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Many girls dream of chic, thick, and voluminous chevelure. Hair is always associated with tenderness and femininity. However, what if you don't have long or voluminous hair? You can use a variety of types of hair extensions. Moreover, it is safe to use and does not harm your hair. In just a few minutes, you can get your hair done using halo extensions for beauty. Using hair extensions, you can create fancy hairstyles and experiment with colored strands. This article will learn how to do different styling with overhead strands at home and how to properly styling hair extensions. Use our tips to create a new look and surprise every day.

Bouffant using halo extensions

How to style hair extensions from natural hair?

Natural hair extensions will allow you to carry out any experiments. It is best to avoid styling with a curling iron for synthetic hair. You can use professional styling sprays or regular varnish to fix the finished hairdo.

Extension from natural hair needs the same care as your chevelure, and the possibilities for stylish changes are almost endless. Moreover, natural hair can be dyed and toned, unlike artificial hair. Here are some tips for styling hair extensions from natural hair:

  • Any styling needs to be done on clean hair, so clean your extensions first. Dissolve some regular shampoo in a bowl of warm water and soak for 10 minutes. Add some baking soda to soften the water. Rinse off soapy water, rinse well and apply an emollient balm. Rinse again under running water after five minutes, pat dry with a towel, and dry.
  • In no case, twist or squeeze the extensions; this will damage the curls and may lead to their loss from the basics.
  • Comb through clean hair thoroughly. The principle is the same as combing your own hair, divide it into strands, start at the ends and gradually rise to the crown. After the balm, the hair is combed well, but if you come across knots, detangle them with your fingers. Apply oil to hair to prevent brittle ends.
  • Natural hair is allowed to be styled with a warm hairdryer, but you should not get carried away with this process. The less you use thermal devices, the longer the build-up will last.

Hairstyles with hair extensions

Hairstyles with hair extensions

Using hair extensions, you can make a new hairdo every day. You should practice putting on different types of chevelure to find the best hair extensions for you. 

  • You should purchase false hair from specialty stores, where consultants will help you select it. 
  • It is necessary to choose extensions about the color and structure of your chevelure. Different extensions are attached in different ways; for example, halo extensions do not have hairpins; they stick to the line.
  • Before you start styling hair extensions, you should comb them thoroughly and spray them with thermal protection. 

The dreams of many girls come true thanks to the overhead strands. Let's take a closer look at the most beautiful hairdos with hair extensions.

Voluminous braid with long hair extensions

You can easily do a reverse french braid with long hair extensions

  1. The first step is to separate half the crown part strands with a horizontal parting, stabbing the strands with a hair clip. 
  2. Next, comb the curls around the roots, and secure the long hair extensions
  3. Then remove the hairpin from the head and lower the curls down. 
  4. The part of the hair, which is located at the forehead, is divided into three strands.
  5. Start braiding a spikelet. When the braiding has come to an end, the hair’s ends must tie with a scrunchie.

You can also do it with two braids. You need to divide the hair into two parts along the parting and fix the extensions under the hair roots. You can sprinkle hairspray on your chevelure to make it last longer.

Bouffant using halo extensions

An excellent hairdo using false hair will be a bouffant. You will need varnish, hairpins, and a comb to create a bouffant. You have to comb your chevelure. 

  1. Secure the halo extension and release your hair. 
  2. Next, you need to take a section of hair that is located at the forehead and lift it. 
  3. After that, comb it from top to bottom to add volume. Such actions with hair are carried out to the back of the head. 
  4. Chevelure in the temporal zone is fixed with hairpins and sprayed with hairspray.
  5. Remove the hairpins after the hairspray dries. You can comb the resulting hairdo a little to make it look neater.

Messy styling hair extensions 

Slightly tousled hair makes the look natural, feminine, light, and romantic. This styling option is very simple to create. 

  1. Comb your hair, attach false curls to it. 
  2. Next, make a braid, which should be especially slightly disheveled, after which it is fixed with a scrunchie. 

If you want to diversify and complement your hairstyle a little, you can use a scrunchie, which is usually used to perform Greek styling. On one side of the temporal zone, it is necessary to release a thin strand and curl it with a curling iron. You should spray the created hairstyle with hairspray at the end.

Side tail with hair extensions

Side tail with hair extensions

A low-side ponytail is another of the most effective styling. 

  1. You need to separate part of the strands on the crown zone using a horizontal parting to complete it. 
  2. You can then pin the extension or use hair ponytails extensions and pin them at the end. 
  3. The top of the hair is combed and pulled back. 
  4. You need to further separate a thin strand and braid a braid from it. 
  5. Ultimately, all chevelure is fixed with a scruchie and an inverted tail is formed, the base of which is wrapped in a strand. 

With the help of false hair, you get a spectacular lush hairdo that is suitable for every day and a special occasion.

Fishtail hairstyle

You need to comb your chevelure and make a side parting to do this hairdo. 

  1. Part of the curls must be separated with a horizontal parting and pinned with a hairpin. 
  2. Secure the extension and lower your hair.
  3. Take a thin curl from the side and twist it into a tourniquet. You need to gradually add new curls. 
  4. When the formed hairstyle reaches the neck’s level, you must temporarily fix the tourniquet with a hairpin.
  5. The same tourniquet will need to be made from the opposite side. Then the tail is tied, and the fishtail braid is braided.

You can stretch the strands in the braid a little for the hairdo to look more voluminous.

Retro style brushed hairdo

Retro style brushed hairdo

This elegant and graceful styling is perfect for social events and outings. 

  1. You need to separate part of the curls using a horizontal parting and fix it with a hair clip to make Retro style brushed hairdo. 
  2. Fasten hair extensions and pull hair down. 
  3. You must loosen the upper part of the hair, and separate a thin strand from this half, which should be sprinkled with varnish near the roots and combed lightly. 
  4. This strand must be held in an upright position for a short time and lowered down. You should do the same steps with the rest of the chevelure. 
  5. The sides remain smooth; they just need to be combed towards the back of the head and sprayed with hairspray. 
  6. The top layer of the bouffant should be combed using a fine comb. 

Comb the curls with your hands, or leave the strands straight and do not wrap them up. A headband or a beautiful hair clip can serve as a decoration for the styling.

Classic ponytail with hair extensions

The ponytail looks simple but beautiful hairdo which looks incredibly impressive on long curls. Therefore, if you don't have long chevelure, you can use hair ponytails extensions. This hairstyle is characterized by maximum practicality since tidy hair will never create discomfort throughout the day. Moreover, this hairstyle is perfect for work and going to a restaurant. 

  1. If you want a stylish ponytail, you need to comb your hair, collect it in a ponytail, and secure it with a scrunchie. 
  2. Hair ponytails extensions are attached with pins at the base of the tail. 
  3. You can hide the mount with any beautiful scarf. 
  4. Next, all that remains is to comb the tail.

Use extensions to look beautiful and effective and create voluminous hairstyles. You just need to choose the right color for the strands and determine the appropriate structure. In this article,  the styling that is right for you and your style. Stay always elegant and attractive with a chic hairdo.

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