How To Establish The Proper Hair Care Routine: for Beginners

Have you ever felt embarrassed about your hair's health? Receipts and DIYs from your favorite IG blogger didn't help? Don't be afraid and do not hurry to think that you are looking after your hair incorrectly, maybe you just need to adjust your hair care routine or start to eat more healthy food. It is equally important to choose a suitable shampoo, which will be appropriate for this or that type of hair.

As you can understand, every kind of hair requires an individual approach. You should follow the appropriate schedule and act responsibly to get things done. But be forewarned — proper care costs money. What's there to say? Beauty is pain. 

Today we will talk about all the hair types, discuss what is allowed to do and what is not, and learn what to eat to improve our hair condition together.

Check out the info below and discover some new tips and tricks on following a hair care routine.

woman going through her hair care routine

Why is the hair care routine important?

At first, a proper hair care routine is necessary because it will improve and stabilize your hair condition and health. It is an essential process for representatives of both sexes. Genetic propensity may cause harmful consequences, but a healthy lifestyle, including good nutrition, may prevent different unpleasant conditions. 

Basic facts about hair types:

  • The straight kind of hair differs from others by its strength. Also, it would be interesting to know that straight hair is the most common type. If you have a straight hair type, you are lucky because you will have no difficulties experimenting with your haircut.
  • Wavy hair doesn’t curl throughout the hair length, and you can notice only light curls until the hair finish.  A wavy kind of hair is incredibly acceptable and suitable for experimenting. You can determine curly hair by waves from the beginning till the hair’s end. Curly hair is tough and usually frizzed.
  • Kinky hair is so-called “afro” or “coily,” kinky hair has the most tangled curls with a rough texture. Afro hair is very breakable, so this type requires a very demanding and careful care routine.

Instruction for looking after straight hair 

Shampooing procedure

    Try not to wash it more than 2-3 times per week, as recommended. While looking for a suitable one, ignore products that contain sulfate, which can cause dry hair. 

    Proper caring  

      As straight hair doesn't require special care, you can save on care and health.  When we talk about long hair and a care routine, a procedure of condition has been an important point. Choose a conditioner with helpful substances — like coconut oil which will moisturize and nourish your hair. It will be better to use a soft conditioner to nourish your hairdo.

      Styling questions

        Apply some mousse after shampooing to fix your curls. Also, you can save the wet look for your hair by following the same way. To not let it become kinky, use a texturizing aerosol to add a needed texture and fix your hair.

        Instruction for looking after wavy hair

        Shampooing procedure

          Don't abuse the shampooing procedures. Your wavy hair needs to be enriched by sebum, so try to clean it not more often than 1-2 times per week. As for straight, the same goes for a wavy kind of hair — prefer the shampoo with no sulfate.

          Proper caring  

            An inalienable point in your care schedule is to let various useful elements and vitamins feed your hair.

            What to do with the damaged hair ends? It is recommended to trim them, but you also can solve that problem by trimming them. Regular cutting your hair will never hurt.

            Styling questions

              Bride your hair while preparing for sleep. The shape of curls ultimately depends on the number of brides which you will make. What do you know about hair scrunching? It is the most popular procedure among the owners of wavy hair. Just volumize and define your hair by a couple of simple movements. You can discover how to scrunch your hair here.  It will help your hair to look wet. After applying a conditioner, let your hair dry, don't rewash it. 

              Instruction for looking after curly hair

              Shampooing procedure

                That's where shampoo with no sulfate comes in again. Curly hair is typically dry because curls serve as a barrier for the natural oils to move from the roots along the hair length, requiring a particular care routine and regular moisturization. Don't use harsh shampoos, and if it is necessary, consult a dermatologist while looking for a suitable product.

                How often do I need to wash my curly hair? It is a very common question. You can wash it about two times per week, as is recommended. But don't abuse, to prevent an extra production of sebum, which can make your scalp greasy. 

                Proper caring  

                  The curly hair is typically dry, so you should keep it moisturizing by combining a conditioner with some essential oil for better managing your care routine. Owners of curly hair usually have difficulties with combing it. It may cause less pain while doing it in the shower under the water flow. Also, you will reduce the amount of lost hair.

                  Styling questions

                    Style your hair with a blow-dryer with a diffuser attachment, which will help fix it in the correct form to avoid it becoming tangled. Put a bit of texturizing cream after cleaning your hair to add a more defined appearance to your curls. Also, you can refresh your hairstyle by purchasing a JuvaBun curly bun. Check out our shop and discover the products and reviews about them.

                    Instructions for looking after afro hair

                    Shampooing procedure

                      As you know, afro hair is the most breakable kind of hair, and it requires a particular care routine. As we said before, many shampoos contain sulfate, which dries the hair and clears away the innate grease. Start using a soft shampoo with no sulfate to clean your coily hair without spoiling it, and remember to do it no more often than once per week. 

                      Proper caring  

                        Don't forget to wet it at least twice a week to keep moisture. Afro hair is troubled enough, so it requires a special care routine, which includes:

                        1. The procedure is called “deep condition.” Your hair usually requires something, and you should meet its needs. Afro hair requires regular hydration to maintain its healthy appearance and wavy shape.
                        2. Hot oil treatment. Use coconut and olive oil for providing a significant moisture increase.
                        3. Only satin pillows. They won't absorb the moisture from your hair and will prevent it from being dry.

                        Styling questions

                          Remember to work only with wet hair to reduce the possible pain and potentially unpleasant situations. Any owner of kinky hair can’t imagine their hair care routine without the help of the conditioner. It will help to reduce the amount of lost hair, and it usually simplifies a procedure. Be careful while combing and use a wide-toothed tool. The better place for that procedure is right in the shower. 

                          If you want an afro hairstyle but your hair isn't fit for the style, then you can use afro hair extensions. Visit the Shop.

                          list of foods to eat in the hair care plan

                          Proper nutrition is a necessary item in the hair care routine

                          When looking after long hair, it is essential to consider your daily nutrition by following one of your list of care routine items — proper diet. So many people dream about healthy hair. 

                          A balanced diet with sufficient nutrients can provide hair growth and a healthy appearance. We advise you to add in your nutrition these products: eggs, avocados, oily fish, meat, spinach, and berries. Eggs are a good source of protein, which can boost the speed of hair growth. The same goes for avocados and oily fish, which are rich in vitamin E. If you are suffering from losing your hair, eating berries, which can feed your body with vitamin C will be a solution.

                          For more health tips to bring out your beautiful hair, visit JuvaBun.

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