3 Things to Know When Getting a Rainbow Hair Color Style

Rainbow hair color is a modern style element used not only by teenage girls but also by adult women and even men. Fashion does not stand still and is constantly being improved. Every year, fashion surprises more and more. Now people can emphasize their individuality and uniqueness, as well as express themselves through their style. Is it possible to create a youthful, bright, creative image without colored hairstyle or strands? It is possible, of course, but it will not be perfect, unfinished. Therefore, fashion decided to offer a new trend of cool colors hair.

Many major cities are opening salons that use bright colors. They began to produce more bright colors, tonics, tint shampoos, tonics, crayons with a rainbow set of colors.

Why is rainbow hair color becoming popular? Nowadays, there are more opportunities, the fashion and beauty industry is developing. People who wanted to have unusual hair color simply could not afford it; they were afraid of ridicule since society did not correctly perceive people with bright hair color. As a rule, manufacturers did not produce colored hair dyes before. Therefore, it was impossible to find it. Things are much simpler nowadays. Most have the Internet, where you can simply order that dye or crayons for hair at home; you can turn to a professional and order almost any hair dye.

Rose Gold Hair

What do you need for colored hair?

You need to find a good coloring master to get started. Then you need to sign up for a beauty salon where this master works. Then you have to lighten your hair. The whiter the hair, the brighter and richer you get the color, and the lightning quality will determine how long the dye will last on your hair. Reds are the most persistent colors; a yellow base is allowed for coloring in red.

  • Before staining, you need to wash your hair with a deep cleaning shampoo to wash off all dirt, fats, residues of oils, balms. The result of the coloring will depend on this. The hair dye is poorly washed off the skin, so you need to hide your ears, forehead or cover these places with a special greasy cream; it is essential not to get on your hair; otherwise, the hair dye will simply not take place.
  • Next, hair dye is applied to wet hair so that the paint consumption will be less, and it will be easier to apply it. Then the hair is wrapped in a plastic bag and heated for 15-20 minutes with a hairdryer. After a short break, you need to cool your hair for 10-15 minutes. To do this, you need to use a hairdryer with cold air. Cooling the hair with the dye promotes greater adhesion of the dye pigments, and the dye will not be washed out as much.
  • We wash off the head with cool water, and you get the desired cool colors of hair or color dyeing.

rainbow long hair

How to care for rainbow hair color?

If you want an intense hairstyle color, you must first make them light. Treating your rainbow hair will be very similar to the one you should use after bleaching. Combine this with treatments to solidify the color’s intensity and enjoy a beautiful rainbow or cool color hair effects for a very long time.

Here are some tips to follow to keep your colored hair in its best condition.

  • Frequent washing with regular shampoos can quickly wash out the color of the hair. So it's best to use gentle shampoos.
  • Gently washing with anti-dandruff shampoos. They tend to speed up the fading of bright hair.
  • Conditioner, shampoo, and conditioner again will allow us to protect the hair from the strong effect of shampoo, and thus, the color will be washed out more slowly.
  • Immediately after the dyeing procedure, as soon as you rinse the dye, acidifying the hair well will help you keep the intense rainbow hair for much longer. For this purpose, it is sufficient to use the popular vinegar or lemon gargle.
  • Avoid smudging your hair for a week after the rainbow color because some oils will make the color wash out faster.

Hair cosmetics after intensive hair coloring

Rainbow hair color needs a lot of regeneration, so remember to nourish them after each wash, and once a week, pamper yourself with a home spa hair salon. Healthy hair with well-closed scales retains its color much better, so it is worth considering its condition before dying. What are hair cosmetics used after intensive coloring?

  • Choose nourishing products that accentuate the color of your dyed hair and keep it shiny.
  • Look out for yeast in nutrients (especially for oily hair) as it can speed up the color fading.
  • Lemon added in large quantities to homemade masks can affect the lightening of colored hair.
  • To avoid color fading due to sun exposure, use products with UV filters.
  • No-rinse balms or conditioners contain silicones that form a protective coat on the hair. They will help prevent rapid loss of rainbow hair intensity.
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How to choose paint for bright coloring?

A real fashionista always keeps up with trends. It is essential to quickly and without harm to hair color change its color depending on the trend or the desire to bring more color and brightness. Therefore, manufacturers create temporary hair dyes in various shades, some of which can be mixed to create a unique shade. Most of the products are specially designed so that they are washed off after the first wash of hair, others after 10, some last longer.

  • Coloring spray for hair is ideal if you need to give a temporary color to an already finished hairstyle in a matter of seconds. As a rule, a coloring spray is either a bright shade or pastel with a light shimmer (pink, rose gold, mint, metallic) to make the hairstyle look even more festive. The spray is not applied to the entire surface of the hairstyle, only on the selected strands and elements, and must be fixed with hairspray.
  • The coloring jelly alternative to spray is easy and pleasant to use. It can be compared to makeup for hair because, thanks to it, you can highlight individual strands of hair, create a beautiful overflow of color. Washed off after the first shampoo. Suitable for any fashionable look.
  • A washable color balm is used for a longer-lasting effect on colored hair. Depending on the original hair color, you can choose any shade that will be washed off either after 5 or 15 shampoo applications. It is essential to pay attention to the fact that the dyeing result always depends on the original hair color, especially if it has been bleached.
  • Hair dye cream will allow you to completely dye your hair in trendy and delicious shades of Marsala, cherry, strawberry blond, and cool colors hair. With every stroke of the brush, you can precisely create the desired look. The pigments in the paint will perfectly reveal the gorgeous color and provide smooth shading and multifaceted shine of the color.
  • Cream paint is an excellent option for creating the perfect ombre, balayage, and even lightning at home.

Rainbow hair color has long ceased to be something out of the ordinary. Runway, street looks from the world capitals of fashion, colored strands of influencers and celebrities everywhere there is a place for hair of green, purple, gray, and red shades. Temporary hair coloring in bright colors will allow you to try a new look without harming your hair and drastically changing your image. With bright hair, you will not go unnoticed. A hairstyle with bright coloring looks unusual and fashionable, especially if the color is matched to your color type and the coloring technique is done correctly. There are countless ideas for temporary coloring. The main thing is to decide on the variety of colors!

Everyone can experiment with colors - blondes, brunettes, owners of light brown hair, redheads, young people, and those who have entered a beautiful age. The younger the age, the brighter the strands can be. The main thing is to care for your hair and consult a specialist properly.

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