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Accessories always make the image bright and original. Beautiful hair accessories are relevant for any style and situation. One of the most popular adornments in the women's arsenal has become a hairband. Such an accent not only emphasizes a stylish haircut but can also act as a functional detail. You can apply it in a wide variety of variations, from retro to Greek style.

Making hairstyles for headbands began in the days of the ancient world. Then women gathered their hair with the help of special ribbons, framed their heads with headbands decorated with gold or pearls. Today, the fashion world presents millions of variations of this accessory.

How to Wear a Headband?

A wide variety of original accessories allows you to embody the most unusual and extraordinary ideas. A headband for hair can beautify not only the appearance but also provide comfort. Warm additions often replace hats without hiding trendy styling. And in any case, it is worth knowing how to wear a headband:

  • Over loose hair. The easiest way to decorate your head is to wear a loose-fitting headband. In this case, any model will do.
  • Under the curls. Hairstyles with massive headbands, brought out to the forehead for freestyling, look very neat. In this case, an overhead decor of flowers, bows, and so on will be appropriate.
  • Hairstyles with a headband. You can complement most trendsetting hairstyles with interesting headbands. The most popular are high neat styling and braids complemented by accessories.
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What Are the Types of Headbands?

  • Whole. This is a hoop in the form of a closed ring; the ends of the rim are connected with an elastic band.
  • Semicircular. The most common type of headband does not close together, making it easy to put on and take off.
  • Elastic band or bandage. The headband type is ideal for high hairstyles or loose hair that gets in the way. The elastic is perfect for the very process of styling with it; it is easy to create a Greek hairstyle with it if you get used to it and learn how to throw your hair over the elastic gently.
  • Plastic. Comfortable and practical headbands. Sometimes a fabric cover is made over plastic. The only drawback is they break easily.
  • Double. The double headband is also suitable for Greek-style hairstyles with headbands. Choose thin double lines; they look graceful and romantic.

  • Metallic. Such headbands decorate the hairstyle very well, but you need to be careful with them; there is a high risk of tangling them in your hair and injuring the strands. Most often, this happens due to convex decorative elements, such as leaves or flowers.
  • Soft and voluminous. This is the real trend of the season. You can choose a plain velvet hoop without decor, or you can experiment and take the option with spikes, beads, and rivets. The second option will perfectly fit into any monochrome look.
  • From flowers or berries. This option is perfect for an ethnic-style party or wedding. Imitation of a wreath of flowers can complement the image of a graduate.
  • Braid headband. A headband with a pigtail is a solution for those whose length does not allow braiding it from their hair. Often stylists use such braids for volume, mixing them with real ones. You can use it in both everyday and festive looks.

Hairstyles with Headbands

Head jewelry can not only complement a haircut but also create it. It often turns out that without accessories, styling is not possible at all. Many themed ideas involve a wide elastic band. Sometimes a headdress serves as a tool to implement a certain solution. In modern fashion, the following hairstyles with headband are considered the most popular:

  • Retro style. Bright and contrasting models are an integral element of the image. The most common are tall buns framed by a wide ribbon. In this option, smoothly combed collected solutions or chaotically released curls are permissible.
  • Chicago. For owners of short chevelure, the most relevant haircut using fashionable headbands will be the style of the 20s. This trend is especially popular for women of fashion with a classic or elongated bob.
  • Hippie. Hairstyles with headband for long chevelure look very stylish in hippie style. This is one of the simplest options that does not require much attention and time.

Greek hairstyle with headband

Greek Hairstyle with Headband

Greek hairstyle with headband is suitable for girls with manageable straight or slightly wavy hair. At the same time, the length of the curls should be at least average, but the longer, the more effective the composition will be.

The headband is such a hairstyle located either parallel to the eyebrow line or slightly higher at the face’s base. At the same time, to create hairstyles with headbands, it is essential that in the back of the head, the accessory has an elastic band or a bandage, so you can make a beautiful braiding twist the hair around the base. The headband itself by design can be anything in the form of a laurel wreath, in the shape of a massive hoop with stones, pearls, and rhinestones, or vice versa, a thin, barely noticeable line.

There is nothing difficult about creating a Greek hairstyle with a headband, but you will most likely have to practice a little to get exactly the result you finally like.

Romantic Braid with A Headband

If you want to create a gentle, romantic look, a simple, unpretentious braid in a classic weave is ideal for this.

In this case, the process of creating an image is simple; the hair must be carefully combed, then divided into three parts, braided into a braid. And already the final chord in creating a hairstyle will be the headband, worn in the middle of the forehead line.

Loose hairstyle under the headband

This look is perfect for a photoshoot or as a fresh everyday option. But what is important not to forget is the design of the headband. The accessory should be minimalistic, and the base itself has a minimum thickness.

For such a romantic hairstyle, headbands in the form of intertwining fibers, with small flowers, or a thin row of decorative beads are suitable.

Loose Hairstyle Under the Headband

The most common hairstyle under the headband is to loosen and style your hair beautifully. This format is ideal for all girls with straight or slightly curly hair for owners of the long, medium, and short curls. However, the headband itself for hairstyles can be in any design, of any width and thickness. The decoration can be restrained in the style of manufacture, or it can be pompous, bright, and shiny, a variety of stones shimmering in the sun.

If you want to add more solemnity to your hairstyle under the headband, the hair is worth winding up. But for the everyday option, the usual styling will be enough.

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