How To Take Care Of Damaged Hair? 10 Repair Tips

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Every day, because of the wrong washing and brushing, hot air drying, our hair becomes damaged and brittle. There is even an opinion that only scissors can help to repair damaged hair. But this is wrong! If damaged hair is properly cared for, it can return its beautiful appearance. Damaged hair requires special and careful treatment. The problem is that the situation gets worse due to frequent washing and the use of inappropriate cosmetics. And then one day you realize that you can’t do without restoring damaged hair.

Damaged hair care includes special products, masks and vitamins, and sometimes salon procedures.

What Are the Types of Hair Damage?

Hair reacts differently to damages: some lose density and volume, others fall out and split, sometimes break. Here are the most common signs of damage:

  1. Loss. The first sign of hair health deterioration is the unusually large amount of hair that remains on the brush. Solving the problem of hair loss is the first step of damaged hair care. If you think that you have lost too much hair or it lacks volume, use false strands or hair buns. It’s absolutely safe for your own hair and you сan wait until it is repaired.
  2. Split ends. When the hair splits, its shaft stratifies into two or three plates. The cause of trichoptilosis (as this problem is scientifically called) is frequent aggressive styling, which destroys the outer layer of the hair and damages its shaft.
  3. Dryness. Hot air and curling irons act like desert air, removing life-giving moisture from hair. Dryness is a direct consequence of this process. Due to the lack of moisture, the hair becomes brittle: it’s almost impossible to brush it without loss.
  4. Dandruff. Constant exposure to high temperatures during styling leads to metabolic disorders of the scalp. So, dandruff is another common sign of the necessity of damaged hair care.
  5. Dullness. Lack of shine is a sign of a lack of nutrients, moisture, or improper care. As a result, the cuticle scales don’t stick tightly to the hair shaft and reflect light poorly.
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Causes of Hair Damage

So why does hair become brittle, fall out, or damaged?

  1. Passion for hair beauty treatments. Trying to improve the hair appearance for a short time, women often damage and weaken it. The main mistake is the lack of expert support. Straightening, dyeing, lightening, bleaching, even perming are not so bad if they are carried out under the supervision of specialists and if you carefully follow their recommendations.
  2. Hot styling. Hot curling irons, stylers, curlers, and similar products can worsen hair if used without heat protection. With frequent use, you will need damaged hair care soon.
  3. Hairstyles that tighten the hair. Bundles, if worn too often, lead to mechanical hair damage and disrupt blood circulation of the scalp. This also applies to tight braids, ponytails, and other tight high hairstyles.
  4. Frequent washing and drying with a hairdryer. Styling is impossible without proper drying. But a hairdryer dries hair too much, so as washing. If you wash your hair after every time you go outside, the hair will become hopelessly dry.
  5. Improper or insufficient brushing. Carelessness is a recent trend, but not brushing your hair for weeks is a direct road to damaged hair care. Brushing too often and aggressively is also harmful.
  6. Frequent hair dye. Quite often, hair becomes unkempt, split, and dry after dyeing or curling. Chemicals spoil the structure of the hair, and improper care only worsens the situation.
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TOP 10 Tips on Repairing Damaged Hair

It is worth starting damaged hair care by changing the rules of daily routine. It is unacceptable to use aggressive methods of drying or styling, as well as dyeing and curling. Instead, you should use only gentle methods that don’t destroy the weakened hair structure.

Hair rescue is a rather long process, and the first results will be noticeable only after some time of the restoration procedures. So, how to take care for damaged hair? Let's start with the basics: choosing a shampoo and the frequency of washing.

TIP 1: Damaged hair shouldn’t be washed too often. You don't need to wash your hair every day! If you have a normal hair type, you need to wash it about once every three days. Use only special products for washing damaged hair.

Shampoo must contain proteins, natural oils, and vitamins. Yolk and wheat proteins are needed to restore the hair structure, as they not only help to strengthen but also to restore it.

    TIP 2: Natural oils will help to moisturize hair, restore and protect it from the negative effects of environmental factors. But remember: not every oil is suitable for damaged hair care. For example, olive is perfect for accelerating hair growth, as well as giving it shine, but it can’t completely restore hair structure.

    But there are other options: wheat germ oil, sea buckthorn, burdock, carrot seed, soybean, avocado. The presence of these oils in your shampoo will help your hair return its beauty and strength faster.

