Ways To Hide Thinning Hair With Clip Hairpieces

how to hide sparse hair

Few of the tender sex are satisfied with their appearance. Even body flaws are less troublesome than thin, sparse hair. Agree, bald patches in men are not uncommon, but they do not attach much importance to this problem because the bald head gives man charm and zest. As for the bald patches and sparse hair on women’s heads, here, things are exactly the opposite.

Women consider not only bald patches and sparse hair to be a serious problem but also are extremely embarrassed about this. There are many options to hide this flaw. You can use a clip-on hairpiece or bun wiglet to add volume to your hair.

Hair bun

You will learn how you can hide thin hair with a hairdo in this article.



How To Remove Bald Patches At Home?

When a woman is looking to get rid of a problem, then the easiest option that comes to mind is to seek advice from a hairdresser. As a rule, masters in such cases may recommend hiding bald patches on the brow under the bangs. Try to give up metal combs because this material quickly oxidizes, which has a detrimental effect on hair health.

Blonde long hair

Do not use cheap cosmetics for hair care, giving preference to natural products, including a minimum of chemical elements and a maximum of natural ingredients.

If you want to hide the lack of hair density, then the only solution to the problem will be correctly selected hairstyles with clips in hair pieces, hiding bald patches.

Contact Your Hairdresser

If you decide to select a hairdo that will hide the areas where there is no hair as much as possible, then contact a good specialist. A professional hairdresser will find the best solution and recommend the best hairstyles with a clip-on hairpiece to hide the defect.

The current option for women with thin hair is a haircut with bangs. Some women get used to combing their chevelure back, but this focuses too much on the brow and temporal part, where bald patches are most often localized.

Curly hair woman with hair clip

The main goal is to distract attention from these parts of your head. You can use fake hair bangs if you don't want to cut your chevelure. Professionals recommend refraining from too short haircuts, as such hairdos focus on areas where there is little hair.

A hairdresser must take into account the form of the face and the length of the neck when selecting a hairstyle. With thin chevelure, hairdressers use clip hairpieces to increase the volume of hair and hide imperfections. Long hair will be real salvation because it is easier to work with them, coming up with various forms.

A specialist can offer chevelure extensions, which are very relevant today. This procedure is loved not only by women suffering from baldnessbut also by owners of rare hair who want to increase their chevelure volume.

high bun with wiglet

Hair extensions are as natural as possible, so such strands are hardly noticeable to others today with a professional approach. Besides, you can use the wig bun to create trendy and stylish hairstyles.

High Bun With Wiglet For All Occasions

If you are a thin chevelure owner but want to refresh the image quickly, use the wig bun to make a stylish hairdo and hide flaws quickly. A high bun looks good with the strands’ structure, and the longer the hair, the richer and more voluminous the styling looks. Despite the restraint and timelessness, this hairstyle can surprise you with a variety of performances.

High Bun Hairstyle

Bangs and curls that fall over your face will add French chic to your bun, while fashion accessories like pearl hairpins and large bows will provide you with a star look. The combination of a high bun for long hair with a luxurious bun wiglet and hair accessories is especially loved, so the classic and strict styling becomes more stylish and modern.

How To Make A Tall Bun With A Wig? 

This hairdo is not challenging to create, even if you want to recreate a messy bun. All you need is a pair of fine elastic bands, a bun wiglet, a comb, and hairpins in your chevelure colour. We recommend using an extra-strong hold spray to complete the look.

  • Comb the entire length of your chevelure. A high bun looks best on clean hair, but it can also to do on the second or third day after cleaning. In the second case, dry shampoo will help to refresh and structure the curls.
  • Tie your chevelure into a high tail. If you want to create a fuller look, gently comb the strands.
  • Cover the tail around the base. Depending on your mood, the hairdo can be casual or more formal.
  • Slip a wig bun over the bun and secure with hairpins, then fix with hairspray.

Sparse chevelure is not a sentence because you can successfully fight this defect, interfering with women in everyday life with the right approach and the ability to mask your shortcomings.

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