How To Take Care of Gray Hair?

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Do you always get stunned when you look in the mirror and see a strand of grey hair? Do you feel like all hell is breaking loose and you just don’t know what to do? Well, have no fear, because JuvaBun is here! It is very important to take care of gray hair because your hair defines your beauty.

While disheveled gray hair can represent an ugly look, well-maintained gray hair can do wonders. Taking care of gray hair isn’t difficult when you have a number of natural methods. Women typically find it very difficult to maintain gray hair, but this problem is no more a big problem! These days we have top-of-the-line products, remedies, and so much more to help us girls ensure that our hair always looks on fleek!

This article will enlighten you about why your hair turns grey, some natural ways that you can use to take care of your gray hair, as well as some interesting facts about grey hair to add to your knowledge, keep on reading till the end so you know how many hair follicles a human head has on average!


Why Does Hair Turn Gray?

Maintaining gray hair is just like maintaining colored hair, requiring certain hair products such as using shampoos which are required for gray hair. Before, you explore ways through which you can maintain your gray hair naturally and understand why hair turns gray.

There are two major reasons that make your hair turn gray. The first is if you have it in your genes or have inherited it from any family member. The second and the most important reason behind this is the underproduction of melanin in your body.

As the person grows old, the human body stops producing melanin which makes hair turn gray. This pigment is responsible for giving distinct colors to your eyes, skin, and hair.

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8 Natural Ways To Rejuvenate Your Gray Hair

Although there are many salons which are offering services for maintaining gray hair, there are other ways too that you can adopt and maintain your gray hair naturally.

1. Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner for Gray Hair

The first thing that you should be considered for the maintenance of gray hair is using the right hair products. This includes the right shampoo and the right conditioning products because gray hair can get frizzy and can look dull if not properly maintained.

There are many shampoos approved by experts and are considered to be the best shampoos for gray hair. These include Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo, Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo, Philip Kingsley Pure Silver Shampoo, and many more. All of these products can be shopped from hair products stores nearby or from Amazon.

2. Get the Right Haircut

Getting the right haircut is mandatory to give yourself a well-defined look. Go for hair trimming regularly whether you want to keep your hair long or short. Getting the right haircut will make you feel younger and more comfortable.

Women find it difficult to organize gray hair properly; therefore, a good haircut can get them rid of this problem and they can always show up with well-managed hair after getting a haircut. If you pick the right style, gray hair can look good on you.

3. Keep Your Hair Well-Nourished

Hair supplements are considered to be the source of nourishment for weak hair. With aging, women are in need of more supplements either for the hair or the skin.

To maintain their hair, it is important that they pick up some hair supplements and start using them. Usually, gray hair turns thinner; therefore, taking these supplements will add volume to your hair by thickening it.

4. Protect Your Gray Hair from The Heat

Gray hair has the tendency to burn quickly because of its texture. While using hot tools such as straighteners and blow dryers, you should be cautious while reshaping your hair.

You need to invest money in good heat tools which can control the temperature easily. While using these tools, make sure that you do not exceed 350 degrees, and when you are blow-drying make sure that it doesn’t remain on one part of the hair for long.

5. Try Air Drying

In order to minimize the use of heat styling tools, try air drying because it’s a healthier method for drying hair. All you need to do is to keep your hair in a towel after taking a bath.

After 10 to 15 minutes, when you feel that there is no water left in your hair, remove the towel, and let air dry your hair naturally. Because white hair needs extra care; therefore, try going for this method of drying your hair.

6. Regular Hair Brushing

Try investing in a good hairbrush because it is the hairbrush that makes your hair grow and look healthy. It has been proved by the experts that if you want your gray hair to become healthy and look shiny, you need to brush them regularly. After six weeks of proper hair brushing, you will start seeing positive changes in your hair.

7. Wash Once a Week

Because over-shampooing and excessive hair washing can dry your hair, adversely affecting its texture. Therefore, you should wash your gray hair at least once a week. Rough texture can affect your look and make you feel uncomfortable. However, washing once a week will improve your hair texture.

8. Apply Apple Vinegar with Your Shampoo

Applying apple vinegar on your hair will make your hair less frizzy and smoothen it. In this method, you need to take a few tablespoons of apple vinegar and mix them with your shampoo. Then, you need to apply the mixture to your hair for at least ten minutes. Wash your hair and rinse it out and the effect will be in front of you.

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Interesting Facts About Gray Hair

Did you know that the human head has 100,000 to 150,000 follicles on average? If not, Let’s talk about it today and learn something more. Each follicle operates separately from the other. Your hair gets its pigment from Melanin otherwise the unpigmented state of the hair is white.

Hair graying has something to do with catalase, an enzyme present in our body that converts hydrogen peroxide in the cells to oxygen and water. As someone grows a holder, Catalase is reduced in the body which means that hydrogen peroxide starts building up and the hair is bleached on the inside.

Graying also occurs because it is inherited. Sometimes you see people with gray hair who are under 30, this is because this is in their genes, and they have inherited it from their family. Sometimes, it is the race that demonstrates when your hair will start graying. For example, Asians gray in their late thirties, African Americans gray when they turn 40 and Caucasians gray when they are in their mid-thirties.

If you take out one gray hair, it will not cause multiple gray hairs to grow. This is an old myth that needs to be eradicated from society because each follicle in hair contains only one hair. If you pluck one follicle, it will not cause multiple hairs to grow. However, don’t pluck your hair excessively because it stops hair production and damages follicles badly.

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Are You Ready to Take Care of Your Grey Hair?

While some people like to keep their hair grey, others aren’t so fond of this color as it is a sign of old age. If you are one of those individuals who want to get rid of grey hair, then follow some of these natural remedies that will take care of your grey hair within days.

These remedies and solutions are not only extremely easy, but you can also implement them in less than a few minutes on your hair, so it is something you can do on a weekly basis to maintain sleek, healthy, and stunning hair.

Taking care of gray hair isn’t difficult, it just requires your effort. Invest in a good hairbrush, good hair products, get the right haircut, and start taking hair supplements. Apart from keeping your hair well-nourished, protect them from heat and avoid using heat tools excessively because they can damage your hair adversely.

Go for natural ways of drying your hair which include using a towel and then air drying. Wash your hair once a week and apply apple vinegar to your hair to get smoothening effects. So, if you opt for all these ways from now, you are getting well-organized and properly maintained gray hair very soon.

Aside from these remedies, make sure that you are using premium quality products on your hair. Treat your hair like royalty or the quality of your hair may deteriorate. Remember to only use high-quality and top-shelf products on your hair.

There are numerous great hair brands available in the market but check out the product catalog for JuvaBun as well. All our hair products, extensions, and wigs are tried and tested to ensure that they will keep your hair healthy and beautiful!