      TIP 3: How to care for damaged hair only with shampoo? You need to use it correctly: try to apply a little shampoo while washing your hair, as its excess washes away the protective film from the scalp. Also, try not to massage your scalp while washing. This stimulates the production of sebum, so the hair gets dirty faster.

        TIP 4: After using the shampoo, be sure to pamper your hair with conditioner or balm. It’s better when it’s from the same product line as your shampoo. A couple of times a week, you should use a regenerating mask for damaged hair care. The basis of these masks should be the same as shampoos oils, protein complex, and vitamins.

          TIP 5: You can make hair masks and wraps yourself or buy ready-made products for damaged hair care from trusted brands. Such masks should contain natural vegetable oils that heal hair olive, burdock, peach, almond, as well as argan oil, shea, and jojoba butter.

            TIP 6: Products for damaged hair won’t solve your problem if you don’t exclude all the negative factors of influence. For example, never brush your hair when it’s wet, as it’s most vulnerable at this time. Wait for the hair to dry completely, and then use a wide-toothed comb or brush. Hold the hair at the roots while brushing to reduce stretching.

              TIP 7: Damaged hair should always be brushed very carefully and effortlessly. At the same time, it’s helpful to use conditioner or spray on hair to make brushing easier. The brush should be with non-sharp teeth, preferably wooden it prevents hair loss.

                TIP 8: How to care for damaged hair? Forget about using a hairdryer, curling iron, and styler. Hot air is completely contraindicated for your hair. It’s best for the hair to dry itself without your help. If it’s impossible, then from time to time you can use a hairdryer, but the air should be warm.

                  TIP 9: Various hairstyles with braids, tails, elastic bands, and hairpins break the hair structure, so you have to forget about various accessories for a while. Your hair should be loose only and in no case do the bouffant. If you really need to do a hairstyle, it’s better to use hair buns and don’t injure your own hair.

                    TIP 10: If split ends spoil your hair, then you have two options: cut them off or use special restoring oils. The oils will help to return a beautiful look to your hair. But if the hair ends are very badly damaged, even they don’t help.

                    In this case, it is recommended to trim the hair a few centimeters to get rid of the split areas. Hair will definitely look better, and it will grow faster. In the future, try to trim split ends every 6-8 weeks.

                      woman with damaged hair in a beauty salon

                      How to Take Care of Damaged Hair in A Beauty Salon?

                      Hair Lamination

                      Salons have been offering lamination in the list of their services for over 10 years, and all this time the procedure is in demand. Stylists promise that after the visit your hair will become manageable and shiny, and this effect will last for 1-2 months. This procedure is not recommended for brittle, dry, freshly colored hair. It is worth treating them from the inside before using lamination. 

                      Hair botox

                      Hair Botox is done in several stages. First, the hair is washed with shampoo for deep cleansing and slightly dried. A serum with an active substance is applied to each strand and left for 10-15 minutes. Then a special composition is applied that seals the hair cuticle.

                      It contains keratin, amino acids, and vitamins. Sometimes the last stage is fixed with hot air or a styler. As a result, the strands are smoothed, become shiny, the effect of electrified hair is eliminated. The effect lasts for 2-3 months.


                      How to care for damaged hair medically? Mesotherapy belongs to the category of medical services. We strongly advise you to go to a trustworthy clinic. During mesotherapy, specialists use specially selected cocktails, which are injected into the scalp.

                      This allows the necessary substances to be delivered to the area responsible for hair growth and strength. The course of procedures allows you to solve such problems as dryness, brittleness, hair loss, as well as make it healthy, strong and accelerate its growth. The effect lasts from 6 months to a year.

                      Keratin Treatment

                      First, the hair is washed with a special shampoo for deep cleansing. After that, a special composition is applied to the strands. It consists of natural and useful components for the hair: minerals, protein, oils, 90% keratin, natural extracts.

                      Under a plastic cap, the composition is warmed up for 10 minutes. Then the strands are dried with a hairdryer and the effect is fixed with an iron. After keratin treatment, hair should be smooth, manageable, and shiny. The effect lasts up to 4 months.

                      Now you know how to take care of damaged hair. Follow these guidelines and your hair will grow beautiful and healthy. Get more Juvabun insights by visiting our main page.

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