Gray Hair: Trend 2022

Gray hair is in vogue today. More and more young people are choosing this shade. Women did everything to hide their gray hair in the past, but today it is in trend. The times when meticulous dyeing of gray hair was a standard, fortunately, are long behind us. Now many women, emphasize silver strands instead of hiding them. 

One of the ways to show off gray hair is the so-called gray blending. However, such colorization requires sacrifice and patience. Smoky hair is the latest Hollywood trend. Silvery hair is entering salons and more and more often ordered from the hairdresser. This shows how changeable fashion can be because women used to go out of their way to hide the first natural signs of gray hair.  If you are also considering changing your image, be sure to check what is involved in turning to gray hair. 

Gray, silver, and white hair is a fashionable trend now. There is nothing strange about it because they can look phenomenal. Remember, however, that what looks great in a photo may not necessarily look good in reality. It's best to go to a professional hair salon to make your hair gray. Gray hair is a fashionable trend that requires austerity and is not for everyone. What should you know about gray hair?

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Why is gray hair a 2022 trend?

Once upon a time, gray hair was associated with old age and neglect. The notion that it looks old and unsightly has just been disproved. Today we instead think of them as an expression of naturalness, freedom, and self-acceptance. Time is inevitable, and our appearance changes with age. You can try to fight it, accept it, or be somewhere in between. More and more celebrities proudly present gray hair: natural or dyed. Silver threads or whole strands are trendy. No wonder, given the importance of this color. Women with gray hair are perceived as wise, robust, and tenacious. It is believed that they are very self-confident, know what they want, and do not care about the opinions of others. They are individualists who will always get their way. Wearing gray hair takes courage and inspires respect. Sounds great, doesn't it?

Gray hair is no longer a reason to be ashamed and can even prove that you are perfectly aware of trends. The silvery-gray strands look cool and don't have to add years at all - and the best evidence of a change in perception is the popularity of gray colors, for example, in the hit shade oyster gray. 

It is also worth considering whether this change suits us. This color will not be beneficial for all skin types.

Who is the gray hair trend suitable for?

Who is the gray hair trend suitable for?

Yes, gray hair is not suitable for everyone. Even if you love gray hair, you have to think about whether you will feel good with it. Do not follow the trends blindly because you can treat yourself to an unattractive appearance. First of all, you need to remember that natural gray and silver hairstyles have a relatively cool shade. Therefore, they do not suit skin with a pink tint. Silver tones will not look good on spring or fall beauty. However, they fit the summer and winter type of beauty. Gray hair is for you if:

  • you have an olive or fair complexion that has cool tones such as blue and purple;
  • you feel great in silver jewelry;
  • you have blue, blue-green, green, or brown eyes;
  • you have a cool complexion.

You can use the hair extensions to try this color on yourself and define if it works well.

Beautiful, luminous gray or silver color is in most cases the result of more than one visit to the hairdresser. Of course, a lot depends on the starting color - the darker, the worse. In what sense is it worse? For perfect gray hair color, the hair must first be lightened. It is known that dark hair will need more lightning sessions before it is ready to adopt the new silver color.

Only in a professional salon, a hairdresser will give you professional advice and verify whether the indicated shade of gray is really for you, and if not, he will tell you what to choose to achieve the effect that will fully satisfy you. It will also indicate which care will be most appropriate for you.

How to make hair gray? How long it takes to switch to gray hair color!

How to make hair gray?

A beautiful gray color usually requires several visits to the hairdresser. You need to be ready for a lot of sacrifices, and above all, be patient. To achieve the silver tone of your hair, you first need to lighten the strands to an almost white blonde color. This, in turn, takes a long time and can become a burden on the hair, like practically any chemical treatment. Here are some tips: 

  • It is worth spending more money and using professional cosmetics to lighten and protect the hair during lightening. Because you need to lighten your hair before applying silver paint - and probably over a few sessions - you have to be prepared for a cost. Each subsequent visit to the salon generates additional expenses.
  • If you want to get such gorgeous hairstyles, it's worth going to a professional hair salon - especially if you have darker hair. Experimenting on your own can have different endings. The coloring effect, when done at home, can have harmful effects, such as red hair. 
  • Do you have light hair? Try to cool the color of your hair and give it silver undertones by using color conditioners. They won't change your hair color much, but they can change the shade of your hair. In the case of blonde hair, the effects should be excellent. 
  • You should notice here that conditioners and masks with pigments do not weaken the strands. They work just the opposite - they strengthen, smooth, and nurture them.

Coloring your hair gray is time-consuming because it is more complex. To obtain the desired effect, you will need some patience. 

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