Fashion Hairstyles With Bobby Pins

girl with bobby pins at the side of her hair

If they tried to hide hairpins in the hair in the recent past, today they are becoming the main accent. And of all the varieties, it is the pearl hairpins that will be the most trendy.

The scattering of pearls on the hair is the main trend of the season and a must-have of every fashionista. Designers suggest choosing hairpins, according to the principle, the more, the better, and recommend wearing them in several pieces at once. Also, pearl hairpins can be combined with metal accessories or used in tandem with brutal, grunge elements.

Bobby pins are those hair accessories that girls and women left behind in their happy childhood. However, relatively recently, the light hand of stylists has brought back these intricate and charming hair adornments into fashion. Complemented with one small but very valuable piece of pearls. If you want to look fashionable, then you should learn how to make easy bobby pin hairstyles.



What to Combine with Hairstyles with Pearl Bobby Pins?

One of the brightest trends of this year is the white pearl hairpin. Today this noble jewelry is popular not only among brides but also among business ladies. Bobby pin has taken its place in spring and summer outfits, elegantly highlighting various hairstyles and emphasizing the beauty of fashionistas.

Stylists recommend matching bobby pins to styles:

  • Classic.
  • Office.
  • City.
  • Safari.
  • Casual.
  • Grunge.

The classic clothing style involves a dark, strict double-breasted suit with trousers or a skirt below the knee, light-colored shoes without any pretentious patterns, and a discreet business bag. You can adequately decorate such an image with easy bobby pin hairstyles. Moreover, women of fashion recommend wearing more than one hair accessory, but several at once. For example, three pearl hairpins of the same size, but different colors of pearl will look very good.

elegant lady with pearl bobby pins

European designers advise wearing pearl hairpins in combination with ordinary casual clothes, sweaters, T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers - it looks very stylish and feminine.

Hairstyles with Bobby Pins

There are two opinions about when you should wear hairpins. Some people think that hair should be beautifully and skillfully styled, while others say that you can combine even the most ridiculous disheveled hairstyle with cute pearl accessories.

  • If we talk about a casual style for jeans and a sweatshirt, you can safely wear loose hair, literally combed with your fingers and lightly varnished. The simplest hairstyle for curly hair in combination with bobby pins will look elegant. In the area of ​​the temples, stylists recommend raising your hair with four hairpins, so your image will seem a little doll-like but quite very fashionable.
  • The most fashionable hairstyles with bobby pins for curly hair are a high ponytail and three beautiful hairpins near the left temple.
  • Also, a ruffled shell looks great on young girls and women, neatly decorated on one side with two or three hairpins with mother-of-pearl. Besides these accessories, you can add a hair clip with a fashion brand name.

    • With a light dress made of chiffon or silk, hair gathered on one side, pinned at shoulder level with a large stylish hairpin, will look good. This image gives the fashionista youth and a touch of romance.
    • And on a date with your loved one, you can figure out a luxurious hairstyle on one side with bobby pins for curly hair. You can pin your hair with a pearl barrette in the temple area, making your image romantic, naive, and very feminine.
    • You can wear hairpins with pearls with a strict high or low bun. Such styling is most suitable for an office outfit, for some formal party with a suit or business dress, or even a leather jacket worn on the occasion of a motorcycle ride.

      • Accessories with pearls for loose hair, partially gathered at the back of the head, are also perfectly combined. The classic approach to hair styling is always appropriate for almost any outfit, and this will be especially appreciated in the workplace and as an office dress code.

      You can add volume to your hairstyle using hair extensions that will look great with pearl bobby pins.

      How to Wear a Pearl Headband Correctly?

      A headband with pearls is a wonderful piece of jewelry that goes well with almost any clothing style. Along with fancy bobby pins, pearl headbands of various designs are in fashion today. What hairstyles will look beautiful with such a headband?

      1. If by nature you have a face of the correct oval shape, your forehead is not too high and not too low; then it will be enough just to loosen your hair, twist the ends a little, comb them back and put on a headband with white pearls.

      This styling is ideal for a light long dress made of chiffon or silk and a short light lace dress, for example, with open shoulders. The image will be appropriate for a romantic meeting or just for a walk in the park.

      2. For a proper oval face and long hair, you can tie a high ponytail, tousle it a little and decorate your hair with a pearl headband on top. This masterpiece will be appropriate even for a trouser suit or skirt.

      3. If you have a cute round face, you can visually stretch it with the help of fleece on the top of your head. The resulting styling will perfectly decorate the hoop. This hairstyle with a pearl headband is suitable for office and classic styles and a regular day with a dress or jeans.

      Hairstyles with pearl bobby pins for wedding

        This year, too, a lot of attention is paid to headbands with handmade pearls. You can make exactly such an accessory as you want, and at the same time look very fashionable and relevant.

        Hairstyles with Pearl Bobby Pins for Wedding

        Almost every bride, choosing a white dress, complements her image with gorgeous hair ornaments.

        Today, very popular wedding jewelry with pearls such as:

        • Hairpins and hairpins.
        • Crowns.
        • Tiaras.
        • Combs.
        • Headbands.

        If you decide to get married in a lush dress, densely embroidered with all sorts of accessories, stylists recommend not overloading the image with heavy jewelry in your hair. For a hairstyle, it is enough to purchase several lights and delicate bobby pins with pearls, which should be matched in color exactly to the tone of the dress.

        Fans of light, monochromatic, simple wedding dresses should think about a more massive hair decoration. A beautiful gem comb, richly decorated with natural or artificial flowers and pearl bobby pins, will be appropriate for this occasion.

        If the bride has chosen a mermaid dress, then the jewelry in the form of a tiara, decorated with delicate white or gold pearls, is most suitable for her. Such an accessory goes well with a veil, and the bride will be the real queen of this ball.

        Also, a tiara or crown with pearls will look great with a fancy long Empire dress in the Greek style. You can also decorate it with a pearl belt, emphasizing the thin waist of the beautiful bride and making the image more expensive.

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