10 Effective Steps when Caring for Dyed Hair

Getting hair dyed is what each woman has considered getting at least once. Getting your hair dyed helps you switch your look instantly and give you a relaxing feel. It all depends on your mood and feelings; you can get a green dye if you feel like getting this color. 

You have a number of other color options that you can go for. You don't always have to dye out your complete hair; sometimes you can dye just one portion or sometimes just the ends. It all depends on which style you opt for.

When you get all comfortable in the hair color you have opted for yourself, there it starts! You need to take care of this comfort. Hair is an important factor in determining the beauty of an individual. It is not just limited to women, but men get hair dyes too.

Knowing how to take care of dyed hair is important because if proper hair care isn't given then your hair is more likely to damage or breakage. Here are a few tips that can help you take care of your dyed hair.

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10 Principles of Caring for Dyed Hair

1. Specifically Designed Shampoos and Conditioners

Don't use regular shampoos on your dyed hair and avoid using harsh shampoos because they can damage your hair very badly and its texture can become very rough. There are many companies that make shampoos and conditioners for dyed hair. These companies include L’Oreal and TRESemme.

Try these products according to your hair color and get smooth effects. After you shampoo your hair, make sure you use the conditioner and let it leave on your hair for a few minutes. Then wash out the conditioner properly, it will make your dyed hair smooth and bring shine to them.

2. Be Careful in Washing

Don't wash your hair excessively because washing hair more than enough can lead to damaging your hair dye and might cause hair fall. Did you know that more than 50% of our daily hair fall occurs when we are washing our hair, that too right after we get it dyed?

So, make sure you are gentle with your hair while washing them after a fresh hair dye. Additionally, remember not to get too rough with your hair right after a dye as that can cause your dye color to stain and not look as good on your hair.

Experts recommend that individuals should opt for slow circular motions in their hair while washing it after getting it dyed. Moreover, try patting it down to get the shampoo out rather than tugging on it.

We don’t want you spoiling your fresh hair dye right after getting it done, so stay clear of rigorous washing!!! Be gentle with your hair to make the dye last longer.

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3. Avoid Using Heat Styling Tools

Your hair already has gone through chemicals that have changed your hair color. If more heat is applied to hair, hair damage and breakage will result. Avoid using heat styling products like iron curlers, straighteners, and blow dryers. If there is some emergency and you don't want to go out with wet hair, then blow-dry your hair using cold air. This will protect your hair from damage and will prevent hair fall.

4. Wear A Cap When You Go Out in The Sun

Whenever you go out in the sun, try to protect your hair from the rays of the sun. Protect your dyed hair from ultraviolet rays which can be extremely damaging for your hair. It is always a good idea to keep a cap or a hat with you which protects your hair from direct sunlight.

5. Avoid Using Hot Water

Whenever you take a bath, make sure you use normal temperature water or cold to wash your dyed hair. Hot hair isn't considered good for dyed hair because it can damage your hair and make it look rough and unpresentable.

Haven’t you heard experts say that in winters after having a hot shower, always turn on cold water to quickly rinse your hair? Yes! Well, that is exactly for this reason, hair dye can be washed out with hot water, but if you use cold water, it will last much longer.

Moreover, to protect the quality of your hair after getting it dyed, cold hair washes are always recommended. While a cold shower may cause you to freeze in the winters, you need to put the quality of your freshly dyed hair first!

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6. Don't Try New Hair Products

Your dyed hair requires proper care which doesn't mean that you go on trying new products on your hair. Remember your dyed hair is not the place to get something tested on. Avoid using new hair products, only use those hair products which you trust completely and find reliable.

7. Oiling

Give your hair the oils essential for hair health. Oil your hair regularly when you feel like your hair is getting too dry. You can also use coconut oil for your hair which ensures hair smoothness and gives your hair strength and brings shine to it. Applying coconut oil also reduces hair fall and protects hair from hair damage and breakage.

8. Carefully Select Your Hairbrush

Be careful in the selection of your hairbrush. Try to invest in a good hairbrush because low-quality hairbrushes can be damaging not just for dyed but also for normal hair. Purchase a good hairbrush and brush your hair when needed. Make sure, you gently brush your hair starting from the ends and moving towards the roots. Going this way will protect your hair from breakage.

9. Air Dry Your Hair

After you wash your hair, use a microfiber towel, or put a piece of cloth around it so that the water in the hair is absorbed. This will make your hair partially dry and then you can leave your hair to air dry. This is a better option than blow-drying your hair which causes hair damage.

10. Avoid Hot Temperature and Humidity

Try to protect your hair from humidity and hot temperatures which can bring oil in your dyed hair and that will give your hair an unpleasant sight. Similarly, protect your hair from hot temperatures, and don't use anything on hair that has heat.

Now you know that you have to be careful in the selection of hair products for dyed hair. You have to be gentle with your hair and use shampoos and conditioners which are made for dyed hair particularly. You need to protect your hair from heat, sunlight, and ultraviolet rays.

You need to limit the use of heat styling tools like iron curlers or conditioners which can cause hair damage and breakage. You have to wash your hair with normal temperature water, make sure you know that hot water can be damaging for dyed hair. You need to provide nourishment to your dyed-through oils.

You can use any oil good for your hair and coconut is always a reliable option. Keep a cap or a hat with you so whenever you go out in the sun, your hair is protected from heat exposure. Let your hair air dry instead of drying them blow dryers.

Invest in a good quality hairbrush that will keep your dyed hair healthy and give it a refreshing look. On the whole, make sure that your dyed hair remains smooth and soft and looks sassy.

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Remember to Always Take Care of Dyed Hair!!

People dye their hair for a number of reasons, sometimes it's to make sure they can hide their grey hair, while other times it's just so they can have a bit of a change. Our hair is something we can always experiment with, allows us to explore our own fashion choices, and it is a means through which we can portray personal style and individuality! Therefore, our hair is very important to us and must be kept well.

Getting hair dyed is an easy process, but without proper care afterward, chances are that hair quality will deteriorate. Therefore, follow the tips and tricks mentioned above and ensure that you maintain perfect, silky, and shiny hair. Remember to always make use of top-quality products and materials to enable your hair to grow in a healthy manner.

This means using shampoos and conditioners which are suited to dyed hair. Additionally, oil your hair frequently, make use of premium quality hairbrushes, and most importantly wash your hair with cold water!!! Hair care for dyed hair is essential, so do not disregard it. This way your hair dye will last longer, it will look fresh for more time, and your hair will look perfect!

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