6 Home-made Hair Masks For Oily Hair

home hair masks

Oily chevelure owners always suffer from rapid pollution, the inability to comb the curls along the entire length, and damaged ends. A commodity for chevelure successfully fights over sebum. The popularity of commodities for chevelure is growing: they do not contain chemicals, are safe, effective, and allow you to stay within the budget. 

Before cooking a self-made mask for oily hair, you have to test the mixture for an allergic reaction. A few drops of the finished composition are applied to a small area of ​​sensitive skin. Redness, burning, and other unpleasant sensations are a signal that the remedy is not appropriate for you.

If the detergents you are making are not appropriate for your type of curls, you can probably face the problem of excessive fat content at the roots and dryness at the ends. It turns out this way because the care product is incorrectly selected, the shampoo does not cleanse the scalp well, and more fat accumulates. And it turns out that due to the strong fat content at the roots, you begin to wash your chevelure more often, but the tips at the same time become weaker, thinner, and dry. Let's see what home hair masks you should try.



What hair masks can you do at home?

Let's look at popular recipes that you can easily repeat using regular groceries from the store.

It should be noted that home hair masks’ main goal is to reduce the secretion of fat. Therefore, you can often find alcohol-containing components, as well as acidic products in the composition. These ingredients dry out the skin and act aggressively on the strands. Remedies must be applied correctly not to harm the hairdo.

Essential rules for hair care:

  • Products need to be good rubbed into the skin and enveloped your head. Place it over a plastic bag or shower cap to avoid staining the towel. A towel is needed to create a thermal effect, so the remedy starts to work faster.
  • If you have oily hair and dry ends, then apply the mask only to the scalp. Nourishing argan oil or olive oil is ideal for the tips.
  • It is necessary exclusively in warm water to wash off the remedies and clean your chevelure.
  • Masks should be done regularly, at least two times a week, to see the result.
  • Do not comb your chevelure immediately after washing; let it dry a little. So you will harm the structure of the curl less.
  • Use only combs made from natural materials. Metal should be completely abandoned.

Home hair mask against oily roots

You will need mustard powder, warm water, three spoons of clay (black or green), one spoonful of melted honey, and one spoon of citrus fresh.

Dissolve dry mustard with water, add clay, honey and citrus fresh and blend gently. Use the natural mask for hair to the leather and massage tenter into the roots. Then stretch the comb along the entire length of the curls, especially on dry ends. You have enveloped your chevelure with a towel. Leave this commodity on chevelure for 40 minutes, and gargle.

The blood supply to the leather is activated thanks to mustard oils, its fat content is eliminated, and the growth of plies is enhanced. The sebaceous glands’ work slows down; the roots are saturated with trace elements potassium and iron, zinc and magnesium.

Natural mask for oily hair

Natural strengthening and growing mask for oily hair

You will need honey, one spoonful of freshly squeezed aloe juice, one spoonful of citrus fresh, and one clove of garlic.

Blend all components, and your remedy is ready. Tender rub the blend into the leather and let it sit on your chevelure for half an hour so that the components in the composition slowly remove grease and feed the roots. The composition is washed off.

The natural honey features eliminate dandruff, remove oiliness, heal the leather, recover the chevelure structure, and activate their rise.

Nourishing mask

A mixture of vegetable and cosmetic oils, enriched with citrus juice, improves the sebaceous glands’ functioning and saturates the chevelure with vitamins.

You will need one spoon of olive oil, one spoon of almond oil (can be substituted with coconut oil), one spoon of peach seed oil, one spoon of burdock oil, one spoon of the juice of any citrus fruit (lemon, orange or grapefruit).

You need to mix all the oils. If you do not have any oil, another one can successfully replace it. After that, pour in citrus fresh and nutritive chevelure. The commodity has to be applied to the leather and rubbed into the roots with light movements; the remains can be distributed over all chevelure. You must hold the nourishing remedy for at least 40 minutes and then gargle.

Volumizing mask for oily hair

Volumizing mask for oily hair

You can prepare a gelatin-based mixture to strengthen weakened, oleaginous chevelure. The formula for the miracle anti-fat mixture is simple. You will need gelatin, half a glass of aqua, citrus fresh, a crumb of one slice of black bread.

Dissolve gelatin in aqua in a water bath or steam. Add citrus fresh and brown bread crumb to the cooled mixture. Stir everything until puree. Apply the mixture to the roots and hold for no more than an hour, then rinse. After the commodity, it is advisable to gargle your chevelure with a decoction of herbs.

The root system is reinforced; the curls are saturated with protein. Each strand is enveloped with a protective film, the chevelure becomes healthier, and the hairdo acquires volume and splendour. After a pleasant and useful procedure, the curls shine with health and are easy to fit.

Oak bark to normalise the sebaceous glands

The home-made recipe is affordable, and you will need an alcohol tincture of oak bark and one raw egg. Alcohol tincture of oak bark must be blended with a raw egg. Use the mass to cleanly wash the chevelure, then gargle. You will be able to see the effect after 2-3 procedures.

Oak bark is a powerful antibacterial agent. It regenerates leather cells, improves chevelure structure, and dries oily curls. A commodity-based on oak bark successfully fights dandruff, breakage, and hair loss.

Revitalising hair mask

Revitalising hair mask

An egg remedy will help restore chevelure, especially if the roots are desiccated. The classic mixture effectively fights sheen. It is not difficult to make. You will need two eggs, one spoonful of water, one spoonful of alcohol.

Blend the yolks with a whisk until a white foam is obtained, add water and alcohol, and blend everything. The mixture should be immediately applied to cleanly washed chevelure and rubbed into the roots, stretched with a comb along the curls’ entire length. The remedy should stay on the chevelure for 30 minutes and then gargle.

The profits of the procedure are due to the rich nutritional composition of eggs. Vitamins A, B, E, D, and a mixture of fatty acids strengthen chevelure and enhance its growth. Regular procedures with this mask make the hair delicate and flossy, giving it a natural shine.

masks for hair extensions

Do you need to make masks for hair extensions?

If you have natural chevelure extensions, then you can use any organic commodities to it. Since such chevelure does not receive natural moisture, remedies based on oils will be quite useful. The idem to chevelure on pins that consist of natural strands. Do not forget that chevelure extensions should be carefully cleaning under the shower.

If you have synthetic chevelure, you can use oils to soften the structure. Natural masks for hair even make synthetic chevelure softer and more pliable. Remember that synthetic chevelure doesn't like hot temperatures, so avoid hot water and a hairdryer at high temperatures.

Herbal decoctions enhance the effect of remedies aimed at eliminating the oily chevelure. St. John's wort and nettle, mint, and birch, plantain, and sage help normalise the sebaceous glands, strengthen the follicles, restore the structure of damaged strands and add shine.

After the remedy and cleaning, it is recommended to rinse the chevelure with the herbal decoction. It can be one species or a mix of several herbs. Seek out or JuvaBun tips for more information on hair health.

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