Fabric Headband Trends This Year

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Many women wear long hair, but they often start to get in the way, so they need to be removed and done beautifully. A great accessory that allows you to pick up curls is the fabric headband. It can be the highlight of any look.

Benefits of Having a Hairband Hairstyle

A headband is an exciting and unusual accessory that can diversify any everyday look. It is not only a fashionable decoration but also a convenient way to change your hairstyle. This accessory can attract the attention of others and draw it to your irresistible curls.

  • The main advantage of such a feminine attribute is that it is very versatile. It can be worn in any weather, regardless of the season.
  • The popularity of fabric headbands is because stylists present a huge number of a wide variety of headbands that will suit women of any age. There are not only children's but also adult headbands, which are now definitely in fashion. Also, all these accessories vary in style, so you can choose exactly the one that suits your look.
  • You can choose a calm and dull version, made in one tone, or you can give preference to wide, colorful headbands, which will be a bright spot in your image.
  • Also, these wonderful accessories are distinguished by their uniqueness and interesting design. Very often, decorative headbands are decorated with beautiful patterns and beads, sequins, or interesting stones. You can choose absolutely any bandage that will convey your mood.
  • With a fabric headband, you can highlight and accentuate your hair color or set off your hairstyle. You can also use it to pick up hair very quickly and effortlessly.
  • Tying it takes no more than a minute, but at the same time, this image looks much more enjoyable. This way, you can save a huge amount of time that you usually spend on your hair but remain at your best. Thanks to this decoration, you can create a stylish and unusual image by choosing the right one.
  • Fabric headband can be matched to the color of the garment or in contrast to it to add color to your look and make it more creative.
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Types of trendy fabric headbands

There is a huge variety of headbands; they are presented in many fashion collections of different designers. Moreover, you can make your headband from a scarf or headscarf.

  • Narrow bandages are very popular this season. Very often, a thin braid or string tied around the head and runs along the upper part of the forehead plays a great role. As a rule, this tape is not very wide. Also, this accessory can be presented in the form of a pigtail or interestingly woven threads with each other, which can be laid out in an interesting pattern. This version of this accessory looks very feminine, gentle, and sophisticated.
  • A variety of wide headbands are also trendy, including knot headbands. They are made from a wide variety of materials, like chiffon, knitwear and even fur. In cold seasons, wide knot headbands are trendy: they save from the cold and at the same time look very unusual. Knot headbands can be interesting to complement any look. They can give the image of flirtatiousness and cheer up.

  • A wide chiffon knot headband with a floral print is perfect for a summer look. This is a very stylish and fashionable solution. In addition, the Solokha headband is trendy, as well as hippie-style accessories. The last option has an exciting design: it is decorated with various pigtails and interesting patterns. Very often, such hair ornaments have embroidery or beads.
  • The Greek knot headband is perfect for women with long hair. Such a bandage will appeal to girls who prefer to wear clothes in a delicate and feminine style. Knot headbands are perfect for any summer look as they look great with dresses and sundresses. An exciting option for Greek headbands is wedding jewelry, which is decorated with rhinestones. They perfectly complement the bride's wedding look and make it more feminine and delicate.
  • Bright knot headbands are trendy this season. They are usually tied in a knot at the front or back. Such varieties of this headdress usually have a very interesting pattern. They look very bright and unusual.

How to make a knot headband?

A knot headband is a popular accessory that can be worn both at home and outdoors. For such dressings for the summer and the home, it is better to use a lycra fabric, as it is quite thin and elastic. For spring and autumn, denser knitwear is also suitable. How to make a knot headband step by step:

How to make a knot headband?

  1.  You need to cut a strip of the desired length and width. The length of the strip depends on how well the fabric stretches.
  2. Fold a strip of fabric and sew on the wrong side.
  3. Turn right out.
  4. Next, iron the resulting strip of fabric.
  5. Tie a knot.
  6. Fold the ends of the dressing together and sew from the wrong side.
  7. The remaining hole is sewn up manually with a blind stitch.
  8. It is better to hide the seam in a knot, carefully moving the knot.

The trendy shawl headbands are worn with a knot in the front. This option is great for a casual look and can be used by girls with any type of hairstyle and hair color.

For women with a low forehead, stylists recommend wearing such accessories along the hairline since this method will help make a face visually narrower. You can wear the bandage over it to press or straighten it. You can also wear this accessory above the bangs along the line of its growth to hide other hair and emphasize the front of the hairstyle.

Follow these JuvaBun tips and wear this fashionable hairband accessory with pleasure to create new look for yourself.

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