. These clips mimic the regular clip designs and sit in your hair unnoticeable. They do not pull on your hair thus you cannot assume that clip-in extensions might cause damage because of hair-pulling.

Overcoming the stigma of short hair and hair extensions

A general thought regarding extensions is that it hinders hair growth. This is again not true and is another example of the stigmatization of hair extensions. The clips of the extensions entwine with the natural hair at the hair bed just as any other clip would. Since you can see clips on women’s hair all the time and still see them growing, you can safely assume that the clips from hair extensions will not hinder any type of hair growth.

All you have to do is manage your hair and hair extensions better. You will have to take out your extensions every night to not put excessive pressure on the hair bed for more than 24 hours. Moreover, you will need to wash the extensions frequently in order to make sure they stay in top condition as well as to make sure they do not transfer the dirt to your own hair. That is all, it is really that simple to use and manage clip-in hair extensions.

Clip-in hair extensions are a really cheap and reliable way of glamming up your hairstyle and completing your entire look despite restraints of naturally thin or short hair.

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Extensions for Short Hair

The human race landed a man on the moon, and you think that we will be limited by short hairs? No way is that true that you cannot add extensions to your short hair. It is entirely possible to wear clip-in hair extensions in short hair. You just need to be a little more thorough while choosing the clip-in extensions. And you will have to put in some extra work to make the extensions blend in with your natural hair. But once you are done your hair will look naturally luscious and not at all synthetic or extended, especially if you choose Juvabun extensions.

The common issue of people with short hair

See, short hairs are obviously very difficult to blend in with extensions. But the most problematic issue with short hair is that it renders you unable to create a hair bun. Tying your hair in a bun is a timeless style, it almost has an aesthetic appeal to itself. While having short hair is fashionable enough, it is obvious that sometimes you would want to change your overall look. And that is why we believe Juvabun extensions are the perfect solution to short hairstyle problems.

The juvaBun extensions work perfectly with short, long, or thin hair. All you have to do is pull back and secure your hair as it would appear in a bun. Then go on and place the juvaBun extension on top of the bunch of pulled-back hair. If the extension is loose you can simply create a loop with it as you would do with a hair tie. And voilà, you will have the perfect hairstyle in no time. The best part is that no one will be able to guess whether the bun is your own hair or a JuvaBun extension. Yes! It is realistic and easy.

Are You Ready To Clip-In Your Hair Extensions?

Now, your ponytail does not have to look sad and thin, you can all wear your ponytail as high as Ariana Grande. In case you yearn for a stylish bun or even a messy bun to complete your rugged fall look, but you cannot because of your natural short thin hair, you do not need to worry. Because we have a perfect solution to your hairstyle problems, and it is JuvaBun extensions. You can choose from bun-style extensions or clip-on ponytails to style your short hair whichever way you want.

More so, you do not even have to visit the hairstylist to get your hair in an event-styled state. With the help of JuvaBun extensions, you can easily do that at home by yourself. So, it saves you a couple of hundred dollars, to say the least. Furthermore, they last a long time because the JuvaBun extensions are washable with the same shampoo as you use for your hair, again saving your hard-earned money.

Moreover, if you want to feel like Rapunzel and have locks as long as hers, you can choose to purchase JuvaBuns wigs. With a collection of extensions, wigs, buns, clip-on ponytails, hair accessories, and hair care, JuvaBun is perhaps the best site we can refer to you for your short hair extension problems. So, what is the wait? Go on and buy yourself some amazing extensions and style your hair as you have always wanted to. You can easily purchase all the JuvaBun accessories directly from their website. 

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