3 Steps to Wear Hair Extension Like Celebrities! Fashion in a Snap

The extension procedure was originally invented for the needs of the film business and show business. Hair extensions for celebrities are the surest way to add volume to chevelure. Celebrities used to wear wigs to change their red carpet looks, but this isn't the safest way to look stunning. The wig can move out at any time and ruin the image. Chevelure extensions are a reliable and more comfortable way to your look frequently. How to look gorgeous and irresistible as a celebrity with hair extensions? You need to select the right strands, and then no one can notice the chevelure extensions.

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Step 1. Pick a texture

Be sure to contact an experienced specialist who will select for you strands that are as similar as possible to the texture of your chevelure to make celebrity hair extensions. There are various kinds of extensions. 

  1. Hair of Slavic origin is considered to be of the highest quality. It is these strands that look most profitable on the residents of Eastern European countries. 
  2. There is also hair from Asia; they have a rich color and glossy shine; however, they require increased care since, after the first wash, they can lose their well-groomed appearance and begin to become electrified. 

Hair extensions for celebrities selected by their stylist know how to hide the extension not to be visible properly. 

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Step 2. Decide on the type of extension

The kind of extension depends on your goals. 

  1. If you have long dreamed of thick long chevelure, it is better to turn to a permanent procedure. In such cases, the strands are most often attached hot using melted keratin gum capsules. The effect lasts up to six months, and, most importantly, the hair does not require special care; it is easy to comb, amenable to heat treatment, and, in general, looks quite natural.
  2. If you just like to change hairstyles from time to time, pay attention to the hairpins’ strands. Some stylists work seamlessly with their celebrity client's hair extensions, but you can attach the extra chevelure yourself. Before you begin attaching, comb your chevelure and start pinning fake strands. Caring for such chevelure will be more difficult. You cannot wash clip hair together with your own chevelure. You need to clean them separately, apply nourishing masks on them and paint them along with yours if you want to change the color as a friend.

Jennifer Lopez is one of the celebrities who love hair extensions. She often experiments with looks and changes the length of her chevelure.

Step 3. Find the right shade

The essential step when choosing hair extensions is selecting the shade of the strands. You need to select a shade so that there is no color transition from roots to ends to make celebrity hair extensions. An experienced colorist will always choose the right shade that will perfectly match yours.

If you often tint your hair and experiment with false strands from time to time, do not forget to dye them too. If you do this, then your hairstyle will make an unforgettable impression.

Celebrity uses hair extensions to add volume to their hairstyle and lengthen their hair or experiment with color without harming their hair.

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Celebrities who do hair extensions

Most modern stars successfully use the ability to make your chevelure longer and thicker. Moreover, not always a fashionable hairstyle is done only for going to an event; many celebrities make hair extensions for daily wear.

  • Victoria Beckham, a trendsetter who brilliantly combines many statuses, from songwriter and singer to tough businesswoman, changed short haircuts for the sake of long hair and subsequently did this repeatedly.
  • The charming Naomi Campbell has repeatedly turned to the services of the extensions. The hairdressers who worked with her say that she has rather thin and sparse hair and often wears wigs.
  • Actress, singer, and model Gwen Stefani loves extravagant hairstyles and cannot do without occasional hair extensions.
  • Nicole Kidman is also on this list because she often has to experiment with her chevelure. Without extensions, your chevelure would simply not be able to withstand such frequent changes in appearance and color change.
  • The unpredictable Britney Spears once shaved her head, and after a fairly short time, thanks to the build-up, she already shone in front of fans with a luxurious mane of gold curls.
  • Pamela Anderson owes some of her irresistible attractiveness of virtuoso extended strands. Her example is the best confirmation of the fact that with high-quality hair lengthening, you can really spend time at sea without any problems.
  • As for the favorite of millions, Jennifer Lopez, nature has endowed her with beautiful chevelure, but this does not prevent the celebrity from periodically extending strands to make her style more diverse or create a particularly elegant hairstyle.

Besides, Sandra Bullock, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, and dozens of other equal celebrities did hair extensions. All the stars sometimes use professional modern hair extensions; only some consider their trips to the masters a terrible secret.

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